Sunday, August 29, 2010

It won't fix your life, in five easy steps.

Church today, was coool.

It's Promotion Sunday (I think) so Senior High gets all the graduating and soon-to-be-freshies, and same with the younger classes. We just talked abunch, and played four on a couch, which is always funnn. :)

And then during the actual service (unlike a lot of churches, we just have one service, so everyone's all together) this adorable little girl Olivia Hershey sang this song. "Hold us Together"-Matt Maher. She was seriously amazing, and she's like what, 9? So now I can't stop listening to it. (Hence this blog title) It's reallyreallygood. Like, Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 good. Yay for Olivia and Matt Maher. :D

Taking Carla back today, around 4. Shouldn't be so bad this time, 'cause we've already been through a week without her. And, we get to see her next weekend too for Labor Day, haha. But still, that reminds me of school tomorrow. :/

I'm ready and I'm not. I just kinda wanna get over it, but I really really don't wanna get up early. I'm not satisfied with waking up at 11:00 most days, so you can imagine how waking up at 5:30 goes.

Anddd I always know for sure that's school's starting, when me & Jenna begin asking each other to borrowing clothes. (Even though, come to think about it, we do that all year round :P)

Jenna: Buddy!
Me: Yes?
Jenna: I have a question... :)
Me: Which is?
Jenna: Can I borrow something to wear tomorrow? :P

Hehe. I love her. (:

And I'm gonna get off the computer, and do something productive now.
Until whenever I blog next.

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