Monday, December 26, 2011

Time means nothing. Say, that you'll stay.

^ Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. <3

Merry Christmas, everyone. & Even more imporantly, Happy Birthday to my saviour, Jesus Christ. :)

(I got tired of all those "Merry Christmas! :)" status's realll fast, & decided to do this)

^ That was written yesterday, & I'm too lazy to delete it.

Anyways, ChristmasBreakChristmasBreakChristmasBreak! Finally. :DDD
Dying my hair with Jenna & Erin tomorrow, which should be an adventure. Either back to the original black or a darker red. Not sureee. But I'm sure it won't be that noticeable, it normally never is when I dye it. :b

I've heard soooo many good songs over break, & I feel the need to talk about 'em here. Btw, I have exactly 1,111songs on my iPod right now. That makes me awesome.


2) Oh Darling - Plug In Stereo. Probably the cutest song, ever?

3) Good People - Mutual Kumquats. I haven't listened to them in forever, & I forgot how amazing they are. I'm pretty sure nobody that doesn't go to my church or went to NYC knows them. They're like, Mumford & Sons + Jack Johnson minus the famousnes. You can check my favorite album of theirs out here, :)

4) We Are Young - Fun. Heard it off of Glee, not gonna lie. But it's reallly good, & catchy x 10000.

5) Only One - Yellowcard. One. Of. My. Favorite. Songs. Of. All. Time. <3

6) Bounce That Dick - JennaMarbles. No explanation needed.

7) Honestly - Hot Chelle Rae. Even though they completely suck live, this song is good.

8) The Best Of Me - The Starting Line. "We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up."

9) Stay - Miley Cyrus. I don't care if you hate her, love her, or think she's a slut. This song is beautiful, sad, and makes me all nostalgic.

10) Life Of The Party - A Rocket To The Moon. "You'll be sorry just you wait & see, but let's get one thing straight. You're gonna regret you left me." They'll always be one of my favorite bands, :)

And pretty much every sing song off Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Yupppp. Going to bed now. Hope everybody had a great Christmas, <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All I really need, are some ears to hear me dream.

^Lyrics from one of the most adorable men in this world, Andy Grammer. <33

I got to hear him Monday night at Jingleball, and it was quite amazing.  Him, along with Hot Chelle Rae, Sean Paul, Patrick Stump, Joe Jonas, and my favorite, Big Time Rush, were amazing. Oh, and Jojo and Deena from Jersey Shore were there too. Not to mention, me and Kendall from Big Time Rush (my favorite!) had a moment within two feet of each other. Bestnightever. (;

Ahh, I haven't been to a concert in a while, and I've forgotten what concert withdrawal feels like. If I had it my way, I would go to like, a concert every week. It's become my favorite thing to do over the years, and I've been to quite alot. There's just nothin' like it. :)

Btw, blog title is from "Biggest Man in Los Angeles" by Andy Grammer. Sucha cute song, & I've been listening to it nonstop since I got home last night. That line is so good, I JUST WANNA PAINT IT SOMEWHERE.

So go listen to it? I'm even making it easy for ya. :D

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I feel...good. :D

In a different way then I've felt in sucha long time. & It's just so nice. (:

I haven't blogged in about forever, and much has changed.

1) Gotmylicense. ToobadIdon'thaveafreakingcar/Ineverwill.

2) It was Thanksgiving. Yay British Grandma & Uncle Ron!

3) It was my birthday. I absolutely love all of my friends, and my wonderful family. I am so blessed, and happy to be living where I am. It's crazy to think about how crazy life can be. I should, and could very realistically be living on a different continent right now and have a completely different life. I would be a completely different person. It just amazes me, and I think about it alot sometimes. Butyeahanyways, I had a great birthday, & I wanna thank everyone that made it so. <3
#MomDadCarlaOtherFamilyKatlynSavannahJennaHallieMayaMorganBamZachandsomanyothers. Didn't you know using hashtags make you cool?

4) Ummm yeah. Nothing else super important. Got feathers in ma hurrrr. They're cool, and everyone should go & support Hair Dreams Salon in Mount Joy cause the owner the freaking nicest girl, ever. (:

^This was all written yesterday, but I never hit post.

So now I'm gonna go write this stupid Mississippi essay until I loose consciousness and or kill myself 'cause I didn't read it at all & it doesn't have Sparknotes.


^I don't know why I ended this blog like that. :b

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

March 23rd will be the best day of my life. (skip to 1:31)

^ I don't think anyone can possibly understand how excited I am for this. I'm completely in love with The Hunger Games. I'm on the last book, and I started reading the first one last Monday. Better than Harry Potter? Almost. Maybe. Possibly. I don't know. BUTIT'SSOFREAKINGGOOD. & Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? I've been in love with that boy ever since I saw him in Bridge to Terabithia. Everybody person needs to read this. I don't care if you're blind. I will personally buy you a braille copy or read it to you myself. Okay, I'm done ranting about this. :b

& Incase you're kinda stupid and haven't figured it out, March 23rd is when the movie comes out. :b

So, I don't really remember what else I was gonna talk about. I saw that trailer and practically had a heart attack.  Umm...driver's test on Friday. I think I'll have another heart attack then as well. I'm so freaking nervous, and I realllllly don't wanna fail. D:

My recent playlist :

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry. The video is so cute, & not gonna lie, I almost cried at the end. /:

Fine By Me - Andy Grammer. See you in 26 days, future husband. <3

Heartbeat - The Fray. "If you can love somebody, you love 'em all the same". (:

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance. "And though you're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on."

Pollen and Salt - Daphne Loves Derby. "Not even the mighty sky could fill the space you've left behind, not even when it rains. No, nothing takes your place, your emptiness too great to fill." Always been one of my favorite bands, :)

Rumour Has It - Adele. "All of these words whispered in my ear, tell a story that I cannot bear to hear." I love this woman.

I could list sooo many more, but tobehonest I'd rather be reading The Hunger Games. So Ima go do dat.

You can say I needa life all you want, but until you pick up the book and read it yourself, I don't wanna hear it. <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The past is only the future with the lights on.

Title = Baby, Come On - +44 :)

This. Weekend. Is. Insane.

Generally, I'm the type of person that loves being busy allthetime. I love always being on the go, and being involved in everything. But this weekend has definitely been an overload for me, x10000.

