Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday.

Ugh, I hate how people can seriously just ruin your day. Completely murder it. Put you in such an utterly awful mood when you were finally starting to feel like everything was perfect and normal again. >:/

I just don't understand anything anymore. I don't get human beings, and that frustrates me. I don't understand why people want to yell at other people, call them things that hurt really bad, physically hurt them, and just make them feel like complete crap. I don't get why I do some of those things, either (not all of them!). You ever think about that? Maybe I'm just super weird. :P

People are just soooo stupid. We fight over the most idiotic of things, I swear. It makes me so mad sometimes. As dumb and weird as it sounds, like can't we all be pleasant to each other? You don't even have to be nice, just...decent. Don't scream at them. Don't make them so angry that it makes you legit scared. Don't make them cry. Don't go to your room for the rest of the night, lock the door, and hit everything possible. Like, is it really that hard? :(

I just want people to see how hard other people try. How hard they work just to make others happy. Some people try so hard to be a good person, and it never seems to matter in the long run. They'll listen to your problems, no matter how many serious ones they've got of their own. They'll put you before themself always, even though nobody else will ever bother to notice. They'll pray for you every night, when you don't even bother to think about them half the time. Pretty much every lyric from that way over-played but still awesome song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars fits in here very nicely. 

Ugh...can I go to Heaven yet? For real? As much as I love living here, I seriously can't wait. Like Carrie Underwood says, this is my temporary home. I wanna go to a perfect beautiful place where things like hate, fighting, jealousy, pain, and shame don't exist. Where I can spend my days with the only one who has never failed me, never will, and loves me more than anybody will ever come close. Yeah...I'll take that over this, anyday. (:

Goodnight all. I love you, even though this blog has been rather...teenage angsty. :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My kingdom awaits, and they've forgiven my mistakes. (:

So, I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas today. :)

But, I wanna get serious...ish.

Just like, an hour or so ago my family & I got home from seeing that new Narnia movie. Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was reallly really good, and I reccomend everybody go see it. :D

WARNING: I'm totallllly gonna ruin the movie real soon, so if you really wanna be a loser and stop reading, do that now. :P


Kay, so at the end Lucy and Edmund basically leave Narnia for good. They're too old, and that's the last time they'll be there. Their annoying cousin Edknfdosgfn (I forget his name, but I know it's annoying at starts with an E) gets to go back, 'cause he turned awesome, and he's still young. Btw, he turned into a dragon that gets stabbed witha sword, hehe. But anyways, Lucy's all upset and asks Aslan if she'll ever see again / if he'll ever show himself in their world. He says that "I'm known by another name in your world, child. I will always be watching over you. And yes, one day we will meet again." And I was basically like,


Maybe I'm just an idiot, and anyone who's seen the other movies picked that up right away. But I was shocked. :P

But, I thought that was super cool, and I just needed to blog about itttt. And it was kinda appropriate, seeing as it's Jesus's b-day! Yayyyy, Jesus. I love you, and happy birthday. <3

Again, I hope everyone had a super awesome Christmas, and got cool things that make me jealous. (:

Lalalala, nightynight everyone!

Blog title from the song : "Coming Home" by J Cole, feat. Skylar Grey.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jacob Young. (:

So this guy, is awesome.

Ahh, let's see. I've known you for...what like, 3 or 4 years maybe? Whenever I first met you at Camp Swatara. And thank God for Camp Swatara, <3

I honestly don't know what I'd do withoutcha sometimes, Jake. You're always there, more than anyone half of the time. I trust you with everything, and I know you'd never tell anyone. You help me out with all my issues, and especially my guy problems, haha. You know Justin Bieber better than I do, and it makes my day to hear you sing one of his songs. (;

You know me reallll well, and the same goes for me. You're one of the best advice givers, and you always comfort me when I'm upset. I remember that time at Sacred Campfire, and I started crying. For the record, Sacred Campfire is the saddest thing in the world, and everyone cries :P. Anyways, even with Hallie in between you and me, you put your arm around me (well, I guess us :P) and told me everything was gonna be okay. That meant the world, :)

You call me practically everyday, and ask how my day goes, in great detail. The little considerate things like mean alot, and you know it. And I love hearing your voice mails going "Heyyyy Alicia, what's up? Hey. It's Jake. Uhhhhh......(million year pause) call me back when you get this. Yeah. Bye."

Tonight, when we were watching Titanic you said this:
"I would sacrifice my life for my family, you, and (insert 2 other people's names here that I probably shouldn't mention). If I could live and you would die, I would fie and if possible I would make sure you were alive."

I love you, Jacob Young. You're my older-by-a-couple-months brother, and my best friend. (:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justkidding, (:

Well, kinda.

This day's gotten better, dispite that bad news. I've decided that this one thing isn't gonna make me all depressed. I always say that to people, not to let something or someone get in the way of your happiness. I think it's time to follow my own advice, eh?

But nevertheless, the Student Body Christmas party was aaaaawesome. "Elf" themed, lotsa games, my favorite people, Christmas carols/food, white elephant gift exchange, life lessons, pregenancy talks with Tommy, and many more things made me feel better. In particular, I'd like to thank Holly Lynch. She's just the coolest person ever, and Ima talk about her.

She rolls up her clothes into cylinders, and organizes them according to the rainbow. She serandes people, by playing her cute little pink guitar and singing amazing songs. She drowns her food with butter to the point where it makes me wanna vomit. She bruises just to whisper something in my ear :P. She calls me JLo Booty, and it's all good. She'll call me just to scream "BABY ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, IS YOU!" and then hang up. She'll let me talk to her about anything, and it always stays between me and her. She says things like, "HOLY MOOSE" and it just makes my day. She'll fix my knitting, whenever I screw up. And, she'll make me my hat eventually. I'll act out a scene from "Elf" with her, in front of like, 60 teenagers just 'cause she's Holly. I love her, so much. <3

There ya go Holly, as promised. :D

Well, night all. Happy Wednesday. ♥

Also, there's this awesome song that I found through this awesome girl, with the name of Jill. (:

"Dear Pain,
Oh it's been a long time. Remember when you were holding me tight? I would stay awake with you all night.
Dear Shame,
I was safe in your arms. You were there when it all fell apart. I would get so lost in your beautiful lies.
Dear Hate,
I know you're not far. You would wait at the door of my heart. I was amazed at the passion in your cries.
Dear Anger,
You made me so high. You were faithful to show up on time. Such a flame that was burning in your eyes."
-Dear X (You Don't Own Me)-Disciple.
It's a really good song, I swear. <3

Well, my day's ruined.

I didn't make it. A LOT of peolpe didn't make it. This. Sucks. I wanna go throw up, punch everything, and cry. Blahhhhh.

And I was having a reallly good day! :(

End. Of. Blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 days 'till Christmas, :)

For those of you who can't do simple math. ;D

Gahhh, I want break. NOW. I can't take anymore work/stress. And it's only freaking Monday. >:/

Things I have to do tonight:
-Spanish homework
-Math homework
-Study for my spanish quiz
-Study my BUTT off for my Chemistry test, the biggest test ever :'(
-Work on my grad project proposal, due Wednesday
-Study for my Permit Test, which is gonna be pretty soon, apparently
-Work on my knitting, 'cause I don't have alot done D:
-Not shoot myself, with a gun I don't have, because ALL THIS FREAKING CRAP I HAVE TO DO.

