Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DASATS. (continued)

I MISS NYC EVERYONE. Very badly. :/

I got my wrap-up DVD in the mail the other day, & have been watching it non-stop basically. I'm in it! Twice. Once, just looka like a silly person, and the other I am swing dancing. YES, SWING DANCING. Don't hate, it was awesome, & I am a beast at it. :D

Here's what I miss:

-The environment. Being around 3,000+ people, that freakin' love you, and WANT to get to know you, all the time is amazing. You walk around campus, and people are giving like, free hugs, random compliments, and saying hi and "YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!" to people they don't know. I found myself doing it too, by the second day xD. You feel Like, you can totally be yourself, and it's alright. They're gonna love you anyways, 'cause they're here for the same reasons you are. We're all just a buncha Brethren people, here to love eachother, and praise God. I wish it was like that here.

-PEOPLE! Aidan Ottoni-Wilheim. Hunter. Ben Bear. Savannah Myers. Jenna Gagliano. Kyle Remnant. Emily LaParade. All my ECOB people (that I see often :P) and all the Mount Wilson kids (that I do not see often :/). Brian. Shawna. Becky. Penny! Penny's daughter. Terry. Matthew. Hot dog guy. Jeb. (hehe, he screamed "HEY! IT'S MY NEW FRIENDS FROM MY HIKE! HIIIII NEW FRIENDSSSSS!" and I felt awesome). Robbert. All the Ephrata boys. All my Innisfree girls! All my Hearts and Horse's therapy people. Any other random Camp Swatara people. D ,Ethan, and Garrett. Brethren Boy ;D. Ginger from Mount Rushmore. Red Underarmour Man. Ahhh, all of them and so many more. It's quite unsettling and upseting though, because I bet you anything I won't see over half of them ever again. :'(

-The Places We Stayed At: We literally stayed everywhere and anywhere. Church basement floors, colleges, cabins, hotels, motels, everythingg. I miss Colorado State University especially. I remember all the dorm names too, like we stayed in Westfall, worshipped at Moby, open mic-ed at Lory, ate at Corbett, small grouped at Ingersoll, etc... I'm gonna forget pretty soon I'm sure, and that makes sad also. THE HUTTURITE COMMUNITY TOO! Ahh, awesomeawesome. Blah. Seriously, if someone asks me about any of this, I'll love you forever.

I know nobody probably cares about this, but that's okay. I care, and that's enough :). This experience was deffinitely the biggest highlight of my summer. It's one of those things that you have to go through yourself to understand who life changing it was. Probably this and Innisfree were the best things I have experienced in my life so far. It was truely amazing, and if you ever wanna get me talking about something, ask me about NYC. I swear, I could talk for hours. :P

Oh, and one more thing and I'm done, I swear. Two quotes from the speakers, really touched me.

Angie said, "No matter where you are in the process of already belong here."

Carol said, "Grace is not about us, or what we want. It’s about what Christ intends to do."

....and it gives me hope. Kay, the end. (:

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