Friday - HALFDAY. My only fun day this weekend. Krissi, Savannah, Rachel, and me went to Pizza Hut right after school, and it was awesomeee. 28 plates I think? Cannibalism? Eating our food without our hands? Playing Just Dance for hours? Yup, we're cool. It was seriously so much fun though.
-I went to the Columbia game with Verina, Amanda, and Leigha. Soooo much fun also, but it was freezing! We won, and it put us into Districts. The guys did so good, and a news guy came over and recorded our student section :)
-Came home and finished my car for physics, which is freaking BEAST. It literally goes forever. Winner? Hopefully. :D

Saturday - Up at 7:00 to go to the freaking Powderpuff game. It was so. freaking. cold. I legit wanted to die :b. I took lotsa pictures, gave interviews, & got free food.
-Then I drove for a couple hours and practiced parallel parking
-Work for 4 hours
-Worked on my yearbook page as much as I could
-Did my half on my spanish presentation

Today - Up early to go to choir for church, blahhhhsduighdsgoi
-Went to Penndot to parallel park there. There was literally like 10000 people there, and it took forever.
-Work for 5 hours
Now I'm scrambling to get my powderpuff page somewhat close to being halfway done. It was due last Friday, but the freaking snow made it be postponed. So I literally have two days to get it done, where everybody else has had all semester. :/
-I'm trying to memorize my part of my spanish presentation for tomorrow
-I need to read Julius Cesar, or atleast Sparknote it for Tuesday. & I have that college fair tomorrow, so I can't do it then :/
-I needa actually read those sections for Physics and study for a quiz

So...yeah. Just needed to get that out, :b
Night, :/

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sadface, :(

Ugh, does anybody wanna buy my The Maine/Taking Back Sunday ticket off me?

Gafhdkljgndkalsgndkslgndslngdslkgndksl. Jenna never got her ticket in time, and now I'm not going to see one of my favorite bands that I've never seen before. I wasted 35 dollars, and I took off work for nothing. RIP best weekend ever. :'(

Hey Alicia, why don't you just go by yourself?
1) That's just stupid.
2) I'm pretty sure I'll either get raped, shot, or kidnapped.
4) I'm like, 1000000% sure my parents would say no.

So on October 23rd, I'm gonna be depressed.

Anddd my whole weekend's being wasted at Weis/doing stupid spanish homework.

Monday, September 26, 2011

¿Alguien quiere matarme?

There's really no need to read this.

I just got done with a somewhat heated arguement with my parents over when I'm allowed to go for my license. Conclusion = they're paranoid and annoying because of my sister's stupid accidents, and aren't letting me get my license in October (even though I'm elligible October 16). UGH. Alafnaskofndkslnfdlgndkl. >:/ 
That just put in a really bad mood.

I'm really obsessed with that new show "New Girl". I plan on watching it religiously until the season's over. I <3 Zooey Deshchanel. EVERYBODYWATCHIT.

I'm in the process of writing an essay about Hamlet for AP Language. It's actually going prettty good, and not taking me that long for starting it the day before it's due. I actually realllly like that class, despite all the suckish work. But, I have another essay due Friday, & a spanish project due Monday. Gahhhh.

Yesterday I ordered my ticket to go see The Maine & Taking Back Sunday at the Chamelon. <3

I'm currently listening to Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen.

I'm starting to like country music alot more, thanks to Jenna/Miss Witmer.

I just remembered I have to memorize 20 words for my vocab test tomorrow. Seriously, just fml.

I've been saying fml alot lately. Did you know it means forget my lunch? Savannah does. :D

"This above all, to thine own self be true." That's from Hamlet, and I kinda love it/wanna paint it on a wall of my room.

I reallly need to get my homecoming dress/stuff for spirit week. The longer I wait, the harder both become to find.

She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks. That song makes me happy, :D

My legs are becoming quite muscular from weight training and I can feel a definite thine forming. (Thine = freaking awesome thigh muscle) YAY SQUATS.

My blog title means, "Does anybody want to kill me?" :b

This blog is a fail, and I apologize for it's suckishness.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My dad's awesome.

It's true. Last night I was driving and he was just like, "Do you feel like getting a fancy overpriced drink at Sheetz? Yes? Turn right." and we got French vanilla caramel cappachinos. (For the record, he never does that :b) Then we got home and watched JennaMarbles videos. He loves her, but he kept saying "can you find a different one where she doesn't say 'fuck' every two seconds?" Hahaha. We watched abuncha music videos that we think each other would like (Mumford & Sons, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Kooks, and Mat Kearney) Then we finished everything with episodes of Awkward and Glee. He loves my two favorite shows as well. Like, seriously? What does your dad that's that cool. NOTHING. :b

"I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn. And we are lead to those who help us most to grow, if we let them and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true. But I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you." -For Good lyrics, from the musical Wicked.

I saw that on broadway with Kaycee last December, and it was seriously one of the coolest things, ever. I really like that quote, and Kurt from Glee sings it like beautiful, gay angel he is. (That's not supposed to be offensive or anything, I freaking love him) I wanna frame that and put it on my wall, it's so true. God puts everybody in our lives for a reason, and if they're taken out of our lives than it must be for a reason as well. That definitely something I gotta learn and embrace lately. When people leave, although it may hurt, you've gotta be thankful for it in a way. They left, sure. And it's really gonna suck for awhile. But they changed you, and they're part of the reason you're the person you are now. You're stronger, beautiful, smarter, and just better off. If people don't wanna be in your life anymore, that should be okay. People are replacable, and that's what it comes down. And that's really not such a bad thing these days, in most cases.

...Those two things were really unrelated, I apologize. Goodnight, <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

But you gotta keep your head up, ohhhhh.

Myfavoritesongatthemoment. (:

This weekend has been soooooo great. I love when that happens. :DD

On Friday I went to my first football game of the year, and it was prettty fun. We lost obviously, but it's all goood. We're still the best dang Indians out there. <3

And then Saturday I woke up at seven-freaking-o-clock to pick up everybody's trash from said football game. Y'ALL ARE DISGUSTING. Forreal. Everybody should haveta do that atleast once in their lifetime. It was pretty fun actually though, and we got money for the yearbook! Haha, Matt and me brought the "would you lick this for 1,000 dollars game" into play, and it was great. Conclusion = Matt would eat chocolate on the ground (in a wrapper) covered in dirt and grass for 35 dollars and I would lick the bottom of the trash bag for 3,000 dollars. :D
Then I worked for 4 and a half hours with my favorite Weis people, and Morgan was there!! Morgan only works once every month 'cause of college, and I was so happy to see her. I love that woman.

Then I went to Hersheypark with Hallie for the rest of the day, and we hungout with Nicole and Heather who saved my butt. I lost my ticket, and they had an extra one with A FREE MEAL :D can you say luckyyyyy?

Now I gotta go paint little kid's faces at church, bye. <3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I don't really know what to title this...that's a first. :b

This past week and a half has been quite suckish, not gonna lie. I've gotten from lazy-summer-happy-all-the-time-mode, to I-hate-my-life-I-have-some-much-freaking-crap-to-do. AP Language essays/reading, physics concepts that everyone else seems to get but me, spanish 3 projects, soreness from weight training :b, yearbook....frustrations, 5th periods I don't enjoy, work consuming basically all my free time, close to zero sleep, getting past some rough personal stuff, trying to have a life beyond all of this, and more.

But then you get some time with either a buncha people, one person, you hear a song, and it just brings you back to normal. You remember that everything's only temporary, and you really can get past all the monotonous stuff that makes you wanna shoot yourself. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, and for me it's God saying that I'll be fine and that He's there for me, always. It's makes me feel so much better, and I hope other people get that from this blog. 'Cause I know alotta other people get like this when they've gotta lot to deal with. So...yeah. (:

Thanks, Remedy Drive. Your song helped me through today. <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 feels like day 20000000.