Grrr. School sucks, /:

Kay, better get on that. Byebyebye.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember "That's So Raven?" :D

That was my very favorite show when I was a little kid. If you watched it, you'd most likely remember the ditzy, eco-friendly, animal lover, redhead character named Chelsea? I LOVED HER. I looked up to her so much, and I wanted to be just like her, haha. I just finished watching 'Vampires Suck', and the girl who played Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pol) was in it, which made me think of all of this. Btw, that movie really sucks. I mean it's funny at some parts, but overall pretty lame. :P

Anywaysss, I looked her up and found this song she used to sing from that Disney movie, "Stuck in the Suburbs." I used to listen to it ALL the time, and I kinda re-fell in love with it. :D

"How could you know, that behind my eyes, a sad girl cried?
& how could you know, that I hurt so much inside?
How could you know that I'm not the average girl?

I'm carryin' the weight the world.
So can you get me outta here?

Take me away, we'll jump in the car
Drive 'till the gas runs out and then walk so far
That we can't, see, this place anymore
Take a day off, give it a rest
So I can forget about this mess
If I lighten up a little bit, then I will be over it

I'm playin the role of the happy girl, but no one knows
Inside I'm alone, but I would never let it show
I get everyday, too much work and not enough play
Over and over, it's always the same"

Yeahh, that's a good song. Over it-Anneliese Van Der Pol.

Anyways, yesterday was amazing. Hanging out with Mary & Megan Weaver, my favorite redhead Katlyn, Savannah, Mariam, (Dani, Emily, Max, and all the other guys for a little) was awesome. They all made my Friday night awesome. I want every Friday to be like that. That would be quite nice. (:

And then coming home to help my girl Morgan, was just a plus. I love her, alotalotalot. And I hope she knows that. ♥

And, I love you too Savannah Bundy. ♥

Alexis shall be coming over soon, yayayayay! Oh, and our Christmas tree is finally UP. :DD

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet, (:

Although this week is going by incredibly slow, it's not been as bad as I thought it would. This day has gone from singing and worship to our Lord in Prayer Group, to staring at hawks circling the school in Spanish, to Mrs. Rothenberger possibly getting fired in Algebra II, to sex talks with Mr. Jan in chemistry, to deep/freezing talks with Savannah, to getting married to a amazingly weird kid that makes me laugh wayyy too hard at Student Body. I loved it all, very much. :D

And tomorrow, I shall wear the exact same outfit I wore tonight. Sometimes I'm gross ;D. But, I love it 'cause it's Savannah's (with Katlyn's comfy shoes & socks). I don't know what it is about other people's clothing, but I love wearing it. Plus, this shirt takes guts to wear. It's black with white writing that says "ABSTINENCE. Got a problem with that?" and I hope somebody'll be like, "Wow, that girl's awesome. Let's all not have sex 'till we're married!" and God will smile with his thumbs up. (:

Ahh, life. It's really great, sometimes. Kay, nightynight! ♥

Monday, December 6, 2010


Ohmy, this weekend has been awesome. Like, one of the best weekends EVER awesome.

Kaycee, her mom, her two friends; Krista & Jen, and myself all took a lovely trip down to New York City for the entire weekend. It was really to celebrate Kaycee's birthday, which is 12 days before mine, so we kinda celebrated mine too. New York City's always been my favorite, even though this is the 2nd time I've been there to actually visit and be a tourist. I just love everything about city life, and I definitely want to live there when I'm older. (:

Memories you guys might not understand:
-Squishing 5 people into a taxi where we thought the driver was gonna take us to Jersey & kill us
-Seeing Wicked, the most AMAZING broadway show ever (:
-Jen complaining about bed bugs every 2 seconds
-Kaycee's momma gettin' tipsy and saying "Whatttt...WILL CALL?! I AIN'T CALLING NOBODY!" :P
-Shopping for hours, & going to Tiffany's and all my other stores I dream of shopping at (:
-The scary wax going coming to life and scaring the CRAP outta me at Madame Trusseu's
-Almost seeing celebrities!
-The Beatles Hard Rock Cafe ♥
-4D showing of the Polar Express
-Poptart Store black guy dancing
-"Oh, we can get it onnn sister" ;D
-"Dude, I almost fell of the fricken' bed!"
-"Jenn, you make me wanna say f you soooo bad right now, if front of the girls"

It was just a really really awesome time, that I needed to have so badly. :D

But now it's Monday, and life sucks again. :P

Tryouts for the musical Brigadoon are tonight, and I am so nervous I think I may puke :O. I wanna make it, soooo bad, and if I don't I know I'll be crushed. I'm that very sensitive, never trys-out for anything type person. But, I'm hoping I'll get in. :)

Andddd, I finally handed in my Weis application, which hopefully takes me too! I may be crushed if I don't get that job, either. /:

Blahhhh, I'm soooo nervous right now. I'm legit shaking as I type this. Hopefullly it all works out...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love you, Thanksgiving Break. :)


Hah, justkidding. I don't really like when people say that. :P

Question : So... what're you gonna do on your Thanksgiving break Alicia?

Answer : LOTS!

Monday; Katlyn, Savannah, and Maya came over. We needed to have an intervention with Katlyn (she was unaware) and it actually worked out rather well. Duct tape was not needed :). Then we all slept over at Savannah's, watched the 6th Sense, told bedtime stories, and crashed on her couches. It was a joyous time. :D

Today; Woke up at Savannah's, and eventually went to go the Burlington Coat Factory (blah) with mi madre. I didn't really wanna go, at all. That place bores me. But, I found a cute black bomber that I've wanted fora while, so I was goood. And we went to Barnes and Nobles and just chilled and read. I love doing that, ♥. Then Glee was on, and that always makes me superdooper happy. Even my parents watched today, and they loved it. (:

Tomorrow; I don't really know...I WAS gonna go bra shopping with Savannah, but no, now we can't :P. But Carla's coming home, so yay :D.

Thursday; THANKSGIVING, FOOL. Chill with the family, get super fat, and probably watch some dumb football game. Then, I'll sleepover at Jenna's. :D

Friday; BLACK FRIDAY! Me & Jenna go every year, it's a tradition for us. Her dad takes us at like 2 or 3 in the A.M. and we shop until we can't shop no more. That was lame, :P. But, we'll probably haveta cut it short this year, 'cause my grandma's viewing in that day at like 3:00. That's gonna be...I don't know. ):

Saturday; Grandma's funeral. :'( ♥

Sunday; I don't knowww.


Tuesday, we go back to the daily grind and life sucks again. D:

Not to mention, I have homework over break. Classwork in math (like, 3 pages!), chemistry extra credit things/I NEED to understand what we're doing in chemistry, math extra credit essay, and I should really work on my knitting for textile arts. Freakin' hate knitting. /:

Kay, goodnight alll. (:

Remember Mr. So and So, remember I'm a lady. :D

Haha, oh The Diary of Anne Frank. :)

Today's tuesday, and the past week has been insane. Play practice, way too much homework, zero time to do anything, lifegroups, parties, spending way too much time at school, selling candygrams, STUPID SPANISH PI√ĎATAS, and more words describe it quite well.

