Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love you, Thanksgiving Break. :)


Hah, justkidding. I don't really like when people say that. :P

Question : So... what're you gonna do on your Thanksgiving break Alicia?

Answer : LOTS!

Monday; Katlyn, Savannah, and Maya came over. We needed to have an intervention with Katlyn (she was unaware) and it actually worked out rather well. Duct tape was not needed :). Then we all slept over at Savannah's, watched the 6th Sense, told bedtime stories, and crashed on her couches. It was a joyous time. :D

Today; Woke up at Savannah's, and eventually went to go the Burlington Coat Factory (blah) with mi madre. I didn't really wanna go, at all. That place bores me. But, I found a cute black bomber that I've wanted fora while, so I was goood. And we went to Barnes and Nobles and just chilled and read. I love doing that, ♥. Then Glee was on, and that always makes me superdooper happy. Even my parents watched today, and they loved it. (:

Tomorrow; I don't really know...I WAS gonna go bra shopping with Savannah, but no, now we can't :P. But Carla's coming home, so yay :D.

Thursday; THANKSGIVING, FOOL. Chill with the family, get super fat, and probably watch some dumb football game. Then, I'll sleepover at Jenna's. :D

Friday; BLACK FRIDAY! Me & Jenna go every year, it's a tradition for us. Her dad takes us at like 2 or 3 in the A.M. and we shop until we can't shop no more. That was lame, :P. But, we'll probably haveta cut it short this year, 'cause my grandma's viewing in that day at like 3:00. That's gonna be...I don't know. ):

Saturday; Grandma's funeral. :'( ♥

Sunday; I don't knowww.


Tuesday, we go back to the daily grind and life sucks again. D:

Not to mention, I have homework over break. Classwork in math (like, 3 pages!), chemistry extra credit things/I NEED to understand what we're doing in chemistry, math extra credit essay, and I should really work on my knitting for textile arts. Freakin' hate knitting. /:

Kay, goodnight alll. (:

Remember Mr. So and So, remember I'm a lady. :D

Haha, oh The Diary of Anne Frank. :)

Today's tuesday, and the past week has been insane. Play practice, way too much homework, zero time to do anything, lifegroups, parties, spending way too much time at school, selling candygrams, STUPID SPANISH PI√ĎATAS, and more words describe it quite well.

I really do miss working on the play. I miss running back and forth from the band room to put on sick make up and sell Hershey Kisses. The Diary of Anne Frank has always been super interesting to me, even though it's sad. I heard a Holocaust survivor speak on Saturday, and it was amazinggg.

Basically his story was that when he was 19, him and his family were deported. They went on the cattle cars to Auschwitz, and it was absolutely the worst feeling in the world. He was insanely lucky, and God must have really blessed him. Apparently the Jews that arrived at camp earliest and had less numbers tattooed on their arms were treated better. And the key to surviving at Auschwitz he said, was getting more food. When the guy was in high school (yes, I don't remember his name, it was hard to remember/say :/) he decided to take English. He didn't really want to, but his father kinda made him. This man in charge of his block was a criminal (Hitler released all over the people in jail and put them as commanding officers) wanted to learn English. So the guy taught him, and he survived because of that. When he was freed, he went to the place where his father, uncle, and mother told him to go if he survived. He was panicked, asking if the people there had seen his family. The man behind the desk came out, put his hands on his shoulders, and said that he was the first one to have his ENTIRE family survive. The family came every day, asking for him. He was reunited, and they moved to America. They became extremely successfull business people, and they lived happily ever after. :)

Everyone did so well on the play, and I'm super happy that wayyy more people came out than expected, every night.

Personal favorite quotes:

The Blog title, by Anne/Mrs. Van Daan. All time favorite, ;D
"As far as I'm concerned, mother can go jump in a lake." - Anne

"I can imagine her dying someday." - Anne
"Quack quack quack, said Mrs. Quack Quack!" - Peter
"I hate cats, THEY GIVE ME ASTHMA!" - Mr. Duesel ( I'm almost 1,000% sure I spelled that wrong)
& Mr. Frank's wholeeee monologue. ♥

Kay....bye. :P

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for a key to a door that I can't get through.

This week's so slowwwwww.