This year, is gonna SUCK.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see everyone again and have a routine, but I'm already super stressed, & it's only the second day. I want summer. Quiero verano. Writing about how mine went in paragraphs for spanish isn't helping either. AP Language WILL be the death of me, I'm positive. I had to work five hours tonight too, and I'm completely exhausted. I needa get me some magic pills or something, 'cause I don't know how the heck I'm gonna get used to this. :b

Schedule looks like dis.

1) AP Language - Hardest. Class. Ever. And we haven't even learned anything yet :b. But the syllabus made me wanna die right then and there, it has to be worse than college. But by the end of writing an essay every week, I'm really hoping to be like, a writing God or something. Oh, and all the time I spent creating a 22 page freaking awesome book for the books we had to read over summer? Wasted. THAT'S COOL.
Weight Training - literally 12 people in our class, haha. But it'll be fun, and Ima be a strong person. :D
2) Honors Physics - Yay! I love Mr. Somerville. Like, alot :b. We didn't learn a thing at all yet, but I can already tell it's gonna be a awesome.
3) Spanish III - Eh. I love Miss Speer, so it'll be fun. Cool people, but alotta work already. Blahhhh.
4) Yearbook - Definitely thought it was gonna be my absolute favorite class ever. And it's fun, yeah. But seniors definitely run it (which I understand, they know what they're doing) so I feel like I don't really contribute much. Atleast not yet, 'cause I'm sure that'll change. It's a really creative class, we get to have our on blog there too. I got to see the cover too, (in the developing stages) and it's saweeeet.
5) SAT Prep - Miss Lee's actually pretty cool, and I getta sit next to Jenna, so yay. (:
But more learning about english while I have AP kinda makes me wanna throw up. :/
Sculpture - dropping for Yearbook.

Ahhhwell, May 30th will probably come fast. Then SENIOR YEAR <3

Ugh, I'm gonna go to bed. RIP, getting enough sleep. :/

Friday, August 19, 2011


'Cause I feel like it. Maybe you'll learn something. :D

-I was born in Paraguay, adopted to the U.S. when I was a year old.

-I'm left handed, and I don't hold my pencil like a normal person.

-My middle name is Graciela. I didn't learn how to spell it properly 'till I was like, 12.

-My British grandmother almost broke my hand once by slamming it in a car door. And I almost broke both my hands by getting them caught in the folds of a garage door. They're like, double jointed now, and permanently unstraight.

-I like dressing nice. I own 14 dresses, and I don't even know how many skirts.

-I have too many clothes, and material stuff in general. It makes me feel really bad. :/

-My room is lilac, baby blue, & lime green. My dad and I painted it. I think it's cute. (:

-I go to church at Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren, <3

-I really suck at geometry, and I blame Mr. Furhman. My final was so bad, I'm pretty positive he didn't count it. :b

-I have absolutely no idea what I wanna be when I'm older.

-I wear a size 5-7 shoe. TOMs are my favorite, I have 3 pairs, 4th on the way. :D

-I have a birthmark on my left forearm, & alotta people think it's a bruise.

-I play the oboe, I have since 4th grade. I'm not doing band this year though.

-I'm been a pollotarian (peskatarian, whatever) for about 4 years now. I don't eat red meat or seafood. I flip flop from that & vegetarian, but I can't call myself a true one.

-I don't have anything pierced (not even my ears anymore, they grew shut). I don't plan on getting them re-pierced.

-I have a really low pain tolerance, and I still cry when I get shots. :b 

-I wear dog tags (mostly) everywhere I go for a kid soldier in Burma. Project AK-47 <3

-I sleep with a stuffed Christmas bear named Raul every night.

-I get most of my clothes from Delia's, Pacsun, Forever 21, and American Eagle.

-I called 911 when I was younger when I was watching The Princess Diaries. The cops came to my house while my dad was in the shower. He came down in a robe & talked to them, & I lied to their faces 'cause I thought I was gonna go to jail.

-I freaking love knitting.

-I hate my nose, alot. It almost got broken like, 3 times.

-The only thing I've actually broken was my left pinky toe.

-I love Youtube. Alot. Mitchell Davis (livelavalive), Charlieissocoolike, Jenna Marbles, Karmin, Cimorelli, & Nerimon are people I regularly watch.

-I HATE when people crack their knuckles. It disgusts me, and I will ask you to stop.

-Favorite shows : Whose Line is it Anyways? Drake & Josh, Love in the Wild, Awkward, Victorious, Shake it Up, & iCarly. I know that's alot, but I don't really watch tv too much.

-I rode horses for about 7 years, and absolutely loved it.

-I love playing soccer. u19 like...two years ago for Donegal Youth Soccer was the best team I've ever been on. (: 

Sorry if this bored you. Goodnight, <3

I wish nothing but the best for you, too.

This video makes me absolutely love Adele. I've been literally listening to this song ALL DAY. My parents are getting annoyed. I always thought her voice was beautiful, and the little interview before she sings just makes me wanna hug her. What she talks about is a fear I've always had. I think alotta other people have it too, they just would never admit it.

Some other songs I've been loving lately:

1) Nothing-The Script
2) Still-Matt Nathanson
3) Forever and Almost Always-Kate Voegele
4) Until You're Mine-Demi Lovato
5) Counting Stars-Augustana
6) You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds-Mayday Parade
7) Shot in the Dark-Augustana
8) Hey Mama-Matt Kearney
9) Just A Kiss-Lady Antebellum
10) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall-Coldplay
11) When A Heart Breaks-Ben Rector
12) Faster-Matt Nathanson
13) Your Love-orginially by Nicki Minaj, but I like Karmin's version so much better. (:

Alotta people are leaving for college soon at Weis, and it makes me really sad. It's really gonna suck. Morgan, Eric, Chelsea, and Cassidy are probably the people I'll miss most. They made my child labor hours so much better. :'(

Hmm, not much to say. I got my haircut really freaking short, and I don't like it. I feel like a boy. But I'll probably like it within a week or two, and if not, it'll grow..eventually. :b

Kay, that's it. <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where'd all the good people go?