I really do miss working on the play. I miss running back and forth from the band room to put on sick make up and sell Hershey Kisses. The Diary of Anne Frank has always been super interesting to me, even though it's sad. I heard a Holocaust survivor speak on Saturday, and it was amazinggg.

Basically his story was that when he was 19, him and his family were deported. They went on the cattle cars to Auschwitz, and it was absolutely the worst feeling in the world. He was insanely lucky, and God must have really blessed him. Apparently the Jews that arrived at camp earliest and had less numbers tattooed on their arms were treated better. And the key to surviving at Auschwitz he said, was getting more food. When the guy was in high school (yes, I don't remember his name, it was hard to remember/say :/) he decided to take English. He didn't really want to, but his father kinda made him. This man in charge of his block was a criminal (Hitler released all over the people in jail and put them as commanding officers) wanted to learn English. So the guy taught him, and he survived because of that. When he was freed, he went to the place where his father, uncle, and mother told him to go if he survived. He was panicked, asking if the people there had seen his family. The man behind the desk came out, put his hands on his shoulders, and said that he was the first one to have his ENTIRE family survive. The family came every day, asking for him. He was reunited, and they moved to America. They became extremely successfull business people, and they lived happily ever after. :)

Everyone did so well on the play, and I'm super happy that wayyy more people came out than expected, every night.

Personal favorite quotes:

The Blog title, by Anne/Mrs. Van Daan. All time favorite, ;D
"As far as I'm concerned, mother can go jump in a lake." - Anne

"I can imagine her dying someday." - Anne
"Quack quack quack, said Mrs. Quack Quack!" - Peter
"I hate cats, THEY GIVE ME ASTHMA!" - Mr. Duesel ( I'm almost 1,000% sure I spelled that wrong)
& Mr. Frank's wholeeee monologue. ♥

Kay....bye. :P

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for a key to a door that I can't get through.

This week's so slowwwwww.

I hate this, so much. I HATE going to school. I don't wanna be around people, unless they're family. I don't mean to sound jerkish, but I just really don't feel like I wanna be alone, or with people that understand completely. I don't wanna take tests for hard classes on stuff I don't remember or care about whatsoever. Btw, I definitely failed my math test, and most likely I'll fail my spanish test I have tomorrow too. Whatever.

I feel awful for my mom, most of all. It was her mom, and with all the calls, sympathy food, visits, etc...she's so stressed and upset. And I just don't know what to say, :(

Not to mention the fact that it's raining, and I hate rain. And I have play practice all week until Sunday, and I don't really like play practice. It'll get better for sure Friday-Sunday, but until then, it really sucks for the most part. You get to sit there, be quiet, and not really do too much. Funnnn. I just wanna sleep, all day everyday.

Ugh, I sound like SUCH a depressed person. D:

Somebody make me happy, I freakin' need it.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. ♥

This blog is dedicated to my grandma, who went to be with God this morning at 1:15. :'(

To start off, my grandma was the freaking bomb. She kept our family together through everything, and was our rock. I'm going to miss her more than anybody will ever understand.

And just for the record; I reallly appreciate all the prayers, calls, texts, facebook messages/status comments, visits, and other methods of showing that you care. Thanks, ♥

Grandma's always been so active, and healthy. And when you get to be 88, that's pretty awesome. About a month ago, she had open heart surgery. Everyone was so nervous/freaking out about it, but she did really really well. She went into nursing homes, rehab centers, and was making good progress. But then a million things started going wrong, and her kidney's were failing. Yesterday the doctors decided to take her off her IV's, which she couldn't survive without. Grandma said, "If I can't get better, then I just wanna go." She went into a peaceful coma, and then left for a better place.

We've always been really close. When I was 7 or 8, I started going to this horse camp (I was obsessed) called Holoquin up in Waynesboro where she lived. I think it was two weeks long, and for a good part of the day (like 8 in the morning 'till 4). I would stay at Grandma's house, just me and her, for two weeks. Every year, for about 4 or 5 years. The year I stopped going and pretty much riding horses all together, she was really sad. That was our special time. I wish I would've kept doing it.

When I was in 1st grade, I got my acorn-sized tounsils taken out. I hated every minute of it, and when I woke up from the surgery I remember screaming my little 7-year-old lungs out for my mommy and daddy. When they finally wheeled my to them, my grandma was there waiting too. She stayed at our house alot until I got better. I remember we got into this big fight once, because I refused to eat. I was on a jello, pudding, sorbet, broth, etc... diet which I hated so much. I got so sick of it, and I yelled at my grandma because she was trying to get me to eat that crap. She yelled right back at me, and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. I got scared because she never, ever, everrrr yells at anyone. But it proved to me that day that she had a backbone, and wouldn't let 7-year-old me, or really anyone, treat her with disrespect.

Every Easter, she threw an Easter egg hunt and made the bunny cake for me. Nobody ever did the egg hunt except for me, and sometimes Michael and Ella. She made the bunny cake because I saw it watching ZOOM at her house. Everyone hated it, but we made every year anyways, because we thought it was adorable.

No conversation was ever complete without grandma complaining about teenagers, texting while driving, or teenagers texting while driving. "My gosh, these days. How STUPID do you have to be do these things. Back in the day, we didn't even have those blasted cell phones."

And one of the last things she said to me was,

"Alicia...? You're so beautiful, ever since you were little. I will always love you, no matter what happens to me."

You'll forever be in my heart, grandma. Nothing is ever going to be the same, for anyone in my family. I'm sure it's really gonna hit on Thanksgiving. Exactly a year will have passed since Aunt Edna's passing, and now yours. It will sincerely suck, but I know you'll be watching over us. You were freaking awesome, and I love you.

Thelma Plum, ♥

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon. (:

Yeah, I like that song. Firework- Katy Perry. And the music video's realll good, and I don't even watch music videos, so THERE. :)

Ahhh, okay. So this blog's gonna be in two parts. Serious, and Awesome.


Um, THIS WEEKEND is the deffinition of that. Well...kinda. (Will be explained in the Serious section) Today was amazing, at Sarah and Matt Brallier's Sweet 16, then Janessa's Sweet 16 after that. Hot fudge fountain pot + Garrett + Dancing + "I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock" + Moses + tinsel bracelets + Janessa's crazy little sister Hannah = a realllly fun night. Just..yeah. Funfun. I wanna re-live it already :D. And tomorrow is the Family Force 5 concert! Heckyes. I lovelovelove them, and I'm so excited! I shall wear my "Ugly People Put Your Hands Down" shirt from them, and we will party.

