Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday.

Ugh, I hate how people can seriously just ruin your day. Completely murder it. Put you in such an utterly awful mood when you were finally starting to feel like everything was perfect and normal again. >:/

I just don't understand anything anymore. I don't get human beings, and that frustrates me. I don't understand why people want to yell at other people, call them things that hurt really bad, physically hurt them, and just make them feel like complete crap. I don't get why I do some of those things, either (not all of them!). You ever think about that? Maybe I'm just super weird. :P

People are just soooo stupid. We fight over the most idiotic of things, I swear. It makes me so mad sometimes. As dumb and weird as it sounds, like can't we all be pleasant to each other? You don't even have to be nice, just...decent. Don't scream at them. Don't make them so angry that it makes you legit scared. Don't make them cry. Don't go to your room for the rest of the night, lock the door, and hit everything possible. Like, is it really that hard? :(

I just want people to see how hard other people try. How hard they work just to make others happy. Some people try so hard to be a good person, and it never seems to matter in the long run. They'll listen to your problems, no matter how many serious ones they've got of their own. They'll put you before themself always, even though nobody else will ever bother to notice. They'll pray for you every night, when you don't even bother to think about them half the time. Pretty much every lyric from that way over-played but still awesome song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars fits in here very nicely. 

Ugh...can I go to Heaven yet? For real? As much as I love living here, I seriously can't wait. Like Carrie Underwood says, this is my temporary home. I wanna go to a perfect beautiful place where things like hate, fighting, jealousy, pain, and shame don't exist. Where I can spend my days with the only one who has never failed me, never will, and loves me more than anybody will ever come close. Yeah...I'll take that over this, anyday. (:

Goodnight all. I love you, even though this blog has been rather...teenage angsty. :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My kingdom awaits, and they've forgiven my mistakes. (:

So, I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas today. :)

But, I wanna get serious...ish.

Just like, an hour or so ago my family & I got home from seeing that new Narnia movie. Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was reallly really good, and I reccomend everybody go see it. :D

WARNING: I'm totallllly gonna ruin the movie real soon, so if you really wanna be a loser and stop reading, do that now. :P


Kay, so at the end Lucy and Edmund basically leave Narnia for good. They're too old, and that's the last time they'll be there. Their annoying cousin Edknfdosgfn (I forget his name, but I know it's annoying at starts with an E) gets to go back, 'cause he turned awesome, and he's still young. Btw, he turned into a dragon that gets stabbed witha sword, hehe. But anyways, Lucy's all upset and asks Aslan if she'll ever see again / if he'll ever show himself in their world. He says that "I'm known by another name in your world, child. I will always be watching over you. And yes, one day we will meet again." And I was basically like,


Maybe I'm just an idiot, and anyone who's seen the other movies picked that up right away. But I was shocked. :P

But, I thought that was super cool, and I just needed to blog about itttt. And it was kinda appropriate, seeing as it's Jesus's b-day! Yayyyy, Jesus. I love you, and happy birthday. <3

Again, I hope everyone had a super awesome Christmas, and got cool things that make me jealous. (:

Lalalala, nightynight everyone!

Blog title from the song : "Coming Home" by J Cole, feat. Skylar Grey.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jacob Young. (:

So this guy, is awesome.

Ahh, let's see. I've known you for...what like, 3 or 4 years maybe? Whenever I first met you at Camp Swatara. And thank God for Camp Swatara, <3

I honestly don't know what I'd do withoutcha sometimes, Jake. You're always there, more than anyone half of the time. I trust you with everything, and I know you'd never tell anyone. You help me out with all my issues, and especially my guy problems, haha. You know Justin Bieber better than I do, and it makes my day to hear you sing one of his songs. (;

You know me reallll well, and the same goes for me. You're one of the best advice givers, and you always comfort me when I'm upset. I remember that time at Sacred Campfire, and I started crying. For the record, Sacred Campfire is the saddest thing in the world, and everyone cries :P. Anyways, even with Hallie in between you and me, you put your arm around me (well, I guess us :P) and told me everything was gonna be okay. That meant the world, :)

You call me practically everyday, and ask how my day goes, in great detail. The little considerate things like mean alot, and you know it. And I love hearing your voice mails going "Heyyyy Alicia, what's up? Hey. It's Jake. Uhhhhh......(million year pause) call me back when you get this. Yeah. Bye."

Tonight, when we were watching Titanic you said this:
"I would sacrifice my life for my family, you, and (insert 2 other people's names here that I probably shouldn't mention). If I could live and you would die, I would fie and if possible I would make sure you were alive."

I love you, Jacob Young. You're my older-by-a-couple-months brother, and my best friend. (:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justkidding, (:

Well, kinda.

This day's gotten better, dispite that bad news. I've decided that this one thing isn't gonna make me all depressed. I always say that to people, not to let something or someone get in the way of your happiness. I think it's time to follow my own advice, eh?

But nevertheless, the Student Body Christmas party was aaaaawesome. "Elf" themed, lotsa games, my favorite people, Christmas carols/food, white elephant gift exchange, life lessons, pregenancy talks with Tommy, and many more things made me feel better. In particular, I'd like to thank Holly Lynch. She's just the coolest person ever, and Ima talk about her.

She rolls up her clothes into cylinders, and organizes them according to the rainbow. She serandes people, by playing her cute little pink guitar and singing amazing songs. She drowns her food with butter to the point where it makes me wanna vomit. She bruises just to whisper something in my ear :P. She calls me JLo Booty, and it's all good. She'll call me just to scream "BABY ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, IS YOU!" and then hang up. She'll let me talk to her about anything, and it always stays between me and her. She says things like, "HOLY MOOSE" and it just makes my day. She'll fix my knitting, whenever I screw up. And, she'll make me my hat eventually. I'll act out a scene from "Elf" with her, in front of like, 60 teenagers just 'cause she's Holly. I love her, so much. <3

There ya go Holly, as promised. :D

Well, night all. Happy Wednesday. ♥

Also, there's this awesome song that I found through this awesome girl, with the name of Jill. (:

"Dear Pain,
Oh it's been a long time. Remember when you were holding me tight? I would stay awake with you all night.
Dear Shame,
I was safe in your arms. You were there when it all fell apart. I would get so lost in your beautiful lies.
Dear Hate,
I know you're not far. You would wait at the door of my heart. I was amazed at the passion in your cries.
Dear Anger,
You made me so high. You were faithful to show up on time. Such a flame that was burning in your eyes."
-Dear X (You Don't Own Me)-Disciple.
It's a really good song, I swear. <3

Well, my day's ruined.

I didn't make it. A LOT of peolpe didn't make it. This. Sucks. I wanna go throw up, punch everything, and cry. Blahhhhh.

And I was having a reallly good day! :(

End. Of. Blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 days 'till Christmas, :)

For those of you who can't do simple math. ;D

Gahhh, I want break. NOW. I can't take anymore work/stress. And it's only freaking Monday. >:/

Things I have to do tonight:
-Spanish homework
-Math homework
-Study for my spanish quiz
-Study my BUTT off for my Chemistry test, the biggest test ever :'(
-Work on my grad project proposal, due Wednesday
-Study for my Permit Test, which is gonna be pretty soon, apparently
-Work on my knitting, 'cause I don't have alot done D:
-Not shoot myself, with a gun I don't have, because ALL THIS FREAKING CRAP I HAVE TO DO.

Grrr. School sucks, /:

Kay, better get on that. Byebyebye.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember "That's So Raven?" :D

That was my very favorite show when I was a little kid. If you watched it, you'd most likely remember the ditzy, eco-friendly, animal lover, redhead character named Chelsea? I LOVED HER. I looked up to her so much, and I wanted to be just like her, haha. I just finished watching 'Vampires Suck', and the girl who played Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pol) was in it, which made me think of all of this. Btw, that movie really sucks. I mean it's funny at some parts, but overall pretty lame. :P

Anywaysss, I looked her up and found this song she used to sing from that Disney movie, "Stuck in the Suburbs." I used to listen to it ALL the time, and I kinda re-fell in love with it. :D

"How could you know, that behind my eyes, a sad girl cried?
& how could you know, that I hurt so much inside?
How could you know that I'm not the average girl?