Song by Jack Johnson as my blog title, I'm really starting to love him. <3

Things have been so nice lately, I really want it to stay this way. I'm just...happier, and I don't really know why. But, it's nice. Certain people have been reallly awesome lately, and I feel like pointing it out. :D

Savannah - Thanks for all the long talks on the phone while I was at the beach, they made me reallll happy. You're one of the few people I can talk to forever, and it doesn't really matter what we're saying. You're always there for me, and I love that. Thanks for always cheering me up when I need it, and just being yo' awesome self. Oh, and I can't wait for the beach in 5 days. <3333

Jenna - Thanks for the talks on the phone as well, and for keeping my cats alive while we were gone, hehe. I loved finally getting to hangout last night-this morning, a week away was wayyyy too long for us. There is absolutely never a dull moment with you, haha. ("Now just because this a romantic-comedy, don't think I'm gonna try any moves on you" *slowly reaches arm over* :b)  

Morgan - Thanks for dealing with all my crap for the past...well, month :b. I'm really sorry if it annoyed you at any point, but I just hope you know how much it meant to me that you were there for me. I honestly don't know what I'd do withoutcha sometimes. I love you so much, <3 

There's alotta other friends that have been super awesome lately, but I don't feel like being mushy anymore. (:

So....yup. School's starting, blah. I'm gonna need to purchase a gun or something, this year's gonna be freakin' hard. But I miss the old routine alittle of always being busy, and I miss my friends. So waking up at 6:00, getting no sleep, and being stressed out 24/7 might be alittle more bearable this year. :)

Oh, haircut tomorrow at 1:00. I'm super excited, my hair's finally gonna get chopped off. Well, not really. But it's gonna be short, and I haven't had it short since I was like, five. :O

Weeeeelll, new Awkward's on at 11:00, so Ima go. Nightynight, bloggers.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So, today wasn't the best day ever.

Why's that?

1) Today would've been 6 months for me and Anthony... not gonna lie, that alone would've made this day suck. :(

2) My mom hadta to go to the ER tonight. She was in alotta pain and she's been real sick all day. She's gonna get her gallbladder removed sometime very, and I'm really nervous for her. Everybody I talked to about it said it's extremely painful. She knew she was probably gonna get it removed, but she really wanted to wait awhile, 'cause we're leaving for vacation in a week. :(

3) I hadta work today, instead of being with my family.

Ugh. Now I'm just sittin' at home, basically by myself (Carla's in her room, asleep). And, I haveta get up early tomorrow to work all freaking day. 9-5:30. Just perfect.

OH, AND! My freaking iPod's in the van, which my dad took to the hospital. I need that thing to sleep. Ughhhhhhhh. I love my life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good day, good day indeed. (:

Today was grand, even though it's not like the day's over. I hadta wake up kinda early (even though 9:45 isn't that early for most people :b) to mow my yard. It's whatever though, I get to zone out for around an hour, listen to my iPod, and I get paid 10 dollars. It's a good deal, most days. (:

Then, I finally got to go to the pool with Jenna! Yayyy. I <3 pools, & I <3 Jenna. Oh, and I got significantly tanner too, which is nice. Being hispanic, I find it somewhat upsetting when white people are like, 10 shades darker than me. Hah, so...tan lines, ftw. I kinda look alittle red on my face...and back..and shoulders..and stomach. But I refuse to believe that I have sunburn, because I've never gotten sunburn in my life, & I REFUSE TO GET IT NOW. Plus, it doesn't even hurt. I'm good. :)

Oh, and I finally got Avril Lavigne's new CD! I'm really happy with it, I've been listening to it non-stop. I remember listening to her when I was like, 11 and wanting to be exactly like her. She's definitely one of my favorite people to listen to. Favorite tracks you should listen to?

1. Everybody Hurts
2. Push 
3. Wish You Were Here 
4. Not Enough 
5. Darlin

Also; I Love You, Smile (if you haven't already heard it on the radio), & Stop Standing There. That's basically the whole album minus a couple songs, but oh well. I got tired of doing the links.

So...yeah. Driving with dad later, yay I guess. And dying my hair tomorrow, ahhhh. Jenna might bleach it first, to get the color better or whatever, but I'm not so sure yet. Then I'd haveta be really blonde for a day, and my eyebrows are an issue..haha. I'll figure that out later.

Anddd our smoke alarm just went off from my mom making pizza. Later. :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blueberry tea > all other weaker beverages.

^ It's a fact. I'm currently drinking it out of a Christmas "Tis the Season" mug. :)

So, things have been super crazy lately. Lots going on in my personal life, but not all good things. Actually, most of them suck. But that's aiiight, they'll pass. "Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly", says Avril Lavigne. <3

What to blog about...

I've been going through this thing lately, where I just wanna grow up. I wanna be in college right now, and get on with the rest of my life. Not be this unrespected, little 16-year-old that no one listens to anyways. I wanna be able to drive, and go places without a curfew. I don't know why I've been feelin' this way. It might be all dat personal shtuff, or all the music I've been listening to 24/7. Alotta "Ugh,IhatemylifeIhatemyparentsscreweveryone" and the occasional "Ugh,IhateboysIcandosomuchbetterI'mgonnagooutandparty" music. Maybe both, I don't really know.

So as a result of all that teenage angsty stuff, I've come to the conclusion that Ima do this, or atleast something very similar. Looklooklook. 

I'm excited. It's not gonna be quite as red as that, more brownish red. Kinda what I have already, but...more. And I got it mom-approved, SO IT'S OFFICIAL. :D

Yuuuup, that's about it. I'm out of blueberry tea, so Ima go get more & then get ready to go to my favorite place in the world; Conewago Coffee. Laterlater. <3

Btw: I'm currently listening to "Nothing Even Matters" by Big Time Rush. I don't know why I'm even going back and adding this, but I finally gave them their own station on Pandora. I LOVE THEM AND IF YOU DON''re lame. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I just wanna know if our love's enough to make you stay.

Blog title from Stay by Jamestown Story. That man gets me. TRUEFACT: We used to message eachother alot on Myspace. Don't believe me? I have no proof anymore, but it really happened. He cool, (:

I've been listening to alotta music lately. Katlyn's showed me alotta songs to help me get through the past couple days, & I really appreciate it. I guess this'll just be a music blog, 'cause I don't really have much else to say.

"I miss your family and I miss all our friends. If you had to do it over would you do it again? 'Cause I would, this means something more to me. There's a hole in my heart where you used to be." You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic - A Day To Remember.

"We said forever, that you would never let me go. No I don't wanna, but I gotta let you go." Let U Go - Ashley Parker Angel.

"I still wish you the best of luck baby, and don't go thinking this was a waste of time. I couldn't forget you if I tried." You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic - A Day To Remember, again. :b

"Breathe in, breathe out, it'll be okay. Be strong, hold on, make it through the day." One Step At A Time - Four Year Strong.

"One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I'm gonna get through this, one way or another." Same as above ^ :b

"If I leave, bet you'll wish I stayed. Make you regret all the things you said to me. You know that time can't help us now." If I Leave - A Day To Remember.

"I pray your brakes go out running down a hill. I pray a flower pot falls from a window sill & knocks you in the head like I'd like to. I pray your birthday comes & nobody calls. I pray you're flyin' high when your engine stalls. I pray all your dreams never come true. Just know wherever you are honey, I pray for you." Pray For You - Jaron and the Long Road to Love, haha.

"'Cause I'll be there, in the back of your mind. From the day we met, to you makin' me cry. And It's just too bad, you've already had the best days of your life." Best Days of Your Life - Kellie Pickler. <3

"You're so full of it, I can't stand. The way you act, I just can't comprehend. I don't think you can handle it, I'm way over, over it." I Can Do Better - Avril Lavigne. <3

"All because of you, I believe in angels. Not the kind with wings, no not the kind with halos. The kind that bring you home, when home becomes a strange place. I'll follow your voice, all you have to do is shout it out." <3 The Good Left Undone - Rise Against.

