Thursday, August 19, 2010

I feel like suck.

I hate being sick. Or whatever the heck this is.

It's like: Having a freaking huge headache, all of your insides hurt (especially the stomachy ones), you're totally stressed out, your sister's leaving for college tomorrow and you're going to miss her very very much, you're mad at yourself for being an idiot, you don't feel like eating, and you're freezing.

That's. How. I. Feel.

And now I'm supposed to/I kind of decided to stay home from soccer tonight. I wanna go for sure, but running around and all that does not sound fun right now. :P

Sooooo....I'm just gonna sleep alot tonight. And watch To Save A Life, and make fatty stuff for Carla to take to college with my momma. Oh, and the Jersey Shore is on tonight at 10! Haha. I'm so boring today. :/

The End.


  1. HEY.
    You're not an idiot.
    And I love love LOVE you, man. :D