I hate this, so much. I HATE going to school. I don't wanna be around people, unless they're family. I don't mean to sound jerkish, but I just really don't feel like being...social. I wanna be alone, or with people that understand completely. I don't wanna take tests for hard classes on stuff I don't remember or care about whatsoever. Btw, I definitely failed my math test, and most likely I'll fail my spanish test I have tomorrow too. Whatever.

I feel awful for my mom, most of all. It was her mom, and with all the calls, sympathy food, visits, etc...she's so stressed and upset. And I just don't know what to say, :(

Not to mention the fact that it's raining, and I hate rain. And I have play practice all week until Sunday, and I don't really like play practice. It'll get better for sure Friday-Sunday, but until then, it really sucks for the most part. You get to sit there, be quiet, and not really do too much. Funnnn. I just wanna sleep, all day everyday.

Ugh, I sound like SUCH a depressed person. D:

Somebody make me happy, I freakin' need it.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. ♥

This blog is dedicated to my grandma, who went to be with God this morning at 1:15. :'(

To start off, my grandma was the freaking bomb. She kept our family together through everything, and was our rock. I'm going to miss her more than anybody will ever understand.

And just for the record; I reallly appreciate all the prayers, calls, texts, facebook messages/status comments, visits, and other methods of showing that you care. Thanks, ♥

Grandma's always been so active, and healthy. And when you get to be 88, that's pretty awesome. About a month ago, she had open heart surgery. Everyone was so nervous/freaking out about it, but she did really really well. She went into nursing homes, rehab centers, and was making good progress. But then a million things started going wrong, and her kidney's were failing. Yesterday the doctors decided to take her off her IV's, which she couldn't survive without. Grandma said, "If I can't get better, then I just wanna go." She went into a peaceful coma, and then left for a better place.

We've always been really close. When I was 7 or 8, I started going to this horse camp (I was obsessed) called Holoquin up in Waynesboro where she lived. I think it was two weeks long, and for a good part of the day (like 8 in the morning 'till 4). I would stay at Grandma's house, just me and her, for two weeks. Every year, for about 4 or 5 years. The year I stopped going and pretty much riding horses all together, she was really sad. That was our special time. I wish I would've kept doing it.

When I was in 1st grade, I got my acorn-sized tounsils taken out. I hated every minute of it, and when I woke up from the surgery I remember screaming my little 7-year-old lungs out for my mommy and daddy. When they finally wheeled my to them, my grandma was there waiting too. She stayed at our house alot until I got better. I remember we got into this big fight once, because I refused to eat. I was on a jello, pudding, sorbet, broth, etc... diet which I hated so much. I got so sick of it, and I yelled at my grandma because she was trying to get me to eat that crap. She yelled right back at me, and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. I got scared because she never, ever, everrrr yells at anyone. But it proved to me that day that she had a backbone, and wouldn't let 7-year-old me, or really anyone, treat her with disrespect.

Every Easter, she threw an Easter egg hunt and made the bunny cake for me. Nobody ever did the egg hunt except for me, and sometimes Michael and Ella. She made the bunny cake because I saw it watching ZOOM at her house. Everyone hated it, but we made every year anyways, because we thought it was adorable.

No conversation was ever complete without grandma complaining about teenagers, texting while driving, or teenagers texting while driving. "My gosh, these days. How STUPID do you have to be do these things. Back in the day, we didn't even have those blasted cell phones."

And one of the last things she said to me was,

"Alicia...? You're so beautiful, ever since you were little. I will always love you, no matter what happens to me."

You'll forever be in my heart, grandma. Nothing is ever going to be the same, for anyone in my family. I'm sure it's really gonna hit on Thanksgiving. Exactly a year will have passed since Aunt Edna's passing, and now yours. It will sincerely suck, but I know you'll be watching over us. You were freaking awesome, and I love you.

Thelma Plum, ♥

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon. (:

Yeah, I like that song. Firework- Katy Perry. And the music video's realll good, and I don't even watch music videos, so THERE. :)

Ahhh, okay. So this blog's gonna be in two parts. Serious, and Awesome.


Um, THIS WEEKEND is the deffinition of that. Well...kinda. (Will be explained in the Serious section) Today was amazing, at Sarah and Matt Brallier's Sweet 16, then Janessa's Sweet 16 after that. Hot fudge fountain pot + Garrett + Dancing + "I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock" + Moses + tinsel bracelets + Janessa's crazy little sister Hannah = a realllly fun night. Just..yeah. Funfun. I wanna re-live it already :D. And tomorrow is the Family Force 5 concert! Heckyes. I lovelovelove them, and I'm so excited! I shall wear my "Ugly People Put Your Hands Down" shirt from them, and we will party.


