Sunday, August 8, 2010

Morgan and Savannah did it, and I'm just unoriginal.

- Available: Yepyepyep. (:
- Age: 15
- Annoyance: When people send me like, a thousand texts just to make me mad. >:/
- Animal: Zebra's, or giraffes.
- Birthday: November 29th, 1994.
- Best Friend: They know. (:

- Best weather: When there's snow on the ground.
- Been on stage: Many times.
- Believe in Magic: Nah.
- Believe in Santa: Not anymore, haha.
- Color: Baby blue, :D
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate, fool.
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Both are alrighttt.
- Cake or cookies: Both, haha.
- Cousin: I love them.
- Continent to visit: EUROPE! I'm completely obsessed with it.
- Class: Art. (:
- Day or Night: Night a 'course.
- Dancing in the rain: I can't dance to save my life.
- Eyes: Black. Whatever, reallly reallly really dark brown.
- Everyone has: Struggles.
- Ever failed a class: Geometry was just a rough time. BUT. I. PASSED. (:
- First thoughts waking up: Did I really just take a four hour nap?
- Food: Spongebob Mac n' Cheese ftw.
- First love: I don't know if I've ever REALLY been in love.
- Greatest Fear: Clowns...
- Goals: To live my life for God, and to be happy. (:
- Gum: Eww.
- Get along with your parents: Most days.. :P
- Hair Color: It's like, black dyed a little browner, with reddish and honeyish highlights in it. I don't know, haha.
- Height: 5'2 and a half?
- Happy: Yes sir, :D
- Holiday: The most wonderful time of the year!
- Homework: Kills me. :/
- Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, :D
- Instrument: Oboe, and guitar.
- In love: Nopenope.
- Jewelry: Ring my grandma gave me, [:
- Job: Weis, when I'm 16.
- Keep a journal: I have literally like, a thousand.
- Love: is allll you need.
- Laughed so hard you cried: haha, ohmy. NYC (:
- Language: Enlgish, learning Spanish.
- Movie: The Hangover is hilarious.
- Motion sickness: I had it briefly on the Whale Watch in 5th grade, haha. Not fun.
- McD’s or BK: Bleh.
N - Number: 13
- Nicest person you know: Jennna (:
- Never have I ever: Smoke, drink, drugss.
- One wish: To re-live this summer.
- Optimistic: Normally.. :)
- Perfection: CRAZY TALK!
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.
- Peircings: Nahh. I can't stand needles, or pain.
- Quail: Pretty bird. (:
- Reason to cry: Really mad about something, or a sad movie.. haha.
- Radio Station: Eh, I switch around. Music ADHD.
- Roll your tongue: Yeahyeah.
- Ring size: Like, a 5. I has skinny fingers.
- Song: Right now, Here Comes My Baby-Sons of Admirals. (:
- Shoe: Mocasins, from American Eagle.
- Sushi: EW.
- Skinny dipped: Nahh. (;
- Shower or Bath: Showerrr.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Yum. :D
- Taken?: Not now.
- Tattoos: Same as peircings. :P
-Time for bed: No, sillygoose.
- Thunderstorms: I kinda like them...
- Unpredictable: Life.
- Vacation spot(s): Floating house in Canada, :D
- Weakness: Guys....
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Savannah, haha.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Katlyn, maybe. (:
- Want to be a model: I used to realllllly want to!
- Worst Weather?: Hothothot.
X-Rays: Yeah. My teeth, elbow, & head hahah.
-Year: '13, GRADUATION.
-Zoo animal: Elephantes.

1. Slept in the same room as you? Umm...everyone at NYC? Maybe, I don't remember. :P
2. You went to the mall with? Momma. :D
3. You went to dinner with? NYC people.
4. You talked to on the phone with? Hal.
5. Made you laugh? Jakers.
6. Hugged you? Hallie's grandpa, hahahah.
8. Held your hand? Paul? Haha.
9. You spoke with? Sistaaa.
10. You said you loved? Morgan!
11. You went streaking with? THE POPE.
12. You cried over? Ummm...not sure.
13. You hungout with? Hallie, (:
14. You helped? Morgan?
15. You prayed for? Freeda Snavely.

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