I'm carryin' the weight the world.
So can you get me outta here?

Take me away, we'll jump in the car
Drive 'till the gas runs out and then walk so far
That we can't, see, this place anymore
Take a day off, give it a rest
So I can forget about this mess
If I lighten up a little bit, then I will be over it

I'm playin the role of the happy girl, but no one knows
Inside I'm alone, but I would never let it show
I get everyday, too much work and not enough play
Over and over, it's always the same"

Yeahh, that's a good song. Over it-Anneliese Van Der Pol.

Anyways, yesterday was amazing. Hanging out with Mary & Megan Weaver, my favorite redhead Katlyn, Savannah, Mariam, (Dani, Emily, Max, and all the other guys for a little) was awesome. They all made my Friday night awesome. I want every Friday to be like that. That would be quite nice. (:

And then coming home to help my girl Morgan, was just a plus. I love her, alotalotalot. And I hope she knows that. ♥

And, I love you too Savannah Bundy. ♥

Alexis shall be coming over soon, yayayayay! Oh, and our Christmas tree is finally UP. :DD

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet, (:

Although this week is going by incredibly slow, it's not been as bad as I thought it would. This day has gone from singing and worship to our Lord in Prayer Group, to staring at hawks circling the school in Spanish, to Mrs. Rothenberger possibly getting fired in Algebra II, to sex talks with Mr. Jan in chemistry, to deep/freezing talks with Savannah, to getting married to a amazingly weird kid that makes me laugh wayyy too hard at Student Body. I loved it all, very much. :D

And tomorrow, I shall wear the exact same outfit I wore tonight. Sometimes I'm gross ;D. But, I love it 'cause it's Savannah's (with Katlyn's comfy shoes & socks). I don't know what it is about other people's clothing, but I love wearing it. Plus, this shirt takes guts to wear. It's black with white writing that says "ABSTINENCE. Got a problem with that?" and I hope somebody'll be like, "Wow, that girl's awesome. Let's all not have sex 'till we're married!" and God will smile with his thumbs up. (:

Ahh, life. It's really great, sometimes. Kay, nightynight! ♥

Monday, December 6, 2010


Ohmy, this weekend has been awesome. Like, one of the best weekends EVER awesome.

Kaycee, her mom, her two friends; Krista & Jen, and myself all took a lovely trip down to New York City for the entire weekend. It was really to celebrate Kaycee's birthday, which is 12 days before mine, so we kinda celebrated mine too. New York City's always been my favorite, even though this is the 2nd time I've been there to actually visit and be a tourist. I just love everything about city life, and I definitely want to live there when I'm older. (:

Memories you guys might not understand:
-Squishing 5 people into a taxi where we thought the driver was gonna take us to Jersey & kill us
-Seeing Wicked, the most AMAZING broadway show ever (:
-Jen complaining about bed bugs every 2 seconds
-Kaycee's momma gettin' tipsy and saying "Whatttt...WILL CALL?! I AIN'T CALLING NOBODY!" :P
-Shopping for hours, & going to Tiffany's and all my other stores I dream of shopping at (:
-The scary wax going coming to life and scaring the CRAP outta me at Madame Trusseu's
-Almost seeing celebrities!
-The Beatles Hard Rock Cafe ♥
-4D showing of the Polar Express
-Poptart Store black guy dancing
-"Oh, we can get it onnn sister" ;D
-"Dude, I almost fell of the fricken' bed!"
-"Jenn, you make me wanna say f you soooo bad right now, if front of the girls"

It was just a really really awesome time, that I needed to have so badly. :D

But now it's Monday, and life sucks again. :P

Tryouts for the musical Brigadoon are tonight, and I am so nervous I think I may puke :O. I wanna make it, soooo bad, and if I don't I know I'll be crushed. I'm that very sensitive, never trys-out for anything type person. But, I'm hoping I'll get in. :)

Andddd, I finally handed in my Weis application, which hopefully takes me too! I may be crushed if I don't get that job, either. /:

Blahhhh, I'm soooo nervous right now. I'm legit shaking as I type this. Hopefullly it all works out...