Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I was looking for summer programs today. I love drama, music, art, photography, all that. & I think it would be just amazing to go to an intensive program for any of them. (:

I came accross this one and fell in love. SOCAPA. It stands for School of Cinema and Performing Arts. It's in New York City, which I'm obsessed with already. I love city life, and to me, it's beautiful there. It's a 3 week program in the summer. You live with people you don't know from all over the country. You don't even haveta be super talented at it, just sign up in time. [:

The program I wanna do is called "Acting for Film". They have other ones too, like dance, photography, filmmaking, screenwriting, etc. Normally I would've done photography, handsdown. But secretly I've always lovedlovedloved acting. Ever since I was an Earth goddess in Once on this Island in 6 grade ;D.

Some awesome things about it the program are:
-You get actual headshots taken by the amazing photography program
-"Our filmmaking students are shooting on both 16mm film and state-of-the-art digital cameras with sync-sound and are cutting on nonlinear digital systems so your reel will look slick and professional."

So yeah...whatever you perform in look super awesome.
-Pretty much everything you do perform in goes on this DVD portfolio they give you. Including the headshots :D
-You choose a monologue from their library and memorize it to be performed on the last day. It's like this huge deal, the big showcase, and that goes on your DVD thinger too
-One of the days, we getta work with a legit professional director in a scene they give us, so it's done really well, and it goes on the DVD :D
-Atleast once per season, somebody very super special comes in to teach you in a masters class they call it. It could be an actor, director, broadway star, etc... One time it was Sarah Clarke from 24! :O
-You take a BUNCH of workshops like: Meisner technique, method acting, scene analysis and preparation, auditioning, and acting for the camera.
-On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays they will perform in the many films being shot by our filmmaking students or they will be directed in their culmination scene by their instructor. Yeah, I just copied that from the website.
-I get get college credits from this! 3 of 'em. You have to pay for them though, boo :/
-You stay in dorms at New York University's Polytechnic Campus in downtown Brooklyn. You getta roommate, & eat fancy college food. :)
-You getta do reallly cool extra curricular activities. SUCH AS: going to the beaches, shopping in Soho, going to Bryant Park fashion shows!, seeing Broadway shows, going to Coney Island Amusement Park, going to live tapings of TRL (a show on MTV, that kinda old but super cool), different concerts, touring Universal Studios, Six Flags, museums, etc...

everyone that reads these says: yes!

Of course there's a catch though. It's super expensive. :(

Tuition: $2940.00
Room & Board: $1890.00
total= 4,830
which doesn't even include the college credits, which are 130$ each for a total of 390$.
It's INSANE. (<---insert HUGE sadface there)

Pipe dream, right? But hey, I can dream. & I wanna make this one come true more than anythinggg.
So if anybody has any ideas of how to make $5,000 legally, lemme know. :D

Oh, and if by any chance you're still reading this, not bored to tears, & actually think this is cool, the website is Kaybye.

btw; Thanks Morgan Darrah for actually caring when I told you about this. Love you, (:


  1. Dude. That sounds amazing for you! :))
    I hope you can find a way to make the money, because that would be like, the coolest thing in the world! :D

  2. Awh, thanks Savannah, Love youuu :)
    & I hope so too!