"The best you can hope to be is now just a bittersweet memory." Breaking - Anberlin.

"I know that I shouldn't let it get to me, but it does, and who am I kidding? A dead end job and a lack of family, this town really gets to me." Catastrophe - Forever The Sickest Kids. <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

I miss Creation. ):

I don't really have as much to talk about Creation compared to Puerto Rico. It was a fun time with the Bundy's just like last year. :D

The concerts were cool, even if we didn't get to be as close as last year. Family Force 5, Skillet, Owl City, Tobymac, Tobymac, Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, Emery, The Almost, & more than I'm currently forgetting.

Work wasn't quite as fun as this year, but it was still great. I got to see Bobbi, who almost everybody doesn't know, but she's freaking awesome. The most energetic slightly older woman in the whole world, and just that happy person you always wanna be around. From the dances she made up, to her making every car that passed through gates scream 'cause they finally got to Creation, she was a riot. I just love her. I asked her why she was so happy one morning, and she replied "Oh Alicia, I'm just high on life. I love Jesus, and I love people. My life is wonderful, and I just love living. I think everyone should, it's the best gift He gave us." <3

Oh, & who could forget storytime every night before bed. Hark, I'm in agony. Tik Tok. I think I upset her. Orange balls. Snozums. There she blows, MOBY DEBBIE! I think I'm having a heart attack! Dad, you are such a JERK. Shut up! Ahhh, fun. :)

So...yeah. Life's been pretty boring since those two things ended. Just working and hanging out now. Which is all well and good, but I definitely miss being in places other than home. The only other exciting thing this summer for me is vacation in Cape May for a week in August. Yayyyyyy. :)

Kaythat'sall. <3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I miss Puerto Rico. :(

I haven't blogged since I got home from Puerto Rico or Creation. Myohmy, how two weeks changes everything.

Obviously when you go to two God-related things for a long time worshiping, serving, and meeting new people, you're gonna leave pumped for God. Which definitely happened. Like, alotttt. I think I'm gonna write two seperate blogs on both things, sound cooool? Kgood. (:

So...Puerto Rico was cool. And crazy. And different. Realllly different. I went with one of my closest friends, Hallie. I've known her for...ever? :b We've grown up in the same church together. Anyways, everyone else in our group was from all over the US. One girl, Abby, from Washington. Aaron from Maryland. Abunch from Virginia. Some from Pennsylvania. I don't remember everyone else, but there was 18 of us total. We lived in the poorest community in Caimito. There was a huge iglesia de los hermanos (Church of the Brethren) community center in the middle, which is our denomination. We stayed ina little house, with no air conditioning of course, and crappy water. It was about 100000000 degrees at all times, which was probably the worst thing to deal with. That & bug bites. :(

It was a huge culture shock, not everything being in English. In fact, nothing was really in English. And only a handful of people could speak it. That was really weird, and kinda frustrating for both sides at time. Pretty much all the spanish I'd learned at school didn't help. It was way different, and they didn't use half the words I did. Hah, one little boy thought I was speaking English when I asked him a question in spanish. It was that baddd.

I absolutely loved our group. I grew so close to everyone, even those I wouldn't have expected to. We were like a family. A really weird, messed up family, :b. From David's racist comments to Troy's swagger, to Clara's heavy southern accient, to Stephanie's ptyeradactyl hiccups, to Aaron's Bin Ladden book about Saudi Arabia's politics. Some drama happened down there involving me, and they really helped me through it. Dr. Phil time with Phil, talks with David, and todas chicas circle helped so much. I love all of them. (:

So many memories, I know I'll never forget. Almost dying in the Puerto Rican's insane game called Rescue. Almost missing our flight home, and getting stuck all by ourselves at the airport. The last night when Ramone kissed Abby, :). Malo boy. Waiting two hours to get our food at this blue restaurant. The beautiful views in Old San Juan. The awkward fight between Mark & Clara. ME OWNING AT THIS AWESOME GAME CALLED FARKLE :). Troy getting hurt, every single day. Saying a prayer for whoever had bathroom trash that day. Finding the cockroach in the shower the first day. Feeding and almost adopting Jorge the chicken. Fighting off the crazy kids that attacked our house and broke our window. Crazy community water balloon fights. Our failed attempt at singing in spanish. & So many more. <3

It's just kinda sad, ya know? When experiences that are super awesome are over, it reallly sucks. But you get to go back to what you're used to : friends, air conditioning, working toilets, a bed. Most of the children and families there don't get that. We get to taste what their life is like for a week, then go back to ours like nothing happened. Those people are so amazing, and don't deserve to live like that. I definitely miss them, and I hope to be able to see them again. & I do plan on going back, hopefully in December. <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm. So. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even like using more than one exclamation point, ever.


I'm excited. I already said that.

Hallie shall be here any minute to sleepover. We're getting up at 5:00 to leave at 5:30 for the airport in Jersey. 3 hour drive. Blah.

6 days of life changing awesome, I'm ready for ya. Rainforests, white beaches, adorable little spanish kids, amazing families, awesome worship, new friendships, bring it onnnn. :DDD

I'm so pumped to serve God in a beautiful new country, and just to have fun with people I'm sure I'll become superdooper close to. Expect a huggeeeee blog that nobody will probably wanna read when I get back. AHHHHHH, BYE.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

:) :) :) :)

I'm in a rather good mood, if ya can't tell.

Today's me & Anthony's 4 month, yayyy. He's the best boyfriend I could freakin' ask for.  He even bought me the cutest bunch of flowers/roses, all my favorite colors. I love him. <3

And then at work today, my lovely monitor/mangerish person Beth brought me a pair of shorts from Victoria's Secret that don't fit her anymore. Guess who fits them like a glove even though they're a couple sizes smaller than what she normally gets? This girlll. I'm happy. :)

And tonight Ima sleep over at Ashley with Jenna and possibly Morgan, in preparation for Hershey Park tomorrow! Should be amazing. Night swimmin' & no sleep. I love this weekend. :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I have nothing to say, reallly.

Other than things never really turn out how you expect. Or hope. Or wish.

This weekend blowed. Other than two things :

-Jenna's birthday on Friday! Ah, that was fun. I love dat whitegurlll. She's my bestfriend. I don't even like using the term "bestfriend". Most of the time it makes me reallly uncomfortable. But for her and a couple others it's definitely true. Especially her though. I've known her and stayed close to her since I was 5 years old & she just an amazing friend. But anyways, I'm not gonna be all heartfelt here. Not feelin' it right now :b. Butyeah, I surprised her by taking her to Olive Garden, her favorite. It was supposed to be Teats, Anthony, Jenna, and me. Butttt the boys had something to do, so it was just us.  Many people thought we were lesbians. Like, legit. Haha. And then I took her to the good ol' coffeeshop where I had earlier decorated a table with balloons, banners, streamers, beads, etc.. She was so suprised and everyone there partied with us. It was grand :D. Then I slept over at Jenna's, and we watched No Strings Attached. Seriously one of the funniest movies EVER. Favorite lines :

Gay guy : Ahh, I just love when we're all in the same cycle. Yup, I'm definitely gay. Oh, I see thousands! Those were all at different points. :D

Ashton Kutcher : C' the soup. It's good for your uterus.

