Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hahahahaha, xD.

I just realized something guys, I follow myself.

Haha, wow I'm stupid. Back whenever I first got this, I was completely clueless (and kinda still am) on how to follow people. I always did (and still do) it wrong, and I guess I just ended up adding myself as a follower. I fail. :P

But whatever, I'M NOT REMOVING ME. (:

So currently I am;

Listening to : Don't You Know You're Beautiful- Seabird. ♥
Wearing : McPherson college shirt, and running shorts.
Waiting for : Soccer practice in a little, ughughugh. I'm way to lazy to exercise today, forreals :/
Feeling : Kinda stomach-y weird, haha. I think it's just 'cause I really don't wanna go to soccer tonight. But, I can't wait for the fair after with Jenna. :D

Things I learned today?
1) Mace is like pepper spray, and you don't ever wanna be sprayed with it. No, I didn't get sprayed with it, I just learned what it meant, haha.
2) Being an only child now that Carla's gone, SUCKS. I have do all her freakin' chores, and I have nobody to bother anymore.
3) School starts in less than a week, and I'm gonna haveta start getting up at 5:30 and then getting up again at 6:00. :(((((

That. Sucks. My. Friends.
Okay, I'm done.


Btw; This is my favorite color. Incase you've ever wondered. ;D

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