Serious: Friday night went extremely unplanned. I was supposed to stay after school for Tech Night for Performing Arts Club. It was all fine and dandy, Angelica, Morgan, and me were all hanging out. Then my dad comes in halfway through and tells me we gotta go now, because my grandma's doing realll bad. It was awful, and I was so scared. Everybody made it sound like she was going to die in two seconds, and the whole car was like, sobbing. Personal? YEAH. She wasn't supposed to make it through the night, but God made a miracle happen, and she did. And she is doing slightly better, but she's "not out of the woods yet", in the words of my mother. So...if you would pray for her and my family, that'd be awesome. ♥

And now, I'm gonna go shower with the new shampoo and conditioner I'm way too excited to try out. :P

Goodnight, :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hmm, I'll think I'll be up awhile. :)

I loved today, it was nice. ♥

Starting from the beginning: Woke up at Kaycee's, (sleepover) bright n' early. My daddy picked me up and took me over to Jenna's. Jenna and me had a lotttt to do today. We had to:

-Fix her Facebook

-Dye AND highlight my hair
-Make brownies for 5th quarter
-Make us a pizza
-Shower & get ready for the football game, etc...
-Look through all these old concert pictures, and send them to each other/reminise (:

anddddd more.

We got everything accomplished, and it was a total win. My hair's realll red now, but not like, bam-in-your-face-red. More like...auburn brown red. I reallly like it. Jenna's amazing, she did it ALL by herself, and even trimmed my hair & bangs alittle. :D

The football game was fun, I absolutely LOVE the seniors. They make me smile, so much. I'm really gonna miss these kinda Friday nights. /:

So now it's 12:22 at night, The Mixed Tape by Jack's Mannequin is playing, and I'm typing this on Carla's laptop. She's home for the weekend, which always makes everything better. I straight up don't feel like I think I'll just stay in her room for a while. She doesn't care, we both don't like sleeping that much. Well, I personally don't like sleeping, unless I'm actually asleep. That doesn't really make sense, :P

Ohh, and new phone tomorrow. Probably. Ugh, Idon'tfreakingknow. Remember how I said I didn't wanna buy a new phone, 'cause it supports the "War Against Women" in Congo? Yeah, well I still don't wanna. But....I don't know. Blah, ):

Nightynightlovers. :DD

Monday, November 1, 2010

This past week. (:

Has been AMAZING.

Spirit week and Homecoming Weekend is always the best. And althought it seemed like certain things could've been better, this year didn't disappoint. (:


-Um, SOPHMORES WON HALLWAY DECORATING. & Since I actually participated this year all three days, I'm really happy. Seniors didn't win everything this year, yeahyeahh. (:

-Homecoming, a course. Dancing with my favorite people was the best. Avoiding the grinders, laughing at Angelica's boyfriend's hips was enjoyable, and going to Mojo after without shoes in likw, -1000000 degrees was amazing.

- Pep rallly. Just...yeah. Awesome.

- Green & White day, and the night before. I love you, Katlyn O'Donnell, Maya Hershey, & Savannah Bundy. That sleepover was great. I love how we all love each other enough to stay quiet for an hour to do homework, and not kill each other when we're all in bad moods.

-Homecoming Game! Okay, so we didn't win. Big shock, :P. But we came dang close, and lost by one point. So go Donegal anyways! Althought it was thoroughly freezing, and I thought I was gonna die, ('Cause I'm just so inteligent that I didn't bring a jacket) it was fun. And my girls held me together when bad news struck. You know who you are, and I love you. ♥

-Ephrata tournament. It was freezing. We worked our butts off for the most part. We played together. We bonded. We snuggled together in about a thousand blankets. We sang to my iPod. We took pictures with my phone. We watched coach cry. We had awesome shirts. We came in last place. And I loved every minute of this season. (Well, not really. But it was fun & I'll miss everyone D:)


And feels like the day after Christmas. All depressing, nothing to look forward to anymore. :P

But I'm sure we'll have fun and get through this week somehow. And my brithday's in 28 days. Just sayin'.

Kay, bye readers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

We're dancin' like we're dumb, our bodies going numb. :)


We R Who We R- Ke$ha. And I kind of think Ke$ha's an idiot, so....this proves her to me. :D

SPIRIT WEEK IS THIS WEEK! Um, heckyes. I look forward to this, allfreakingyear. It's like, Christmas to me. You get to dress totally crazy, watch everybody else dress totally crazy, the halls are all decorated awesomely, everyone's school-spirited, the Homecoming game, Homecoming...ahhh, yes this week is gonna be good. :)

Today was Clash Day, and I think I looked pretty redicoulous. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Tomorrow's Twin Day, and I'm kinda being forced to be a pumpkin with some friends. I'm hoping it turns out a lot better than I'm thinkin' right now. Forreal. Fingers crossed. (:

Anddd, my fashion show presentation is tomorrow in Spanish II. I'm so excited, me & Krissi are gonna be beast. I'm dressed in my pajamas, and I'm gonna bring a pillow, teddy bear, and a blanket. I'll just fall asleep to "Lullaby" by Chase Coy while Krissi reads my script. And Krissi's gonna wear her supercool softball uniform, and dance around the room to the Black Eyed Peas. It'll be a fun time. (:

Buttt, I have a huge Chemistry test tomorrow too. I'm a tad worried, but I actually get what we're learning about right now, which is a freaking miracle. Still, I really need an A on that test, and my life will be complete. But, seeing as I failed the last one, and almost failed the one before that, I have a lotta studying to do anyways.

Hahaha, Mr. Jan said something reallly funny today.

I was like,
Me: Mr. Jan, this is stupid.
Mr. Jan: It is not!
Me: Mr. Jan, this is reallly stupid.


It was all in a high-pitched voice, and ohmy...I'll be re-inacting it tomorrow alot. I died. :D

Oh, and....

Me: Austin, do these toes socks make my foot look pudgy?
Austin: Define pudgy.
Austin: No, like what's your deffinition of pudgy in this instance?
Me: Fat.

Austin: Oh, well then yes. Kinda....


Kay, so Ima go study. Sweetdreams, and sleep tight. ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.

My life, has been rather crazy lately.

As usual, schoolwork is murdering me D:

Which is probably the main reason I took a break from blogging. I'm so completely sick of everything, and even some people. I want a break. I want some change. I'd honestly rather be anywhere but Pennsylvania these days. :P

But of course, I'm 15, can't drive, and can't drop outta highschool. Awesome.

But, on the brightside, spirit week is coming up, which I am so pumped for. Hall decorating for sophmores for the past two days has been so much fun, despite a couple...things. I love how we all can get together and work together to make something that's gonna look pretty freakin' awesome. :D

Oh, there's so much more on my mind, but Ima leave it at that. Sleeping is 10,000x more important than anything else these days.


Quote from a song I love these days:

You with the sad eyes, don't be discouraged. Oh I realize, it's hard to take courage. But I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors, and that's why I love you. (:
-True Colors, redone by Glee ♥

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obladi, oblada, life goes on brah. :)

Kinda my theme song right now. I love The Beatles. (:

Ugh, things are kinda crazy right now. On the exterior, everything's amazing. I'm doing tons of awesome things, I have the best people for me in my life right now, and things are just fun. I have lots to look forward to this month (Homecoming, football games, tournaments, Field of Screams, concerts, Spirit Week, spending the day at LMH, lifegroups, etc...) which makes me happy. I feel like I'm closer than ever with all my friends, and we're having a good time. :D

But on the interior, I'm so....preoccupied. My mind's everywhere, thinking about everything lately. My grandma who I love dearly, is gonna go through open-heart surgery. She having like, 6 different things done to her heart, and I am scared to death. We're coming around a year anniversary of Aunt Edna's passing, and if my family was to loose my grandma, my world will just be shattered. Our family physically can't handle another death to someone so incredibly close to us. It would pretty much just tear us apart, to be honest. She's like the glue that keeps us all together. And the fact that her heart is gonna be exposed for about 6 hours in surgery, very challenging and so fricken' easy to screw up surgery, frightens me. This coming Wednesday, 6:30 in the morning. She is 88 years old, btw. Please, please pray for her. ):

Also, I've been thinking about my mom lately. My real mom. For those of you who don't know, I was adopted when I was like, one from Paraguay. I've never known my birth mom, or her boyfriend (I guess that makes him my dad). My sister's adopted too, but from a different family, different part of Paraguay. She has contact with her family, or at least her sister and her brother. They look soooo much like her, it's crazy. They're not super close, but atleast they've met and know that each other freaking exist. I'm not trying to make this sound sad or pathetic, and I definitely don't want "Awhh, Alicia I'm sorry!" pity from anyone. I'm cool, I guess with it. It just makes me kinda mad/upset sometimes that I literally can't have what Carla has. I almost definitely have someone out there, that looks just like me. I probably have sisters or brothers, that I'll never know. That look like me. That's why I get kinda weirded out by siblings looking like eachother, haha. Nobody that I know...looks like me. It's just kinda crazy, ya know? Imagine if you didn't know a dang thing about who gave birth to you. Except that she was too poor to keep you, and her full name. It was a closed adoption, which basically just means she doesn't want anything to do with me. Her name's Graciella Naomi Cepedes Palacio, (my middle name's Graciella). Btw, if you've ever seen my parents, you've probably noticed that they're pretty old...haha. My mom's 58, and my dad's 57. Yeah, be shocked :P. When you're adopting, you can be that's what happened.

I feel like this was way way too long, and personal, haha. But ohwhile, it's on my mind, and I feel like I needed to just let it all out. So I did. This is probably gonna change the way whoever reads this looks at me, but's real. It's me.

Kaybye. I love you, (:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I really, really want you to read this. (Part 2)

Okay, so why the heck are you writing this Alicia?

Because....I want people to be aware? I want to have some sort of effect on something. I want someone to be like, "Wowwwww...." by reading this, and want to change something they're doing. I want to chance what I'm doing, and help other people. I want the world to be better for other people. I don't wanna be a sucky American. :P

So what am I gonna personally do?

1) Stop drinking hot chocolate. It's gonna kill me, but it'd rather me then someone else

2) Not get a new cell phone when Christmas comes around. I can deal with my old one. It's not worth supporting something I don't believe in

3) Stop eating fast food. This might be harder. I'm not like addicted to McDonald's, but when I'm over at a friend's or something, we typically order in, or something like that. And I don't wanna be rude, but I'll haveta refuse to eat that

4) Possibly send back the TOMS I just ordered the other day :(

5) Never use styrofoam, or paper plates. I'll wash it a regular bowl or something if I have to, I'm not going to waste a tree when I can use a normal plate

6) Join the Environmental Awarness club at school, and work my butt off at getting David to speak at our school. This kid from my church got him to speak at E-town, why not Donegal?

7) Pay attention to where my clothing is coming from. No more brand name stores. That, will DEFFINITELY be hard. Considering like, that's what all my clothes are. But who cares? Just because it's American Eagle, doesn't make it better than clothes that were actually made in the US

8) Stop using palm oil. It's in stuff like, lip balm, Cheerios, peanut butter, etc... Why's it bad? Becuase it comes from countries like Indonesia, Papa New Guina, and Malaysia. Their rainforest trees are being cut down, just do make me some dang Cheerios

9) Stop supporting Heifer International. It's CEO makes 300,000 a year, with the staff being paid 24 million. Like, reallly? YOUR A FREAKING "NON-PROFIT" CHARITY >:/

10) Stop complaining about what's for dinner. I'm lucky to even have something to eat for dinner, in the first place

I'm not perfect. I'm gonna screw up. I'm gonna do some of these things, without even realizing it. I'm not asking you to change everything. But consider changing something?

"You who trample the needy and bring the boor of the land to an end... who deal deceitfully with false balances... who buy the poor for silver and the needy for a pair of sandals. Surely I will never forget..." - Amos 8:4

Thanks for reading. It means more than you know. ♥

P.S. Listen to "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless. It's amazing. :D

I really, really want you to read this. (Part 1)

Okay, so this blog is going to be two parts. Why? I have a lot to say.

This morning in Sunday School, David Radcliff spoke to our Sunday Classes. (Junior High & Senior High) He mainly talked about how wasteful we are, and basically how Americans just suck. Like, SUCKK. My whole point of this blog is trying to tell all you readers what he told me. I'm sure I'm gonna leave out so many important things, so I HIGHLY reccomend you check out his website : after. (:

Basically; David is the founder, head dude guy of New Community Project. It's an Christian, non-profit organization that simply wants to change the world. Earth sucks. Things are so messed up, everywhere. And they literally just want to make things better. God's not amused, and we were put here to take care of each other, and take care of His beautiful Creation. Sooo...that's their goal, in a nutshell.

Some statistics that I hope shock you :
-The average teen spends 100$ a week on stuff. A) Stuff that I'm SURE we don't necessarily need. New, name-brand clothes, movies, the movies, hair products, make-up, you name it. Remember all the poor people in the world? Yeah, well they're DYING. While all of us are just continuing to worry about keeping up our appearance. Change that?

-Love hot chocolate? Sorry Morgan, I know you do :P. I'm not trying to single you out, I know I freakin' looove hot chocolate too. But, In West Africa, 2/3 of child workers on cocoa plantations aren't in school, and thousands are under 14. Remember what you were doing when you were 14? I'm sure you weren't working off your BUTT like a slave, just to make a dollar a day, if that.

-Like fast food? Guess how much trash you produce each meal you buy? (Burger, fries, soda) 1 pound, and uses 1400 gallons of water to produce that. Yeah, and how often do you get that fast food, that only makes you fatter?

-Your shoes? Chances are, a young woman in China made them for 30 cents a day. Know what you can get for 30 cents here? NOTHING!

-STOP. BUYING. BOTTLED. WATER. It's called a recyled water bottle, people :P. US'ers spend $10 billion dollars a year, just to make itl. Not to mention it requires 50 million barrels of oil. And that oil? Yeahh...we don't have an endless amount of it. Plus, we throw away 40 million bottles A DAY. And other countries? 1.1 BILLION, don't have clean water to drink. 1.8 million deaths a year. Seriously, do you reallly need your gatorade, vitamin water, and FIJI water THAT bad? Answer: NOOOOOOOOO.

