Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone should have days like these.

So, when your parents refuse to let you hang out with any friends for no good reason at all, for one day during the last few days of summer, the average teenager gets pretty mad right? Right.

So, I was totallly dreading today with everything I have. I reallly don't like just sitting around the house, watching tv or whatever, by myself. Carla's gone too, which doesn't help. So just me & my mother who I was still very annoyed with.

Literally, I start doing anything and everything to entertain myself. You know those woven bracelets that suddenly got really cool this year? The friendship ones. I've always had mad respect for people that make them, and have tried so many times to do it too. I just don't have the patience to sit there for what, like two hours? And tie freaking knots. I find it unbelievably boring. BUT BOY HOWDY, I did it. And I'm freakishly proud of it. (:

Then like, I literally turned my phone off for the longest time, & read. Crazy, right? Paper Towns, by John Green. I don't even like reading that much...

And...what else did I do. Played guitar! Oh yes. Mom told me to shut up and put it away, but I didn't care. I love that thing.

I watched some of Paper Hearts, (Cute movie!) slept, made cookies, went to A.C. Moore and Sheetz (why my mother will take me there, but still refuse to let me hangout with anybody, I don't know) and then THE JERSEY SHORE WAS ON AT 10 P.M. :D

But you know what... I don't regret it. It sounds unbelievably boring, and it kinda was, but I think I needed something like this. It makes me peace? I don't know. Just like, slowing down and being on my own for a little was nice. Simplicity. Serenity. All that, :P

I don't feel like attempting to I think Ima just stay up all night. Yup.

We're picking up Carla (HAPPYBIRTHDAYBIGSIS!) tomorrow from college so she can come home for the weekend, and then I'm fair it up with my girls tomorrow night. ♥

Goodnight people that blog.


Awesome songs I came across on this day of boredom:
Famous-Ryan Hammer

Safety Net-Raining and Ok

One Sweet Love-Sara Bareilles

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