Sunday, August 29, 2010

It won't fix your life, in five easy steps.

Church today, was coool.

It's Promotion Sunday (I think) so Senior High gets all the graduating and soon-to-be-freshies, and same with the younger classes. We just talked abunch, and played four on a couch, which is always funnn. :)

And then during the actual service (unlike a lot of churches, we just have one service, so everyone's all together) this adorable little girl Olivia Hershey sang this song. "Hold us Together"-Matt Maher. She was seriously amazing, and she's like what, 9? So now I can't stop listening to it. (Hence this blog title) It's reallyreallygood. Like, Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 good. Yay for Olivia and Matt Maher. :D

Taking Carla back today, around 4. Shouldn't be so bad this time, 'cause we've already been through a week without her. And, we get to see her next weekend too for Labor Day, haha. But still, that reminds me of school tomorrow. :/

I'm ready and I'm not. I just kinda wanna get over it, but I really really don't wanna get up early. I'm not satisfied with waking up at 11:00 most days, so you can imagine how waking up at 5:30 goes.

Anddd I always know for sure that's school's starting, when me & Jenna begin asking each other to borrowing clothes. (Even though, come to think about it, we do that all year round :P)

Jenna: Buddy!
Me: Yes?
Jenna: I have a question... :)
Me: Which is?
Jenna: Can I borrow something to wear tomorrow? :P

Hehe. I love her. (:

And I'm gonna get off the computer, and do something productive now.
Until whenever I blog next.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone should have days like these.

So, when your parents refuse to let you hang out with any friends for no good reason at all, for one day during the last few days of summer, the average teenager gets pretty mad right? Right.

So, I was totallly dreading today with everything I have. I reallly don't like just sitting around the house, watching tv or whatever, by myself. Carla's gone too, which doesn't help. So just me & my mother who I was still very annoyed with.

Literally, I start doing anything and everything to entertain myself. You know those woven bracelets that suddenly got really cool this year? The friendship ones. I've always had mad respect for people that make them, and have tried so many times to do it too. I just don't have the patience to sit there for what, like two hours? And tie freaking knots. I find it unbelievably boring. BUT BOY HOWDY, I did it. And I'm freakishly proud of it. (:

Then like, I literally turned my phone off for the longest time, & read. Crazy, right? Paper Towns, by John Green. I don't even like reading that much...

And...what else did I do. Played guitar! Oh yes. Mom told me to shut up and put it away, but I didn't care. I love that thing.

I watched some of Paper Hearts, (Cute movie!) slept, made cookies, went to A.C. Moore and Sheetz (why my mother will take me there, but still refuse to let me hangout with anybody, I don't know) and then THE JERSEY SHORE WAS ON AT 10 P.M. :D

But you know what... I don't regret it. It sounds unbelievably boring, and it kinda was, but I think I needed something like this. It makes me peace? I don't know. Just like, slowing down and being on my own for a little was nice. Simplicity. Serenity. All that, :P

I don't feel like attempting to I think Ima just stay up all night. Yup.

We're picking up Carla (HAPPYBIRTHDAYBIGSIS!) tomorrow from college so she can come home for the weekend, and then I'm fair it up with my girls tomorrow night. ♥

Goodnight people that blog.


Awesome songs I came across on this day of boredom:
Famous-Ryan Hammer

Safety Net-Raining and Ok

One Sweet Love-Sara Bareilles

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hahahahaha, xD.

I just realized something guys, I follow myself.

Haha, wow I'm stupid. Back whenever I first got this, I was completely clueless (and kinda still am) on how to follow people. I always did (and still do) it wrong, and I guess I just ended up adding myself as a follower. I fail. :P

But whatever, I'M NOT REMOVING ME. (:

So currently I am;

Listening to : Don't You Know You're Beautiful- Seabird. ♥
Wearing : McPherson college shirt, and running shorts.
Waiting for : Soccer practice in a little, ughughugh. I'm way to lazy to exercise today, forreals :/
Feeling : Kinda stomach-y weird, haha. I think it's just 'cause I really don't wanna go to soccer tonight. But, I can't wait for the fair after with Jenna. :D

Things I learned today?
1) Mace is like pepper spray, and you don't ever wanna be sprayed with it. No, I didn't get sprayed with it, I just learned what it meant, haha.
2) Being an only child now that Carla's gone, SUCKS. I have do all her freakin' chores, and I have nobody to bother anymore.
3) School starts in less than a week, and I'm gonna haveta start getting up at 5:30 and then getting up again at 6:00. :(((((

That. Sucks. My. Friends.
Okay, I'm done.


Btw; This is my favorite color. Incase you've ever wondered. ;D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

If perfect's whatcha searching for, then just stay the same.

I know perfection for people isn't possible sillies, but that's a cute cute cute song.

Just the Way You Are-Bruno Mars.

Incase you live in a hole, & never listen to the radio. :P

Ahhhhhh, tonight/the past few days have been eversostressful. Just saying; Morgan Darrah & Megan Weaver, I don't know what I'd do without you two. You both are AMAZING, and I love you. ♥

I'm just gonna...put everything behind me. I needa move on, & not let stupid things and people bring me downn. I might've made some big freaking mistakes, or maybe I didn't. I no longer care, to be candid, and I'm not gonna regret them. They were meant to be, and I'm just gonna move forward.

Somebody awesome (*cough cough Megan Weaver cough cough*) said this:

"Don't regret the things you do, that'll get you to know where only regret the things you don't do."

No, it doesn't make sense to me either. But it helped, :P

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with the E-town Fair, & Savannah Bundy. (:
Just what I neeed, y'all.

Goodnight bloggers.

P.S. This was really short, yo. Oh well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I feel like suck.

I hate being sick. Or whatever the heck this is.

It's like: Having a freaking huge headache, all of your insides hurt (especially the stomachy ones), you're totally stressed out, your sister's leaving for college tomorrow and you're going to miss her very very much, you're mad at yourself for being an idiot, you don't feel like eating, and you're freezing.

That's. How. I. Feel.

And now I'm supposed to/I kind of decided to stay home from soccer tonight. I wanna go for sure, but running around and all that does not sound fun right now. :P

Sooooo....I'm just gonna sleep alot tonight. And watch To Save A Life, and make fatty stuff for Carla to take to college with my momma. Oh, and the Jersey Shore is on tonight at 10! Haha. I'm so boring today. :/

The End.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"All I need to know usually, is that someone cares."

Thanks Harry, for texting me that. And it's now my blog title. (:

Ahhhhh, TODAYWASTHEBESTDAYEVER! Well, maybe not ever. But it was super awesome. Why?

Welll, Inner Harbor was deffinitely a win. This British guy asked me for a discount card, a random black guy talked to me for 15 minutes about my colorful toes, I finalllly got stuff at Urban Outfitters :) :) :), and the people at the singing fudge shop put my name in a song!

Then as I was getting home, I decided to go to the amazing Sarah Hershey's in about an hour, for Student Body (or right now, they're called Backyard Tours). I very much love Student Body (And Backyard Tours :P). It's the highschool youthgroup for CBC, (which I don't go to every Sunday) and since my church doesn't have a youthgroup, I go to theirs! (And Kaycee's, from time to time) It's amazing, and I love everyone. We all (for the most part) get along swimmingly, since almost all of us go to school together. We just act all crazy, then focus on God, then act all crazy again. It's a goood time. :D

And today I've really just re-realized how very lucky I am, to have so many amazing people in my life. I know it sounds super lame, but that's okay. I'm just in such an incredibly happy mood right noww, and I wanna go hug everybody in the world, haha.

Short, kinda boring blog, but whatever.

Night everyone, ♥

and yes, I realize I overuse the words awesome, and amazing. I apologize.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I don't have a clever name...

Ah, life.

Soccer starts tonight, heck kind of yesss. I'm excited somewhat, but I'm kinda sad too. 'Cause I know this season won't be able to even touch last season. Not even a little. And Ima be the oldest, grrrrr. But, I'm gonna try & be opptimistic. (:

Ahh, today went unexpectedly. Plans fell through, new plans fell through, & now I think I'm just gonna sleep all day. I'm unbelievably tired latelyyy. :/

Tomorrow = Inner Harbor, Boston. All day. My parents decided we need a "family daytrip before Carla goes to college!" so this is their attempt at that. So fingers crossed it's notta fail. (:

And now, I'm gonna be super cool and have a shout out section.

Morgan Darrah? Yeah, you're kinda freaking awesome. Thank you soo much for being there for me, 100% all the time. You give some of the best advice ever, & lately I just don't know what I'd do withoutcha. Pizza Hut on Sunday with you is a must! & If I could buy you a pony, I would. I love you.

Savannah Bundy; I'm so incredibly happy for you, & I can't wait to die with you tonight ;D


& Molly, I'm so glad you read these nowww. :D


Oh wait, I got a manicure for the first time in like, 7 bajillion years the other day everyone. I love the Chinese (:

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I was looking for summer programs today. I love drama, music, art, photography, all that. & I think it would be just amazing to go to an intensive program for any of them. (:

I came accross this one and fell in love. SOCAPA. It stands for School of Cinema and Performing Arts. It's in New York City, which I'm obsessed with already. I love city life, and to me, it's beautiful there. It's a 3 week program in the summer. You live with people you don't know from all over the country. You don't even haveta be super talented at it, just sign up in time. [:

The program I wanna do is called "Acting for Film". They have other ones too, like dance, photography, filmmaking, screenwriting, etc. Normally I would've done photography, handsdown. But secretly I've always lovedlovedloved acting. Ever since I was an Earth goddess in Once on this Island in 6 grade ;D.

Some awesome things about it the program are:
-You get actual headshots taken by the amazing photography program
-"Our filmmaking students are shooting on both 16mm film and state-of-the-art digital cameras with sync-sound and are cutting on nonlinear digital systems so your reel will look slick and professional."

So yeah...whatever you perform in look super awesome.
-Pretty much everything you do perform in goes on this DVD portfolio they give you. Including the headshots :D
-You choose a monologue from their library and memorize it to be performed on the last day. It's like this huge deal, the big showcase, and that goes on your DVD thinger too
-One of the days, we getta work with a legit professional director in a scene they give us, so it's done really well, and it goes on the DVD :D
-Atleast once per season, somebody very super special comes in to teach you in a masters class they call it. It could be an actor, director, broadway star, etc... One time it was Sarah Clarke from 24! :O
-You take a BUNCH of workshops like: Meisner technique, method acting, scene analysis and preparation, auditioning, and acting for the camera.
-On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays they will perform in the many films being shot by our filmmaking students or they will be directed in their culmination scene by their instructor. Yeah, I just copied that from the website.
-I get get college credits from this! 3 of 'em. You have to pay for them though, boo :/
-You stay in dorms at New York University's Polytechnic Campus in downtown Brooklyn. You getta roommate, & eat fancy college food. :)
-You getta do reallly cool extra curricular activities. SUCH AS: going to the beaches, shopping in Soho, going to Bryant Park fashion shows!, seeing Broadway shows, going to Coney Island Amusement Park, going to live tapings of TRL (a show on MTV, that kinda old but super cool), different concerts, touring Universal Studios, Six Flags, museums, etc...

everyone that reads these says: yes!

Of course there's a catch though. It's super expensive. :(

Tuition: $2940.00
Room & Board: $1890.00
total= 4,830
which doesn't even include the college credits, which are 130$ each for a total of 390$.
It's INSANE. (<---insert HUGE sadface there)

Pipe dream, right? But hey, I can dream. & I wanna make this one come true more than anythinggg.
So if anybody has any ideas of how to make $5,000 legally, lemme know. :D

Oh, and if by any chance you're still reading this, not bored to tears, & actually think this is cool, the website is Kaybye.

btw; Thanks Morgan Darrah for actually caring when I told you about this. Love you, (:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DASATS. (continued)

I MISS NYC EVERYONE. Very badly. :/

I got my wrap-up DVD in the mail the other day, & have been watching it non-stop basically. I'm in it! Twice. Once, just looka like a silly person, and the other I am swing dancing. YES, SWING DANCING. Don't hate, it was awesome, & I am a beast at it. :D

Here's what I miss:

-The environment. Being around 3,000+ people, that freakin' love you, and WANT to get to know you, all the time is amazing. You walk around campus, and people are giving like, free hugs, random compliments, and saying hi and "YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!" to people they don't know. I found myself doing it too, by the second day xD. You feel Like, you can totally be yourself, and it's alright. They're gonna love you anyways, 'cause they're here for the same reasons you are. We're all just a buncha Brethren people, here to love eachother, and praise God. I wish it was like that here.

-PEOPLE! Aidan Ottoni-Wilheim. Hunter. Ben Bear. Savannah Myers. Jenna Gagliano. Kyle Remnant. Emily LaParade. All my ECOB people (that I see often :P) and all the Mount Wilson kids (that I do not see often :/). Brian. Shawna. Becky. Penny! Penny's daughter. Terry. Matthew. Hot dog guy. Jeb. (hehe, he screamed "HEY! IT'S MY NEW FRIENDS FROM MY HIKE! HIIIII NEW FRIENDSSSSS!" and I felt awesome). Robbert. All the Ephrata boys. All my Innisfree girls! All my Hearts and Horse's therapy people. Any other random Camp Swatara people. D ,Ethan, and Garrett. Brethren Boy ;D. Ginger from Mount Rushmore. Red Underarmour Man. Ahhh, all of them and so many more. It's quite unsettling and upseting though, because I bet you anything I won't see over half of them ever again. :'(

-The Places We Stayed At: We literally stayed everywhere and anywhere. Church basement floors, colleges, cabins, hotels, motels, everythingg. I miss Colorado State University especially. I remember all the dorm names too, like we stayed in Westfall, worshipped at Moby, open mic-ed at Lory, ate at Corbett, small grouped at Ingersoll, etc... I'm gonna forget pretty soon I'm sure, and that makes sad also. THE HUTTURITE COMMUNITY TOO! Ahh, awesomeawesome. Blah. Seriously, if someone asks me about any of this, I'll love you forever.

I know nobody probably cares about this, but that's okay. I care, and that's enough :). This experience was deffinitely the biggest highlight of my summer. It's one of those things that you have to go through yourself to understand who life changing it was. Probably this and Innisfree were the best things I have experienced in my life so far. It was truely amazing, and if you ever wanna get me talking about something, ask me about NYC. I swear, I could talk for hours. :P

Oh, and one more thing and I'm done, I swear. Two quotes from the speakers, really touched me.

Angie said, "No matter where you are in the process of already belong here."

Carol said, "Grace is not about us, or what we want. It’s about what Christ intends to do."

....and it gives me hope. Kay, the end. (:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love Payless.

Ona happier note, yesterday was amazing. (:

Me & Maya, went to the mall. It was quite the adventure, for we saw :

-a Travis Clark (We the Kings) look-a-like, and I chatted it up with himmm. (:
-old ladies sitting on their own personal pillows in the center of the mall
-my phone, sitting in some random shoes, because I left it in Payless
-Morgannn! And Virginia, and Veronica. :D Yay, you guysss.
-Justin Bieber sold in Hot Topic. Seriously?
-A buncha other random friendsss, :D
and blah,blah,blah, other stuff no one cares about. :P

Then we went back to my house, uploaded pictures, watched the very sucky Shutter Island, and ate spaghetti tacos. YAY!

She's just what I needed yesterday, (:

and hopefullyhopefullyhopefully I can make Buddy the Elf spaghetti with the fabulous Morgan Darrah later today. What's with me and spaghetti?

Kay, that's it.

Oh, & also! I lied. I've been listening to this one Christmas song we did in choir at church. Why? I don't know. But it's a good song!
Christmas Offering-Casting Crowns.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Serious time.

I just wanna write about something...I don't know why...I am in the strangest of moods...kinda reflective and I'm just gonna write about stuff....okay....

Being Brethren : I absolutely love it. I can't imagine being another of denomination, or religion for that matter. Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren rocks my socks. And I don't even say that, haha. I love that: we're AntiBapists. It means like, we're for baptism fo' sure, but we do it like...6th grade-on. We don't do the whole, baby baptism thinger. We believe that it's our personal choice, and when we're able to make that decision without being forced into it, it's right. We don't hate on other churches that do that though, haha. I also love that: we're also all about peacemaking, and simple living. It's our thang. Like, our "tagline" I guess you could say, is "Simpfully...peacefully...together" :D. We're always doing workcamps, service projects, peace teams, BVS (Brethren Volunteer Service) and stuff like that. We love our music too, but we do a lot of nowaday music. I'm in the choir, and we do like, Relient K, Switchfoot, Sanctus Real, Casting Crowns, Skillet, etc... I like that we do that, and it's not 100% hymns. I get so much out of our church, and as much as I love my other youthgroup's churches, I could never switch. I'm really genuinely excited to see where God takes me in my amazing church, and I'm so thankful for my church family. We've all helped each other through tough times, and we really are this loving community. I think NYC helped me to realize that, and I love ittt. :)

Aunt Edna : Rest in peace. I love you, so much. She's really my great aunt, but whatever. I don't like adding all those greats, to be honest. It makes me feel less close to them. Aunt Edna was one of the closest members to me in my entire family, my mom and dad included. She had this light inside of her, as corny as it sounds :P, that I never really see much in people anymore. She was ALWAYS singing in this cheery and beautiful soprano voice that I remember vividly. She went to Thailand, and always talked about the children there. She loved kids. She taught little like, 3rd graders too in Sunday School, and they were the light of her world. She loved watching them grow, and teaching them stuff about God. She suffered from breast cancer. I remember we went to visit her, and as soon as we walked into the room, she yelled "Carla! Alicia!" in this amazingly happy "I-haven't-seen-you-in-300-years-kinda voice, and gave us the biggest hugs, ever. She told me how much she liked my nails, and how badly she wished she could've made it to one of my soccer games. How truly sorry she was. She said how she'd always feel awful that she'd never make it to one. It was hard to keep it together in front of her, and I failed epically. She died November 26th, 2009. She's the first person I really...knew to pass away. I'd never really experienced grief over losing anybody before. It was really hard, and I hope to never go through something like that again, or atleast anytime soon. We pushed through her funeral, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. A few days before that though, we found out her will. She had left our family with her entire estate. I think it was my Aunt Angie to read us that, and immediately I heard a buncha "what?!'s" from my family. They all started bawling, and I was quite confused. I didn't know what that meant, and I started to get kinda panicky, and asked what it meant. It meant, that Aunt Edna left us over $200,000 dollars. She wanted to see me and Carla go off to college, to have a full life. She wanted my mom with all her disabilities to remodel our house, so life would be easier for her. She wanted us not to have to worry about money as much, and just live. She wanted that for us. She had so many closer relatives to her, and she chose us, to give that huge blessing to. We're all so grateful, and I'm happy she's with God now, and out of any suffering. I love her more than anyone could imagine, and miss her very much. :(

Morgan and Savannah did it, and I'm just unoriginal.

- Available: Yepyepyep. (:
- Age: 15
- Annoyance: When people send me like, a thousand texts just to make me mad. >:/
- Animal: Zebra's, or giraffes.
- Birthday: November 29th, 1994.
- Best Friend: They know. (:

- Best weather: When there's snow on the ground.
- Been on stage: Many times.
- Believe in Magic: Nah.
- Believe in Santa: Not anymore, haha.
- Color: Baby blue, :D
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate, fool.
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Both are alrighttt.
- Cake or cookies: Both, haha.
- Cousin: I love them.
- Continent to visit: EUROPE! I'm completely obsessed with it.
- Class: Art. (:
- Day or Night: Night a 'course.
- Dancing in the rain: I can't dance to save my life.
- Eyes: Black. Whatever, reallly reallly really dark brown.
- Everyone has: Struggles.
- Ever failed a class: Geometry was just a rough time. BUT. I. PASSED. (:
- First thoughts waking up: Did I really just take a four hour nap?
- Food: Spongebob Mac n' Cheese ftw.
- First love: I don't know if I've ever REALLY been in love.
- Greatest Fear: Clowns...
- Goals: To live my life for God, and to be happy. (:
- Gum: Eww.
- Get along with your parents: Most days.. :P
- Hair Color: It's like, black dyed a little browner, with reddish and honeyish highlights in it. I don't know, haha.
- Height: 5'2 and a half?
- Happy: Yes sir, :D
- Holiday: The most wonderful time of the year!
- Homework: Kills me. :/
- Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, :D
- Instrument: Oboe, and guitar.
- In love: Nopenope.
- Jewelry: Ring my grandma gave me, [:
- Job: Weis, when I'm 16.
- Keep a journal: I have literally like, a thousand.
- Love: is allll you need.
- Laughed so hard you cried: haha, ohmy. NYC (:
- Language: Enlgish, learning Spanish.
- Movie: The Hangover is hilarious.
- Motion sickness: I had it briefly on the Whale Watch in 5th grade, haha. Not fun.
- McD’s or BK: Bleh.
N - Number: 13
- Nicest person you know: Jennna (:
- Never have I ever: Smoke, drink, drugss.
- One wish: To re-live this summer.
- Optimistic: Normally.. :)
- Perfection: CRAZY TALK!
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.
- Peircings: Nahh. I can't stand needles, or pain.
- Quail: Pretty bird. (:
- Reason to cry: Really mad about something, or a sad movie.. haha.
- Radio Station: Eh, I switch around. Music ADHD.
- Roll your tongue: Yeahyeah.
- Ring size: Like, a 5. I has skinny fingers.
- Song: Right now, Here Comes My Baby-Sons of Admirals. (:
- Shoe: Mocasins, from American Eagle.
- Sushi: EW.
- Skinny dipped: Nahh. (;
- Shower or Bath: Showerrr.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Yum. :D
- Taken?: Not now.
- Tattoos: Same as peircings. :P
-Time for bed: No, sillygoose.
- Thunderstorms: I kinda like them...
- Unpredictable: Life.
- Vacation spot(s): Floating house in Canada, :D
- Weakness: Guys....
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Savannah, haha.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Katlyn, maybe. (:
- Want to be a model: I used to realllllly want to!
- Worst Weather?: Hothothot.
X-Rays: Yeah. My teeth, elbow, & head hahah.
-Year: '13, GRADUATION.
-Zoo animal: Elephantes.

1. Slept in the same room as you? Umm...everyone at NYC? Maybe, I don't remember. :P
2. You went to the mall with? Momma. :D
3. You went to dinner with? NYC people.
4. You talked to on the phone with? Hal.
5. Made you laugh? Jakers.
6. Hugged you? Hallie's grandpa, hahahah.
8. Held your hand? Paul? Haha.
9. You spoke with? Sistaaa.
10. You said you loved? Morgan!
11. You went streaking with? THE POPE.
12. You cried over? Ummm...not sure.
13. You hungout with? Hallie, (:
14. You helped? Morgan?
15. You prayed for? Freeda Snavely.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Every word you say, I think I should write down.

I like that song.

Paperweight-Joshua Radin.

That's how I freaking feel.

"And no need to worry
That's wasting time.
And no need to wonder
what's been on my mind.
It's you
It's you
It's you"

Being a girl kinda sucks... :P