-Cell phones. Pretty much every teenager has one. Heck, freakin' 8 year olds have one. There's a little chemical that goes into making your phone. It's called "Coltan". And 80% of the world's Coltan that goes not only into your phones, but into other electronics too, comes from a little country called Congo. In Congo, they're currently a Civil War going on. "The war against women", if you've ever hearda that. All the money workers get for mining that Coltan, goes towards making and producing weapons for the war. Weapons KILL people. Unnecessary deaths. Please, don't buy a new cell phone once your plan's up. Or atleast CONSIDER going to a recylced phone store. Check this out : . Do you really wanna support a war when you get a new cell phone?

-65% of American children have a TV in their room. 85% of the world's poorest children don't go to school

- Ameicans spend an average of 5$ a day eating eat. The US wastes have the food it makes in those restaurants/fast food places. 20,000 children around the world die daily from hunger-related causes.

-DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SOLES4SOULS. EVER! Actually, don't buy anything from any organization that gives used things to poorer countries. Why?

1) Okay, so in a town: Everyone is struggling more than we can ever imagine to make enough money to support a family financially. All these organizations are RUINING IT. We're ruining their economy. When shiploads of trucks come in with free stuff for them, yes it's great, yayyy they get semi-new stuff. BUT, those people that are working their butt off? They can't compete with free stuff! Those people get the free stuff, don't buy from small business owners, and those people struggle EVEN MORE. 3 countries in Africa have even refused to accept anymore American freebies. It's ruining their economy.

2) It's used stuff. Chances could very well be : it doens't work right, it gets ruined through shipping, it carries disease, etc...

3) The CEO of Soles4Souls? SUCKS! He makes 500,000 dollars a year from his "charity". 500,000 dollars that he could be using to help in different ways. But no, he'll keep it for himself. Goodjob, you stupid person. >:(

-DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE! It's very very bad. Health-wise, and worker wise. American's spend an approx. 18 billion dollars a freakin' year on it. Fatties. Pretty much all of this chocolate is produced in West Africa where the owners of plantations often enslave or employ CHILDREN to grow your dang chocolate. Yeah, you don't need Hershey's that bad. If you really want some, try Equal Exchange. It produces fairley traded things like coffee, tea, nuts, chocolate, etc... and it's pretty dang good. (:

Oh wait, there's more. Please keep reading, I'll love you. (:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost lovers always do.

Your fingertips, across my skin.
The palm trees swayin' in the wind.
You sang me spanish lullabies.
The sweetest sadness in your eyes.
Clever trick.

Well I'd never want to see you unhappy.
I thought you'd want the same for me.

Goodbye, my almost lover.
Goodbye, my hopeless dream.
I'm tryin' not to think about you.
Can't you just let me be?
So long my luckless romance.

My back is turned on you.
Shoulda known you'd bring me heartache.
Almost lovers always do.

We walked along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me
And when you left you kissed my lips.
You told me you'd never let me forget.
These images.

I cannot go to the ocean.
I cannot drive the streets at night.
I cannot wake up in the morning.
Without you on my mind.

So you're gone and I'm haunted.
And I bet you are just fine.
Did I make it easy to walk right in and out of my life?

Quite possibly the saddest song I have ever heard, ever.

Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy.

Goodnight, everyone. Sweetdreams, :)

Man voice, day number 3. xD

Yes, everyone. I am perfectly aware I sound rediculous. :P

This weekend at Assateague Island was AMAZING. I really needed a getaway. A break from all schoolwork, my family, friend drama, etc...

Me & Dan had this incredibly long, but really interesting talk about evolution. He's a philsophy pastoral minister graduate from this college I currently forget, and is the biggest nerd, haha. :P

But it REALLY got me thinking. Like, not saying that I believed in evolution before (because I didn't), but Dan really....just boggled my mind. Basically, he made me realize our school doesn't tell us alot of things. One, there is absolutely ZERO proof that evolution EVER existed. None. Those skeletons, like Lucy? Fake. Even proven fake by other evolutionists. I deffinitely didn't know that, and I was kinda shoked to be honest. And he explained like, why most evolutionists are agnostic, or just don't believe in God. They claim that they have faith in nothing. Yet, when they believe that everything happened by chance, they have faith in that. And most of the time, it's because that person wants to control their own future. They don't like the idea of not being in control of anything. It's kind of understandable, actually. But that's not what God calls us to do. And they refuse to submit, and completely confess that they were wrong to someone they can't see. It's makes me sad, ):

Also, I asked Dan a couple questions I always struggled with as a Christain. One being the obvious, "If God loves us so much..." and Dan automatically filled in, "Why does he send some to Hell?" And he answered that that's because we want it. We don't want to put our faith in Him. We want to sin, and to rebel. We're ASKING to go to there basically. And if that's what we want, God gives it to us. I know I'm probably missing alot of things he said, but that's what really stood out.

It was a really long, maybe hour long talk that I'm sure I won't forget completely anytime soon. So thank you Dan, (:

Anyways, the next day after that talk, I woke up with the crackiest, manliest, teenage-boy-going-through-puberty-voice I have ever heard. It. Was. BAD. And everyone called (and still calls) me Puberty. :P

Anddd, I've still got it! Isn't that wonderful.

Me: Colby, do I sound like a man?
Colby: Woahhhh....hahahahahha. Hey Mr. Jan, we gotta new student. AND IT'S A GUY!

It was funny, but I JUST WANT MY VOICE BACK. D:

So...hopefully that comes back soon. In the meantime, I'm just gonna continue drowning in the 5,000 lbs. of homework I have.

-Spanish worksheet

-Memorize stem changers for spanish
-5 paragraph Chemistry essay
-Chemistry worksheet, front & back
-Finish my Beatles powerpoint, and make it AMAZING
-Studystudystudy my butt off to learn the house types for Lines & Design, for a quiz tmrw
-Studystudystudy for my wellness test tomorrow
-14 problems for Algebra 2
-Actually understand what we're doing in algebra 2

And, soccer is tonight.

Someonefreakingshootme. >:/

Ahhh, atleast Glee's on tonight. ♥

Kay, I should probably get started. Hope you have a good week, :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Well if that's love, it comes at much much too high a cost.

Defying Gravity- Glee Cast :DDD

Originally from the Broadway show, Wicked.

Ahhh, Glee's deffinitely gonna be my favorite show. I just watched it for the first full time last week, season 2, and I am obsessed. Like, more than anything else I've ever been obsessed with. So, I highly suggest you watch it. (:

I've been feelin' real sick lately, but I'm slowly gettin' better. Noodles soup, naps, and Advil are magical.

Going to Assateague Island this weekend, with Student Body! I'm soso excited, I haven't gone to the beach ALL summer. And to go with one of the most amazing youthgroups ever, just makes it that much better.

And, that rhymed. :)

Well, that's all I really haveta say...
Laterlaterlater. ♥

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seriously homework? STOP EXISTING.

I hatehatehate school.

I thought it would get progressively better like it always does, & I would get back into the swing of things. BUT, that hasn't happened yet. Gahhh. So the result is me, 100% stressed out, not wanting to talk to anyone, being in a really bad mood, & having a headache that makes me want to stab everything with multiple knives.

