Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't ever take Powerpoint.

Or maybe do, Idon'tknow. It's the dumbest class ever.

Danielle's to my right, and Mike's to my left. Mike's playing some stupid landmine game that he keeps freaking out over, because it explodes or whatever. "No, no. It's because I keep lowering my time!" He just told me. 16 seconds, goodjob Mike. Now he's making me try, hold on.

Oopsies, I lowered his rank. My bad, :P

So, this weekend was amazing. <3

Friday night, I hung out with a very special boy. Said boy is adorable, funny, respectful, and just amazing. I really like this guy, and as does he. Name of said boy? Nahh, my business. But, I look forward to hanging out with said boy often. (:

Then, even later Friday night I hungout with my girls, Morgan, Katlyn, Savannah, & Maya. Me & Katlyn had such a good talk, and exfoliated our faces, unfortunately. We stayed up all pretty much all night, and I got like, half an hour of sleep if that. But, I love each and every one of them, and I have no idea what I'd do without them. D:

Saturday was supposed to be a hang-out-with-previously-mentioned-boy day, but he's silly and screwed up the dates, so we couldn't. Aw, wellll. I hungout with Jenna and Emily instead at the mall, and it was joyous. I love little Emily, she's like my baby sister. And obviously I love Jenna, she's been there since we were 5 (me) and 6 (her), and I love her to death. (:

Sunday was just awesome with Alexis and Maya. We were gonna attempt to study for chemsitry and algebra II finals, but what did we do instead? Look up Teetzie on facebook, set certain him as my iPod background, watch Inception a little, create an Anthony Emery fanclub, and laugh endlessly. Better than studying? YES.

Now, it's 12:03, and I'm sittin' in Powerpoint. Blahhh, 3rd period. I wanna go home, sleep, and call/text said boy.

Now, me & Mike are gonna go look at some optical illusions that make our brains hurt. YAY. :D

P.S. Mike, if you ever find this and read it, I hate you. (:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ohyeah, I'm in school. :)

Alexis is to my right, and she says hi. Mr. Jan's being awesome, and letting us listen to iPods/pretty much do anything that doesn't annoy him. This is cooool.

So....I took one final today, yucky. But it's wellness, which is the stupidest easiest  class ever. I'm gonna go now, Mr. Jan said there's only 8 minutes left.

Stay in school, kids. :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Passenger side, lighting the sky, always the first star that I find.

Blog title : Satellite by Guster. <3

So...I haven't blogged in quite a while, it seems. :O

Random updates on everything time :

1) I'M GOING TO MEXICO THIS SUMMER, FOOL. Ah, I'm so excited! Last year I went on this amazing workcamp in Innisfree Village, Virginia for the mentally and emotionally challenged. It was a realll eye-opener, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. This year, as much as I'd like to return to Innisfree, I've decided I wanna go somewhere different. Last week I got "accepted" into going on the workcamp for Reynosa, Mexico. I am beyond excited to work with Children's Haven there, and just have an amazing time. <3

2) Soccer has started. Pre-pre-season I guess you could call it, but that's lame. It's just training, :P. Ohmy, am I sore. But this year isn't NEARLY as bad as last year, and I'm actually having alot more fun doing ladders, sprinting, lifting, and core workout-ing that I thought I would. Yay for that, :)

3) Finals. Ughughugh, I would love to shoot myself sometimes these days. (No, not forreal :P). But I'm soooo stressed out to take my spanish, chemistry, and math finals. They're gonna be quite hard, and I reallly suck at math & chemistry. Screwed? Why yes I am.

...Yeah, I don't really have anything else. Quick little update for ya, :D

"Escuchame, es solamente tĂș." <3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love is calling you.


I'm laying here in my bed in my new room. Did I mention that? Probably not. Long story short: When my Aunt Edna passed away, she left my family a CRAPLOAD of money (the money that was made from her auction and when her house was sold). Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because if you guys didn't know, my mommy has MS. It makes it super hard for her to walk, because of spine issues, etc... She can get around, but she uses her walker/wheelchair/scooter. With that money, we're re-modeling our bathroom and a couple other things so it's easier for her to get around. For that to happen, I have to switch rooms with our storage room. So I painted my walls light blue and lavender, and the trim (window, baseboard, etc..) is bright green. I have my grandma's furniture and everything's way different. But, change is good in this case I guess. That wasn't really that short, my badd. :D

Anyways, I'm on Carla's laptop watching Inception and drinking milk. I don't even like milk, but myohmy do I love Inception. Best. Movie. Ever. <3

Last night/this morning at the All Nighter was amazing. It was super different than last year as Savannah said in her blog, but believe it or not, I definitely liked it better this year. Spending the night with my awesome friends vs. with a guy I really liked was way more fun. Glow bowling was cool, and I learned that I epically fail at ice skating. YAY! Oh, and I gots myself two kids. Tillman and Holly. Oh happy day. (:

Tomorrow, I have soooo much spanish homework. Katlyn's coming over I'm pretty sure, so it'll be less of torture. :D

Goodnight everybody, I love you allllll.

Blog title = The Lost Get Found-Britt Nicole.
"Don't let your lights go down, don't let your fire burn out. 'Cause somewhere somebody needs a reason to believe." <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This New Year is gonna be good. :)

Happy New Year, everyone. <3

Mine started off with a random trip to the mall, where as Katlyn knows, I greatly struggled in buying things. Like, I love to shop, but I hate spending money. It's weird, :P. Anyways, Katlyn showed up with Uncle Buster, Julie, and Marlee. So, we shopped fora couple hours, and then I went home with them with new moccasins, shirts, and jeans. (:

We talked fora while, and eventually Savannah came and joined our evening. We layed around and talked about everything. We had these great plans to write about what we did this year, and what we wanna do next year, butttt that never happened. Lindsey, Jenny, Uncle Butch, Ainsley, and Joe showed up and we talked fora little. Mostly about Joe's color blind/partial real blindness. Then Joe was like, " guys know it's like, 5 minutes 'till midnight." So we joined everybody else, and celebrated the New Year. :)

Thennnn, we put on shorts bathing suit tops/sports bras, and t-shirts on, and walked down to Uncle Butch's house to use their hot tub. It was the best thing ever with the jets, mini waterfalls, flashing lights, changing colors, built-in radio, "mango scented water", etc.. Joe joined us as well, and we hada party. We talked about how he looked like Edward Cullen, I accidently thought he could drive :P, and we poured soap bubbles on our heads. :D

Then, 'cause he's awesome, Uncle Buster drive us home in Katlyn's dad red prius so we didn't have to freeze to death. When we got back to Katlyn's, we ate cold pizza and talked about how we're gonna have a daily exercise plan with her mom. :P

All in all, it was a very joyous night. Best New Years Eve ever? I do believe so. (: