Sunday, July 29, 2012

Someone please help me understand.

Something that's come to my attention lately that's really annoying/concerning me: how popular the "IDGAF" attitude has gotten.

Like, seriously?

I see so many tweets, statuses, what have you, that basically say "the less of a fuck you give, the happier you'll be.", what?

First off, that logic is not even realistic, in my opinion. I mean call me crazy, but in order to be happy, one normally has to enjoy what they're doing, right? As in, they actually "give a fuck" about what their doing? Boom.

Anyways, I just honestly do not get why alotta people would prefer to not care about well, alot these days, and just say "fish." Like, no. That's a stupid choice. It's like, you have the power to turn pretty much any situation better in life, and if you just say "screw it" all the time, then where does that get you?  Basically, it just really annoys me to see people waste life, especially when so many other people never get a chance to really live life we get to here in Amurrica.

Now, I can somewhat understand why people would rather not put themselves out there completely at times. I'm definitely like that too. But, at the same time, I wish I wasn't. Cause I feel like it's necessary to put your whole self into everything you do, you know? YOLO. So I guess what I'm trying to say in this rambling blog, is that people should try to start caring more. You're gonna get hurt in life regardless. Life is meant to hurt. But it's a beautiful thing, and the pain makes it real. & Most of the time, the more you actually get out there and start "giving a fuck" about things and people, the more people are actually gonna like you, and the happier you'll be.  SO STOP IT, EVERYBODY :)

Kay, that is all. Sorry if this doesn't make sense at all, and I just wasted your life. Just needed to get it off of my chest. :b

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