Sunday, April 22, 2012


Stay Classy blog : 3.

So, everybody knows what this means. But if you're stupid, I'll clear it up.

You Only Live Once.

& I know alotta people hate it, and alotta people love it. I definitely think it's legit, and I've been getting super annoyed at people that don't like it. And it's fine not to like things obviously, but there a huge difference between people that genuinely hate things, and people that...don't. Here's how:

Think to yourself, why do I hate when people say 'yolo'?

Is it because it's from a rap song? Is it because it's so mainstream and you're just way too cool to like mainstream things? Is it because it's "over-used" and you're sick and tired of hearing it? Ughh, just shut up. I'm sorry. But I know you like it if those are your reasons, and all of those reasons are lame anyways. It's just like any other inspiring quote, but it's set to one of the sickest songs ever. And, it's freaking catchy. So nigga, please. Calmdown.

I am sorry for saying nigga. Jk, I'm not.

Anyways, yeah. That's pretty much all I hada say. I was just really annoyed of seeing statuses (satus..i?) telling people to stop doing/saying certain things, like yolo. LET THEM LIVEEEE. & If it annoys you, then get the frick off of Facebook & live yourself.

That is all. And I'm really not as mad as this blog makes me sound, :b
Hope you hada great weekend, <3