Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More than Meets the Eye 3.

Trip home, :(

Honestly? Nobody was looking foward to this. Nobody. Yeah, we all wanted to get home. But nobody wanted to drive for another four days in our bus. Especially me.

It was pretty cool though, we stopped the first day after driving 9 hours. We stopped at Kansas, at stayed at McPherson College. I love it there, so much! I really really really would love to go there, but I hate Kansas, so...that doesn't really work out. They reallly wanted us to go there too. They gave us free dorms to stay that night, free showers, free breakfast, free t-shirts, and free nice gym bags. But it wasn't just the free stuff I loved, they were genuinely nice people. :)

The next night we stayed at another college, Earlam in Illinois I think it was. Bethany Theological college is right there too, so we toured there too. Gosh, ever since I got back, all I can think about is college. Gahhhh.

We played soooo much Mafia everyday, it was so much fun! I learned Ima really good liar too, haha. At least when it comes to that game. (:

Eventually eventually we got home. We learned that the whole trip, we had spent 70 hours on that coach bus, went through 13 different states, and that we had an experience of a life time. It was beyond amazing. :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More than Meets the Eye 2.


We're finallllly there. But, it deffinitely wasn't all smiles. While on the trip, this girl Taylor's mother had broken 2 bones in her ankle while hiking. She had to go to the hospital, and have surgery. When we were about at Conference, one of our pastors, Pastor Josh announced that Taylor's grandpa was in very critical condition at the Hospital. Man, that was horrible. Everyone at our church knows her grandpa, Royal Snavely. He's like, that grandpa that everyone has and just one of those amazing people that loves you, no matter how little he knows you. Almost everyone was either; teary-eyed, sobbing hysterically, or just crying. It was so hard, and I really do feel for Taylor. :(
The next day, he passed away, and Taylor left with her mother to go home. It was so sad, but she did come back two days later, praise God. :D

Otherwise, on a slightly happier subject, Conference!
WE HAD MADE IT! We were all excited, despite the grim news we had just heard.
We settled into our dorms at Colorado State University, and then went to a welcome picnic. Mutual Kumquats was playing, whom I grew to love greatly. They're an amazingggg band, that I would deffinitely check out, if I were you. :)
We had worship that night, then went to bed.
Okay, time to just list the highlights. :)

1) Small groups! Ohmy, do I love my small group. Second day, Sunday, I was helplessly lost looking for mine. Seriously. I'm gonna completely fail at finding my classes when I go to college. Anyways, I ran into this guy Hunter, and I asked if he knew where he was going, or if he knew where Ingersfoll lounge was. HE DID! We were in the same small group. Fancy that, :D
So yeah, he became my new best friend, and we got rather close.

2) Annointing Service. Geez. This was also known as the solemn, silent service. No cheering, no clapping, no whooping, haha. P Greg (our pastor) and Chrissy (Mount Wilson advisor, WHO IS AMAZING!) did it. They put oil on your forehead, and bless you. It's very very powerful. And after the service, our whole group kinda met outside. We were all crying or sobbing, and it was really, just...powerful. People with tough exteriors broke down, and we were just all vulnerable. We all gave each other hugs, and really really grew closer. It was amazingly beautiful, <3
The fact that Royal had died, wasn't helping our crying either. I walked back eventually with my friend Hallie, (Royal was her uncle) and we were both sobbing. Almost back, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned, and saw Hunter. He didn't even say anything, and threw his arms around me. He held me, as I cried even harder and got his shirt all wet. He comforted me, and said how he just wanted to let me cry, and not have me be embarassed. After maybe 10 minutes (literally) of him just holding me, he took me over to this tree and prayed out loud with me. It was so amazing, and I cannot thank Hunter enough for it. I felt so blessed by God, and it was truly just indescribile. (:

Ohmy, I love that girl. We met last year on a workcamp up in Innisfree, Virginia, and immediately became bestfriends that week. We e-mailed all year, and kept in touch as much as physically possible. I saw her at Conference (she told me she'd be there) the second day, and we dramatically screamed and ran to hug each other. It was great :D. I was beyond ecstatic to see her, and we went to the Mutual Kumquat concert together that night. I was soooo happy. :)

4) Hot Dog Suit Guy, and Brethren Boy.
You're amazing. 'Nuff said.

5) All my camp people, say heyyyy!
I saw soooo many people from Camp Swatara, it's not even funny. Every day, I'd recognize somebody, and we'd catch up. Conselors, campers, leaders, everybody! It was greattt. :)
Btw, I love Kyle for doing the Banana Song, Hammer time, Banana Rap during the last meal there.

Being the fatty I am, I loved it. Our group ate out 12 times. xD

7) Ephrata Boys, hahahah.

Okay, so....Hallie wanted to sit with this cute guy from her small group. That was quite the fail. I just talked to the cute guy he was friends with, D. After 10 awkward minutes, I faked a text message saying we were supposed to sit with somebody else, and we left. Haha. So we just found 2 empty seats in the other cafeteria, and sat down. All of a sudden, I get this wadded up napkin in the side of my face. I turn around and this guy two seats away or so goes, "Hey, my name's Cory. and this is Ethan, and he's too shy to introduce himself." So....I made friends with about like, 8 Ephrata boys that lunch and their pastor haha. It was great. ;D

More than Meets the Eye 1.