Black guy : I like it to be scary. Like "BOO! Here's my dick."


& The other thing was work. I actually like work, and the people there. Dara, Jasmine, Jenna, Eric, Brian, Samir, Scott, Mitch, Bev, Beth, ERIN, and many others make it great. I love you guys. :)

Scott : What your boyfriend? Yeah, I saw him in here yesterday. You guys were making out at your register and I yelled "OVER-RIDE!" at the top of my lungs. :D (<--- that didn't happen btw, haha)

Brian : I'm gonna take your phone, kay?
Me : Nooooooo! That's my only thing to keep myself busy. I forgot my book. ):

Brian : Wanna read mine?
Me : The one about vaginas?
Brian : Yeah! Assholes Finish First.

Me : Ummmm....
Brian : Don't even answer. I'll go get it.

Haha, I love Weis sometimes. <3

I kinda wish the world would've ended yesterday. I wanna be with Jesus. He makes me happpy. I wouldn't have to deal with stress or disappointment. I could just praise God all day long and be with people that I really miss. In a perfect, beautiful place. (:

Gahhh. I'm gonna go to bed I guess. I'm alittle melancholy right now. I feel like Janine's little sister. Nobody but Savannah will probably get that. /:

Also, thanks for everything Morgan Darrah. I swear you keep me sane sometimes girl. You're a beautiful person, inside & out. I love you soooo much, & I miss you in my life. <3

Sweetdreams, people that blog.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Yeahh, I got it in a triple max security cell. It ain't going anywhere."

I love Anthony, he's cute. :)

For a Monday, today was pretty great. Or atleast it turned out to be. First of not having soccer felt super weird, and much to my dismay, I couldn't go to the track meet to support Maya & her awesomeness. /:


But, oddly enough, I was allowed to go to Zumba at Doc's with Jenna, Emily, and Amber. Which was SUPER FUN :D. Everyone should try Zumba, ohmygosh, it's great. And, it realllly does work you out! Finally, it's only 4 bucks. What do you spend 4 bucks on? Stupid stuff that's not Zumba? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hmmm....Alexis Miller's birthday is tomorrow! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! I know you're gonna pass your permit test, you knew way more then me even before I went to get mine. You're gonna be wayyyy more than fine. I hope you have an amazing day girl, you deserve it. I love you alott, and thanks for being such an amazing, kind, and wonderful person and friend. <3

That's all for tonight, I realllly needa clean out my binder. Like, I probably have around 70 loose papers. It's BAD.

So goodnight everyone, sweeetdreeaammmsss. :)

OH. And I got my appropriate swimsuit for Puerto Rico! Ahhh, I'm so freaking excited.
If anybody cares. :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's the way you do the things you do, that make me fall in love with you. (:

So, today marks exactly one month since I've blogged last. Crazy? YES. But not gonna lie, I still creep on people's blogs sometimes, and write drafts that I never end up posting. There's literally like, 15 drafts I've never posted. :b
Upates? Ummmmm....

-Soccer ended today, officially I guess. SECTION CHAMPS. (:  But since we're only JV, we don't get anything cool after this. But only one loss? That's freaking awesome. Our team has held together through it all, even with Scott being quite the frustrating coach at times. I'm very proud of everyone, and proud to have been on the team this year. I'm gonna miss everyone, especially Mylinh Lam. Ahhh, I hate that you're a senior! Seriously. You're quite possibly the coolest person, ever. I never stop laughing when you're around, and you're just such a happy person and awesome person to be around. Your raps just make my day, and I saved all of them. Good luck after graduation, and I hope to see you again in the future! <3

-My future. Holycrap, school's got me so freaked out lately. I feel like 50% of what I talk about lately has to do somehow someway with school or schoolwork. How boring is that? /:  But Idon'tknow, I've just done alotta thinking lately. What do I really wanna do when I grow up. I <3 children, but now that preschool's being removed (STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID!) I don't know anymore. I love spanish, but I don't know if I love it enough to major in it. Psychology sounds awesome, but I don't know either. I know it's perfectly normal to not know what you want to do in life yet, but I've never been comfortable with that idea.

-Puerto Rico! Ahh, although it's no Mexico, I've become super excited about leaving for it. Working with adorable little kids? Hopefully changin' some lives? Working for people, possibly building new houses? Learning to survive in a spanish-speaking country? White, clear blue water palm tree beaches? Tropical rainforests? Oh, bring it onnnn. :D

Ummm....what now.




Music? I don't really do that too much. Mixin' it uppp. (:

"When I'm with you, I'll make every second count. 'Cause I miss you whenever you're not around. When I kiss you, I still get butterflies. Years from now I'll make every second count when I'm with you."

-Faber Drive <3

"You can't even hold a normal conversation, but you can tell your friends I ruined your life. Whatever helps your perfect reputation, 'cause I'm not loosing sleep tonight."
-A Rocket To The Moon <33

"She gets what she wants and doesn't quit, she might as well get paid for it. But she doesn't know who I am, and she doesn't give a damn."
-A Rocket To The Moon <33

"Will you just hold me tight and never let me go? I know this whole thing's wrong, but baby we're invincible."
-A Rocket To The Moon <33

"She's finding me out, it's bringing me down. 'Cause nothing's as hard as the first time. I'm foolin' myself, she'll never be mine. It's too late now, she's finding me out."
-The Friday Night Boys, :)

"You had my heart inside your hand, and you played it to the beat."

"I'm all out of words, there's nothing I could say to you to take away the hurt, so let me pray you through."
-Sixteen Cities <3

"I love the way the stars shine for you, and every single mountain bows down. I love the way universe is singing your song, so I'll try to sing along."
-Sixteen Cities <3

 "You'll play the love, and baby I'll play the lead. So strike a pose and fake a smile, you're coming with me. I'll strum my guitar 'cause girl I know how you are. You're just alittle bit camera shy, but you're still a star."
-School Boy Humor (:

Yep, that's it for tonight. Work tomorrow, semi-earlish. Come visit Weis in E-town from 10:00-4:15 :D
Nightynighttt. <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I guess we can blame it on the rain.

This blog is for one person, and one person only. I don't really like being all anonymous and not saying who I'm talking about, but Ima do it. People are hypocrites anyways, it's nothing that new.