Sounds awesome, right. :/

Blah, whatever. It's not really something I can avoid, so you just try to take it with a smile, like everything else. (:

Our team won again today at our soccer game, 'cause we're amazing. :D

Anddd, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. I've been wanting change so badly lately, so who knows. Tuesday morning, I just might come to school with short hair. :)

Well, necessito dormir. Mal. :P

Goodnight everyone, ♥

Friday, September 17, 2010


Ahhh, life. :)

Tonight was greatttt. What I did, in oder of course:

1) Rode home with the amazing Savannah Bundy!

2) Just laid around her house, talking about anything and everything, hanging at Kunkle, ordering pizza, etc...
3) Went home to see Carla's finally home again :DD
4) Conewago (one of my favorite places on this Earth) with my daddy, for a white chocolate and caramel steamed milk and foam type drink & some live guitar playing and singing by random people. ♥
5) Singing The Beatles horribly with my daddy, for going on an hour straight. My dad's the coolest.
6) And now just being lazy around the house. I love lazy friday nights like this, sometimes as much as I love the exciting and adventure filled ones. (:

Kay, that's really it. Man, this is short.
Ohwelll, goodnight loves. :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I totally forgot to take a shower tonight....

Like, seriously, that's crazy to me. I like, HAVE to shower either right after soccer, or sometime at night. And I just....forgot? It's like one of those things you just don't forget about. And when you do, your mind is blown.

So, that's gross. Now I haveta wake up at like, 5 and shower in the morning, which I HATE. Grrrrr. :(

But anyways, today was...blah.

People...I just don't get. I do not get people. I don't get emotions, and why people do things. I just don't understand anything these days, really :P. And it got to a point where I seriously just didn't want to talk to anybody. So I took a walk in this lovely rain with my iPod, shut off my phone, & took a nice long nap. It's what I do. And since soccer was canceled, thank God, I could. (:

Anddd, I feel better. But I have a big Chemistry (no, not Chem) test tomorrow. First one. The test is on like, 50 things no lie. Well, yes, that's a lie. But it's A LOT of things. And I am worried. :O

Riding home on the bus with Savannah & Morgan tomorrow, & we'll chill at Kunkle fora while. I can't wait, it should be really fun. I love those two. ♥

Oh, & my news are multi-colored zebra. Ohyeah. Alexis Brubaker is a beast. And my toes shall be leopard in the future. Animal print ftw. :D

Goodnight everyone, sweetdreams.

Bytheway, I found out Mr. Jan has an obsession with the movie Mean Girls today. He explained significant figures to us using the plastics, and Cady Heron. I swear, he gets cooler and cooler by the day. (:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch the VMA's. :)

Not gonna lie, I had NO idea what to title this dang blog. I was legit sitting here, looking up songs I love, to find some cool lyrics or something. I like my titles to mean something, most of the time. But, I failed. And since I'm listening to Eminem perform at the VMA's (Which were amazing, if you haven't seen them yet) Ima just use that. I love Eminem, alottt. I'm not the biggest rap fan, but Eminem changes everything. He actually raps about something other than sex, girls, money, and all that stupid stuffff. He raps about his life, and is as real as real gets. I have such respect for him. (:

I mean seriously?
Not Afraid is one of the best real songs ever written.

"And I just can't keep living this way
So starting today, I'm breaking outta this cage
I'm standing up, Ima face my demons
I'm man enough, Ima hold my ground
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now."


But enough about my obsession with amazing white rappers, haha.

My day was realllly good! I'm seriously lovin' Textile Arts. I can tell it'll be one of my favorite classes. It's not hard, Mrs. Bowlby is amazing, and it's all about my love of fashion. :)

Anddd, last Friday, was completely amazing. I met and got closer to some amazing people, including Morgan Darrah, Ryan Faus, Virginia and Veronica McLaughlin, & Dylan Hess.
Diner + Giant + freakishly tightly packed car + late at night + cap gun = amazing. ;D

You guys are awesomeeee. ♥

And I'm still so proud of the soccer team I'm on, we kicked some major butt on Sunday against Hempfield, who we ALWAYS loose to. Go us, & go Savannah for getting our only goal. :)

Soccer is tonight, & I have Chemistry and Algebra 2 homework, blah. School is slowly but surely murdering me. D:

LaterLaterLater, Iloveyou.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I changed my voicemail. >:D

Yeah, that's right. ;D

Hmmm, what to write, what to write.

I realized that I've been bloggin' alot lately. That's probably annoying, I apologize.

Going to Morgan's supersoon for the night, which'll be awesome. I'M EXCITED, :D

I really...don't have anything to talk about. So this blog's kinda pointless. But like I said, I've been bloggin' so much latelyyyy.

That concert was amazinggggg. I saw some NYC people from different churches, and it made me happy to just catch up with people. Mini reunions ftw. :)

Morgan's party tomorrrow, yay. Soccer game Sunday, blah.

Kay sooooooooooooooo....yup. Yeah. Yes. Blah. I'm boring.

Bye. :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

'Cause we are bound together, & finely woven with love. (:



And I have no idea how to spell pshyched.

I've seen a million times already in my life? Haha. He's a blind Christian musician. He plays the piano really really well, (which c'mon, if you can't see, takes some mad skill :P) and composes songs on the spot for people. Like, legit songs. And you can almost always go on his website, and they're downloadable. Ken's always performing at the confrences I go to, and I've been to quite alot, so I know to expect awesomeness. :D

And I'm sure it'll bring back so many NYC memories, which'll be good for myself.

Good day, good day. I hope yours was too. (:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"And in reverie, I felt you holding me." ♥

One of the best not-very-popular-but-still-super-awesome-bands, ever. Beauitful lyrics, beautiful voices. Pollen and Salt-Daphne Loves Derby. Listen to it? :)

Today, has been so much better. Why, you ask?

a) NO ALGEBRA 2 HOMEWORK FOR ONCE IN FOREVER! Which not even kidding, takes me at LEAST an hour and a half every night. And I'm not super slow or anything, she just assigns us so dang much! Thanks Mrs. Rothenberger, >:/

b) For once, I'm not freakin' tired. I don't know why, I didn't get extra sleep or anything, but I'm wide awake and just feelin' goood. (:

c) OFFICIALSTUDENTBODYSTARTSTONIGHT,YAY! Longs Park, & Rita's. Should be amazing :D

d) Mr. Jan asked if Colby was on drugs today, & Miss Speer made us yell "hollllerrrrr!" if we got bingo, and do a gang symbol. I love school, sometimes. ;D

e) I'm slowly starting to understand stupid word problems in Algebra 2, and metric conversions in chemistry. I feel smart, & am nerdily (?) proud of myself for actually putting in effort this year. :P

Kay, that's really it.