I know, I have officially died off the Blog World. I'm sure very few noticed. :P

But yeah, I'M BACK! Gosh, it feels good to be home. Two weeks is a very very long time. But man, it was worth it. Like, times 10,00000 million times over. I've had a completely life changing time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Basically, I'll probably write maybe 3 parts to this blog, yes, all about NYC. National Youth Confrence is what it stands for, btw. Not New York City. (:

Part 1; Trip Out
Part 2; Actual Confrence
Part 3; Trip Back

Hope you enjoy reading it, :D

Part 1;

Okay, so the actual trip out took 6 days to be technical. We got at the church around 5:30 in the morning, and left by 7 or so. There was almost 50 people on our Coach bus, driven by the AMAZING driver, Bob! Mount Wilson COB (Church of the Brethren) came with us, giving us that number.

We stayed at this church, called Mullsberry I do believe. We had some fun with cookie dough pie, wacking bee hives, and random eye stinging there. ;)
We went to this Hutturite Community in South Dakota as well. This, my friends, was amazing. Basically a Hutturite is similar to Amish. Except, they do have electricity. They're very close-knit, conservative, quiet communities. They dress VERY modestly, and aren't allowed to leave the community whenever they want. They must ask the leader of the town, (the pastor) and the boss if it's okay, and they have to be back that day I think, and yeah. They're VERY strict.
So naturally, I was very nervous.
To be respectful, all the girls wore long skirts, and conservative shirts. Guys just wore pants, and a nicer shirt. I felt like my grandmother.
This lady Rhonda, showed us around, answered our questions. We saw lots of children, and they were just the most adorable little things. We were allowed to play with them on their playground, and it was just so interesting! They were fascinated by us, our jewelry, our make-up, shoes, our lives. They wanted to know everything!
I talked to this one girl, who was 14. Bytheway, when you're 15 in this community, you're an adult. You only go to school through 8th grade, and the women serve the men. Anyways! Her name was Marie. She was quite interesting. She kept saying how unbeautiful she felt. She thought she was ugly, fat, and unattractive. She hated it here, and she felt she had no freedom. She basically couldn't wait to get out of there. She thought I was so beautiful, and I really didn't know how to handle all that. I kept telling her God created her, therefore she was automatically beautiful. I don't know if she believed me though, I sure hope she did. She actually swore in front of me too! I was astounded. She said she likes to gossip alot. It was Unexpected.
We went to the Badlands too, Mount Rushmore, and Navy Pier in Chicago.
The sight-seeing was great, but by the end of it, I was just ready to get to conference already!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone that reads these, :)

Yeah, this is still about Creation.
Today officially starts my DASATS. It stands for "Depression After Super Awesome Things Syndrome". Yes, I really named it that.

I always get it after; Camp Swatara, National Junior High Youth Confrence, Beach Trips, or anything else insanely awesome. And this time it's reallllly bad. :(

I miss people mainly. Bobbi, Eric, Danah, & those 3 hilarious guys at the Tobymac concert especailly.

Bobbi: I worked with her at gates. She's seriously gotta be the coolest olderish lady I have EVER met. She is CRAZY in a way that nobody is these days. She yells all the time, and is happy all the time. She's got a laugh that was contagious and made everyone smile all the time. She would dance with our team (ABE) especially the moon walk after we got through a big rush everyday. I love her, so much. :D

Eric: Yeaaah, anybodys that's heard me talk about Eric knows I deffinitely liked him alot. Not gonna lie. It's not even a secret really, the kid's adorable. We become pretty good friends at work everyday. He taught me how to properly play hangman, & gave me Google's phone number, haha. Not too mention his own. We talk everyday, but I still miss him alottt. :(

Danah: Danah, I love so much. He became like, my second father this week. He's amazing! So corny, always cracking jokes. One time I was like, "Danah! Danah! WASP! Kill it." And he was like, "Aww honey, he just wants somethin' sweet!" and then proceed to pinch my cheek. I love him, alot. And am gonna miss him too!

3 Awesome Guys: Okay, these guys I could've freaking married. They were HILARIOUS. Or at least one of them realllly was. He reminded me of Damien from "Mean Girls". Not saying he's gay, he just really reminded me of him. They would like, call their friends, yell at them, make funny noises, dance oddly, and were just freakin' hilarious. :D

Things that were fun:
Saying "Sexual Man Chocolate" to people (SMC)

Getting total I was pretty by a ginger
Getting told me & Savannah were hot by random guys
"Whattt...he looks like a basketball?"
Making videos with Savannah

In my pants, I see you all over me.
1,100 more songs!

I'm a cute guy!
Lemonjellow, Orangejello.
and many more. (:

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Guys? This, without too much doubt, has been probably the best week of my life. :D


So, God is amazing. So incredibly beyond my ability to even imagine amazing. I am so unbelievably blessed to live my life, praising God, without the fear of being prosecuted. Without being a child soldier. Without being so impoverished that I have no hope left. I am seriously changing, starting now. I honestly wanna be a better person. Not saying that I was a totally sucky person before, but I just wanna be better. I want be to know me as "that girl that loves Jesus, and loves everyone else too". That's the least I could do for my God who has done so much for me. ♥

All the speakers I listened to this week, (Reggie Dabs, Louie Gigglio, Matt Pitt, Bob Lenz, etc...) really effected me. I remember certain things. Like, one guy was talking about how if we really love our friends, and if they don't know Christ, we're watching them on the road to an endless Hell. I mean, basically we're watching them, and we know there gonna go to Hell. That thought just hit me, and scared me to be honest. I couldn't help but think how many times I've heard somebody either jokingly or seriously say "Go to Hell!".

I deserve to go to Hell. We all do. But our God is so amazing, that we have a chance to get through our life. I don't wanna waste it anymore. I don't wanna worry about how I look, get sad over guys, get caught up in drama, anything like that. I'm beautiful in God's eyes no matter what, which is more than I can say for anyone else. God would never put anything in my life that I could not get through, so I really wanna make myself believe that. (:

Sigh...see what an amazing 6 days can do to you?
I'm gonna miss it.