Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"All I need to know usually, is that someone cares."

Thanks Harry, for texting me that. And it's now my blog title. (:

Ahhhhh, TODAYWASTHEBESTDAYEVER! Well, maybe not ever. But it was super awesome. Why?

Welll, Inner Harbor was deffinitely a win. This British guy asked me for a discount card, a random black guy talked to me for 15 minutes about my colorful toes, I finalllly got stuff at Urban Outfitters :) :) :), and the people at the singing fudge shop put my name in a song!

Then as I was getting home, I decided to go to the amazing Sarah Hershey's in about an hour, for Student Body (or right now, they're called Backyard Tours). I very much love Student Body (And Backyard Tours :P). It's the highschool youthgroup for CBC, (which I don't go to every Sunday) and since my church doesn't have a youthgroup, I go to theirs! (And Kaycee's, from time to time) It's amazing, and I love everyone. We all (for the most part) get along swimmingly, since almost all of us go to school together. We just act all crazy, then focus on God, then act all crazy again. It's a goood time. :D

And today I've really just re-realized how very lucky I am, to have so many amazing people in my life. I know it sounds super lame, but that's okay. I'm just in such an incredibly happy mood right noww, and I wanna go hug everybody in the world, haha.

Short, kinda boring blog, but whatever.

Night everyone, ♥

and yes, I realize I overuse the words awesome, and amazing. I apologize.

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