Don't wear multi-colored striped underwear with yellow shorts, kids. Spandex is yo' friend. (:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gettin' all religious on ya. (:

So, I've realized so many things today. Mostly from church. I swear I learn more in church than school. Go God! :D

Okay, so you know the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard? (Matthew 20: 1-16, if you want the real thang, and not my nonsense version :P) Basically, these laborers really wanna work in this vineyard. It's tough times, they gotta feed their families, yada yada yada. So, the manager dude takes a couple people out every couple hours and gets them to go work. They all agreed to one denarius (some sorta money) per day. Eventually there's only one dude left. Manager's like, "Dude, whattheheck, why aren't you working?" and the dude's like "Uhm, 'cause you didn't hire me. Idiot." So he tells him to go work. Then at the end of the long/sweaty day, the manager tells his little assistant person to pay all the workers in order of the last worker to the first. So basically, the ones who JUST started, or haven't worked all day in the hot, get rewarded first. So as the guys that have worked WAY longer than these other guys see that they're all getting paid the same, they get kinda tickedd. Like, "Whaaaat! We've worked all freakin' day, and we don't get any more than they do?!" And the manager's like, "Well, yeah. You all agreed to work for a denarius a day. Why should you be paid more? Don't I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?"

Oh snap....he told them. :P

So basically, what I got get out of this is: It doesn't matter how long you've been a Christian. Your rewards are the same in Heaven. We should never judge someone who isn't a Christan, or the same Christian as us. (even though we shouldn't judge in general :P) God's got a plan for them of His own, and you have no right to think badly of people...ever. Also, it reminds you of God's freaking awesome grace. He has the total freedom to send us all to Hell, 'cause we're sucky sinners, but He's so generous and chooses not to. (:

So.....thanks God. You're awesome. ♥

Also, on a different-yet-somehow-related-note; I found out this guy, Brian Savage, passed away last Friday. No, I don't personally know him, whatsoever. Never seen him, never talked to him, never even heard of him before last Sunday. But a LOT of people from my church did, reallly well. Some were even his best friends. He was really young, a good guy, & is going to be dearly missed for sure. And being the Facebook-obsessed person I am, I looked up Brian. I read all the posts from so many people, saying how amazing he was, how much they really love him, and how they know he's watching over them. I don't know...just hearing stuff like that, and seeing what it does to other people really gets to me. It makes you realize how precious life really is. So treat everyone with love and respect, even the jerks. What makes you any better than them, anyways? Answer : Nothing.

'Cause you just never know...ya know?

Just something to think about.

Rest in peace, Brian. ♥

Andddd, soccer death is soon, yayyyy.
But Ima try to be positive, and have fun. 'Cause if not, this whole blog makes me a hypocrite.

P.S. I felt like bolding a lotta things in this blog. I may do that often. Don't judge me, :P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yayforthethirdday! (:

It's 4:00.
It's 96 degrees.
It's my 3rd day of school that I just went through.
It's the fact that I literally don't have pants on, 'causeit'ssofreakinghotout!

But other than that unnecessary yet obviously attractive detail, things are going pretty good! School's getting somewhat better by the day, even though the homework is piling up. And yes, I am that nerd that actually does their homework. (:

My classes, in order of awesome :

1) Honors amazing. Awesome people are in there, Mr. Jan's a beast, & ...he's a beast. I really like him, haha. Not in that way though, sillies. Only downfall? IT'SSODANGHOTINTHATROOMIWANNASHOOTMYSELF. But, only for 3 weeks. (:

2) Spanish II....I LOVE SPEER. I really do. She's hilarious/just plain awesome, & I learn really well from her. And, I like spanish. :D

3) Honors Algebra I reallly don't like Mrs.Rothenberger, she's a big bowl of suck. But, I have a crapload of cool people in there, & I actually get what she's teaching. Yay!

4) Wellness/Powerpoint/Interior Lines & Design all kinda suck. Well, wellness (haha, :P) is okay. But the other two suck. And I haven't had Textile Arts yet, so I don't know.

And lunch, is amazing with almost all my favorite people. ♥

Don't know if you really cared about any of that, but hey, you chose to read this. (:
Gonna go sleep probably...haha. Waking up at 5:30 requires me to nap whenever I don't have soccer (and even sometimes before soccer :P) just so I can stay conscious throughout the day.

LaterAlligators. :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It won't fix your life, in five easy steps.

Church today, was coool.

It's Promotion Sunday (I think) so Senior High gets all the graduating and soon-to-be-freshies, and same with the younger classes. We just talked abunch, and played four on a couch, which is always funnn. :)

And then during the actual service (unlike a lot of churches, we just have one service, so everyone's all together) this adorable little girl Olivia Hershey sang this song. "Hold us Together"-Matt Maher. She was seriously amazing, and she's like what, 9? So now I can't stop listening to it. (Hence this blog title) It's reallyreallygood. Like, Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 good. Yay for Olivia and Matt Maher. :D

Taking Carla back today, around 4. Shouldn't be so bad this time, 'cause we've already been through a week without her. And, we get to see her next weekend too for Labor Day, haha. But still, that reminds me of school tomorrow. :/

I'm ready and I'm not. I just kinda wanna get over it, but I really really don't wanna get up early. I'm not satisfied with waking up at 11:00 most days, so you can imagine how waking up at 5:30 goes.

Anddd I always know for sure that's school's starting, when me & Jenna begin asking each other to borrowing clothes. (Even though, come to think about it, we do that all year round :P)

Jenna: Buddy!
Me: Yes?
Jenna: I have a question... :)
Me: Which is?
Jenna: Can I borrow something to wear tomorrow? :P

Hehe. I love her. (:

And I'm gonna get off the computer, and do something productive now.
Until whenever I blog next.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone should have days like these.

So, when your parents refuse to let you hang out with any friends for no good reason at all, for one day during the last few days of summer, the average teenager gets pretty mad right? Right.

So, I was totallly dreading today with everything I have. I reallly don't like just sitting around the house, watching tv or whatever, by myself. Carla's gone too, which doesn't help. So just me & my mother who I was still very annoyed with.

Literally, I start doing anything and everything to entertain myself. You know those woven bracelets that suddenly got really cool this year? The friendship ones. I've always had mad respect for people that make them, and have tried so many times to do it too. I just don't have the patience to sit there for what, like two hours? And tie freaking knots. I find it unbelievably boring. BUT BOY HOWDY, I did it. And I'm freakishly proud of it. (:

Then like, I literally turned my phone off for the longest time, & read. Crazy, right? Paper Towns, by John Green. I don't even like reading that much...

And...what else did I do. Played guitar! Oh yes. Mom told me to shut up and put it away, but I didn't care. I love that thing.

I watched some of Paper Hearts, (Cute movie!) slept, made cookies, went to A.C. Moore and Sheetz (why my mother will take me there, but still refuse to let me hangout with anybody, I don't know) and then THE JERSEY SHORE WAS ON AT 10 P.M. :D

But you know what... I don't regret it. It sounds unbelievably boring, and it kinda was, but I think I needed something like this. It makes me peace? I don't know. Just like, slowing down and being on my own for a little was nice. Simplicity. Serenity. All that, :P

I don't feel like attempting to I think Ima just stay up all night. Yup.

We're picking up Carla (HAPPYBIRTHDAYBIGSIS!) tomorrow from college so she can come home for the weekend, and then I'm fair it up with my girls tomorrow night. ♥

Goodnight people that blog.


Awesome songs I came across on this day of boredom:
Famous-Ryan Hammer

Safety Net-Raining and Ok

One Sweet Love-Sara Bareilles