Okay....so Friday night went extremely unplanned. I was supposed to stay after school for Tech Night for Performing Arts Club. It was all fine and dandy, Angelica, Morgan, and me were all hanging out. Then my dad comes in halfway through and tells me we gotta go now, because my grandma's doing realll bad. It was awful, and I was so scared. Everybody made it sound like she was going to die in two seconds, and the whole car was like, sobbing. Personal? YEAH. She wasn't supposed to make it through the night, but God made a miracle happen, and she did. And she is doing slightly better, but she's "not out of the woods yet", in the words of my mother. So...if you would pray for her and my family, that'd be awesome. ♥

And now, I'm gonna go shower with the new shampoo and conditioner I'm way too excited to try out. :P

Goodnight, :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hmm, I'll think I'll be up awhile. :)

I loved today, it was nice. ♥

Starting from the beginning: Woke up at Kaycee's, (sleepover) bright n' early. My daddy picked me up and took me over to Jenna's. Jenna and me had a lotttt to do today. We had to:

-Fix her Facebook

-Dye AND highlight my hair
-Make brownies for 5th quarter
-Make us a pizza
-Shower & get ready for the football game, etc...
-Look through all these old concert pictures, and send them to each other/reminise (:

anddddd more.

We got everything accomplished, and it was a total win. My hair's realll red now, but not like, bam-in-your-face-red. More like...auburn brown red. I reallly like it. Jenna's amazing, she did it ALL by herself, and even trimmed my hair & bangs alittle. :D

The football game was fun, I absolutely LOVE the seniors. They make me smile, so much. I'm really gonna miss these kinda Friday nights. /:

So now it's 12:22 at night, The Mixed Tape by Jack's Mannequin is playing, and I'm typing this on Carla's laptop. She's home for the weekend, which always makes everything better. I straight up don't feel like sleeping...so I think I'll just stay in her room for a while. She doesn't care, we both don't like sleeping that much. Well, I personally don't like sleeping, unless I'm actually asleep. That doesn't really make sense, :P

Ohh, and new phone tomorrow. Probably. Ugh, Idon'tfreakingknow. Remember how I said I didn't wanna buy a new phone, 'cause it supports the "War Against Women" in Congo? Yeah, well I still don't wanna. But....I don't know. Blah, ):

Nightynightlovers. :DD

Monday, November 1, 2010

This past week. (:

Has been AMAZING.

Spirit week and Homecoming Weekend is always the best. And althought it seemed like certain things could've been better, this year didn't disappoint. (:


-Um, SOPHMORES WON HALLWAY DECORATING. & Since I actually participated this year all three days, I'm really happy. Seniors didn't win everything this year, yeahyeahh. (:

-Homecoming, a course. Dancing with my favorite people was the best. Avoiding the grinders, laughing at Angelica's boyfriend's hips was enjoyable, and going to Mojo after without shoes in likw, -1000000 degrees was amazing.

- Pep rallly. Just...yeah. Awesome.

- Green & White day, and the night before. I love you, Katlyn O'Donnell, Maya Hershey, & Savannah Bundy. That sleepover was great. I love how we all love each other enough to stay quiet for an hour to do homework, and not kill each other when we're all in bad moods.

-Homecoming Game! Okay, so we didn't win. Big shock, :P. But we came dang close, and lost by one point. So go Donegal anyways! Althought it was thoroughly freezing, and I thought I was gonna die, ('Cause I'm just so inteligent that I didn't bring a jacket) it was fun. And my girls held me together when bad news struck. You know who you are, and I love you. ♥

-Ephrata tournament. It was freezing. We worked our butts off for the most part. We played together. We bonded. We snuggled together in about a thousand blankets. We sang to my iPod. We took pictures with my phone. We watched coach cry. We had awesome shirts. We came in last place. And I loved every minute of this season. (Well, not really. But it was fun & I'll miss everyone D:)


And now...it feels like the day after Christmas. All depressing, nothing to look forward to anymore. :P

But I'm sure we'll have fun and get through this week somehow. And my brithday's in 28 days. Just sayin'.

Kay, bye readers.