(but nobody needs to worry, it's not about anybody that would actually read this. :b)

I just wanna make things right, secret anonymous person. No, I don't have feelings anymore. They're all gone, I promise. I have a boyfriend now that I love, & he makes me perfectly happy. So I don't really care anymore. it's over and done with. I regret nothing, it happened for a reason. I really liked you at the time though, so I feel like the closure is necessary. I know it's weird, and pretty awkward. And I know sounds super dramatic & dark, but what if you were to die tomorrow? I would feel really bad just leaving things the way they were. I was hurt by how things ended, no doubt. Not "ohmygosh, my heart's broken", but still. You said some things that I'll probably forget eventually, but not yet. No, I still remember the cute conversations that made me geek. I had a really hard time deleting everything. Some of my girls that already figured out who I'm talking about may be thinking like, "ohmygosh, that was whole thing was so stupid". Or you may not, I don't know. It's not stupid to me though. You did mean something to me, you really did. An apology? Nah, I'm good. It'd be nice & comforting, but I don't need it. Something would be nice though. Something that made me know I didn't waste my time. I wanna know I meant something, ya know? And I guess you gave me what I expected. It's just...alittle disappointing. You always were.

Kay, I've probably thoroughly confused anybody actually reading this. Goodnighttttt.

"Tell me, does she look at you the way I do? Try to understand the words you say & the way you move? Does she get the same big rush, when you go in for a hug & your cheeks brush? Tell me am I crazy, or is this more than a crush? Maybe I'm alone in this, but I find peace in solitude. Knowing if I had but just one kiss, this whole room would be glowing. We'd be glowing."
-He is We, <3 

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Sir, your bill is rather high." "Well, so am I!"

Oh, Brigadoon. Everybody should come see it, it's reallly good! And my life for the past week has been completely devoted to it, soyeah. It's worth it. And you getta see a buncha guys in plaid kilts. (;

This week has been completely insane, ohmy. My days have consisted of school 'till 2:45, soccer 'till 5:15, musical practice right after 'till 10:30, homework 'till after 11:00, and very little sleep.  I'm completely exhausted. But ohwell, this is what I get for signing up. Costume crew is actually pretty cool though, and the cast is really fun to hangout with during rehearsals and such. :b

Sooo...yeah. First game today! We won, like 6-0. Even though I had to leave early at halftime, I knew we would. Lebanon ain't so hottt. And I gotta play forward, which I haven't played since 7th grade. Yay. (:

Soccer team bonding tomorrow, bright n' early blah. Ropes course!

I need sleep, more than anything. Oh, and I got a job btw! Elizabethtown Weis, as a cashier starting Monday. Well, paperwork. But still, I'm super excitedddd. MONEY, <3

Kay, night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hope you touch down before my feet hit the ground, (:

Ohmy, I just love this song. So cute, so pure. Pretty much describes alot going on for me now, as lame as that sounds.
"They say you loose the spark in time, but that's not true. 'Cause I still get butterflies everytime that I see you."

Ah, I'm in love with that. <3

Butyeah...where to begin? Everything's so crazy busy this week. I like it, but I don't at the same time. I'm always exhausted, or stressed out. That's not that unusual, but I could really use a break. A day to sleep in. No tests, no studying, no running, no dribbling, no annoyances, no need to look nice. Yeah...that'd be nice. /:

But ohwell, it keeps me busy. Lately my grades have been pretty spiffy, which makes me quite happy. Happier than it should, :b

I'm just determined to try to be..happier lately? Yeah. I don't know, I feel so complainy all the time, and I'm sure it's annoying. I'm annoying myself, :b. So yeah, I kinda just need to suck things up. Not get so annoyed/mad at little things. Put other people before me alittle more. Definitely be more patient with almost everybody. Stuff like that. I've been slacking. I wanna be like...grateful for how good things are really going, and be happy about that & such. There's so many more important things, (:

First scrimmage against Warwick tomorrow, yayyy. I'm pumped, and I really hope we do awesome, and maybe even make the other team cry. :)

Goodnight everybody, sweetdreams. <3

Oh, and Japan? Geez. I'll definitely be praying for that. I don't know anybody there, but I know others do. My heart goes out to them all, and I hope that everything gets better for this day forward there. :(

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This day just got 10000x better. (:


High school soccer, JV. I don't even care it's JV, that's totallly what I was expecting. I'm just super physched to be on the team, and to be playing soccer again. I love soccer, <3. Congrats to everyone else that made it, we all deserved it. And to celebrate, my momma & me went to go get new cleats, underarmour, sweatpants, & sports bras. Cheetah, zebra, and tye-dye sports bras that will be coming next week? Awh, yeeeah. (:

Yesterday was pretty much killed by some news from my parents. I was going to go on a workcamp this summer to Reynosa, Mexico for those of you that didn't know. I was soooo pumped, and I worked my butt off with Hallie so we could raise the over $1,000 we needed (each of us needed that much, :O). Now I'm not allowed to go.  Reynosa was declared "too violent" by the government. The drug cartels are way too risky. Basically if I went there, I might not come back. I knew that that was already a huge risk before, but that was oddly okay with me. I had my heart compeltely set on this. So...yeah. I was crushed. :(

But today I was told that I could go to Caimito, Puerto Rico. I read about it, and it's sooo much less exciting. I'll go and try to keep my mind open to it, but it's definitely not gonna be the same. Ohhh welll, positive thoughts. :/

Oh, and aerobics today was pretty much the best thing ever. I love our dance unit, and surpisingly even Mrs. Shellenberger (Rose). She's awesome. :b

Kay, Ima go shower and rest. Oh, and Resource Wars. LAST CHAPTER, FINALLY. :))))

Monday, March 7, 2011

Come and rest your bones with me.

Day 1 of soccer tryouts = completed. :D

It wasn't absolutely horrible, but it sure wasn't easy either. I'm soooo glad I went to the training sessions for the past few months (or however long we've been having them, I don't really know :b), or else I would be entirely dead right now. Fingers crossed I make it, as does everybody else. Two more days to go. :O

Right after, I scurried home, went back to the highschool 'cause I forgot to pick up pasta from the musical fundraiser thinger, showered, ate, and went to rake a drug test for Weis. It. Was. So. Dumb. I'm pretty sure they asked me how often I've done drugs in the past month about 6 times. 75 freaking questions. But ohwell, I'll answer it a million times as long as I get hired. I NEED A JOB.

Currently, I'm just sitting here, drinking Mountain Dew that Anthony never finished when he came over. Sillygoose. Soda/energy drinks/anything like that doesn't really affect me though. I'll be able to sleep like a baby, even after drinking this. That makes me awesome :). Anddd, I'm downloading my daddy's Beatle's CD on my iPod. Yay! I need new music, soooo bad ever since Limewire stopped working. I liked being illegal, and feeling alittle rebellious when saying that's where I got all my music from, /:

Kay, I do believe Ima hit the hay now, I needs my sleep.

Nightynight, (:

"Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new? I don't know who you are, but I'm with you." <3

Btw, blog title = Sunday Morning - Maroon 5. If anybody cares, :b

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take it, take it all, take all that I have.

Blog title = Never Gonna Leave This Bed-Maroon 5. <3

Today have been SUCH an exhausting day, emotionally and physically. I've had enough, and I need sleep.

But I just gotta say a couple things before I do.

1) If you're 'bestfriends' with someone, it's normally nice not to talk behind their backs all the time, just to fit in with others. I know you're not like this, I love you. But it kills me to hear, and I wanna scream all the time when I do hear it. Stop ittttt. Kaythanks.

2) Soccer tryouts next week = I'M SO FREAKING NERVOUS. I've never ever wanted to be on a team so bad, and I'm gonna just leave everything I have on that field. I love soccer, and I'm gonna work my butt off next week. "JUST KICK THEIR ASS!", Matt Crager says. Love that kid, (:

3) Trust is nice, trust is good. I know it's hard for both of us, but you gotta let me in. 100%. That's how it has to work. I love you so much, and I know you feel the same. We're strong, and we've done this before. We'll get through this, I swear. <3

4) It seems like everybody's freakin' birthday was today. Happy Birthday Mary & Megan Weaver, Levi Witmer, Eli Schramm, and whoever else. :D

Well, that's basically it. Ima hit the hay, I've had enough of today. Yeah, I tried to make that rhyme.

Tomorrow's a new day, a half day, and hopefully a better day.

I love you, goodnight. <3

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Goodbye Jenna. I love you Alicia."

Hehe, tonight should be rather...interesting.

Coffeeshop with Anthony Emery, Jenna Sillaman, Mike Teats, Alex Arnold, and Derek Brennaman. Fun? YES. Unexpected? YES. :D

Mannn, I love that place. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite place in the entire universe. I know all the workers, they know me, it's beautiful and creative, and the drinks are just amazing. Elizabethtown Conewago Coffee, I freaking love you. & If you ever get the chance to go there, GO. They have a freaking lamp that's in the shape of an oboe. A legit one. (I play the oboe, for those of you that didn't know... :b)

So, my life has pretty revolved around schoolwork, soccer, fundraising for Mexico, and Anthony Emery. Exciting person? Nah, not reallly. But those things make me happy. Well, most of them. :P

So...yeah. This blog is rather pointless. I just reallly wanted to write a little somethin' somethin'.

Kaybye. <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything I do, I do it big.

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.
Really annoying? Yep.
Really awesome? YEP!

So this weekend's pretty awesome, for the most part.

Friday night sleepover with the lifegroup/student body girls (plus Andrew & his guy friends) = awesome. We made tie-dye shirts, painted nails, ate our weight in crap, played music, talked for forever, watched Disturbia & John Tucker Must Die, and just had a lottta fun. :)

Yesterday was pretty much devoted to Katlyn O'Donnell, haha. Savannah, myself, Katlyn's mom & dad, Nate, Nick, and Ainsley all set up her suprise sweet 16 party. It looked freaking awesome, and she was soooo suprised. It was so much fun, and everything went amazing. We all love you so much Katlyn. <3

So today? The Superbowl? Yeah, whatever. I could care less :P. I'm not really sure what Ima do yet, but either way it's gonna be awesome. Partying and hot tubbin' with a buncha awesome people at the Yatsko's or hanging with Anthony and his family/whoever else equals a fun time either way. :D

"Oh, these times are hard
and they're making us crazy
don't give up on me baby."
The Script-For the First Time, <3

"They may say some awful things
but there's no point in listening
your words are the only words
that I believe in afterwords"
Hellogoodbye-Baby it's fact, <3

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't ever take Powerpoint.

Or maybe do, Idon'tknow. It's the dumbest class ever.

Danielle's to my right, and Mike's to my left. Mike's playing some stupid landmine game that he keeps freaking out over, because it explodes or whatever. "No, no. It's because I keep lowering my time!" He just told me. 16 seconds, goodjob Mike. Now he's making me try, hold on.

Oopsies, I lowered his rank. My bad, :P

So, this weekend was amazing. <3

Friday night, I hung out with a very special boy. Said boy is adorable, funny, respectful, and just amazing. I really like this guy, and as does he. Name of said boy? Nahh, my business. But, I look forward to hanging out with said boy often. (:

Then, even later Friday night I hungout with my girls, Morgan, Katlyn, Savannah, & Maya. Me & Katlyn had such a good talk, and exfoliated our faces, unfortunately. We stayed up all pretty much all night, and I got like, half an hour of sleep if that. But, I love each and every one of them, and I have no idea what I'd do without them. D:

Saturday was supposed to be a hang-out-with-previously-mentioned-boy day, but he's silly and screwed up the dates, so we couldn't. Aw, wellll. I hungout with Jenna and Emily instead at the mall, and it was joyous. I love little Emily, she's like my baby sister. And obviously I love Jenna, she's been there since we were 5 (me) and 6 (her), and I love her to death. (:

Sunday was just awesome with Alexis and Maya. We were gonna attempt to study for chemsitry and algebra II finals, but what did we do instead? Look up Teetzie on facebook, set certain him as my iPod background, watch Inception a little, create an Anthony Emery fanclub, and laugh endlessly. Better than studying? YES.

Now, it's 12:03, and I'm sittin' in Powerpoint. Blahhh, 3rd period. I wanna go home, sleep, and call/text said boy.

Now, me & Mike are gonna go look at some optical illusions that make our brains hurt. YAY. :D

P.S. Mike, if you ever find this and read it, I hate you. (:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ohyeah, I'm in school. :)

Alexis is to my right, and she says hi. Mr. Jan's being awesome, and letting us listen to iPods/pretty much do anything that doesn't annoy him. This is cooool.

So....I took one final today, yucky. But it's wellness, which is the stupidest easiest  class ever. I'm gonna go now, Mr. Jan said there's only 8 minutes left.

Stay in school, kids. :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Passenger side, lighting the sky, always the first star that I find.

Blog title : Satellite by Guster. <3

So...I haven't blogged in quite a while, it seems. :O

Random updates on everything time :

1) I'M GOING TO MEXICO THIS SUMMER, FOOL. Ah, I'm so excited! Last year I went on this amazing workcamp in Innisfree Village, Virginia for the mentally and emotionally challenged. It was a realll eye-opener, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. This year, as much as I'd like to return to Innisfree, I've decided I wanna go somewhere different. Last week I got "accepted" into going on the workcamp for Reynosa, Mexico. I am beyond excited to work with Children's Haven there, and just have an amazing time. <3

2) Soccer has started. Pre-pre-season I guess you could call it, but that's lame. It's just training, :P. Ohmy, am I sore. But this year isn't NEARLY as bad as last year, and I'm actually having alot more fun doing ladders, sprinting, lifting, and core workout-ing that I thought I would. Yay for that, :)

3) Finals. Ughughugh, I would love to shoot myself sometimes these days. (No, not forreal :P). But I'm soooo stressed out to take my spanish, chemistry, and math finals. They're gonna be quite hard, and I reallly suck at math & chemistry. Screwed? Why yes I am.

...Yeah, I don't really have anything else. Quick little update for ya, :D

"Escuchame, es solamente tĂș." <3