Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I guess we can blame it on the rain.

This blog is for one person, and one person only. I don't really like being all anonymous and not saying who I'm talking about, but Ima do it. People are hypocrites anyways, it's nothing that new.

(but nobody needs to worry, it's not about anybody that would actually read this. :b)

I just wanna make things right, secret anonymous person. No, I don't have feelings anymore. They're all gone, I promise. I have a boyfriend now that I love, & he makes me perfectly happy. So I don't really care anymore. it's over and done with. I regret nothing, it happened for a reason. I really liked you at the time though, so I feel like the closure is necessary. I know it's weird, and pretty awkward. And I know sounds super dramatic & dark, but what if you were to die tomorrow? I would feel really bad just leaving things the way they were. I was hurt by how things ended, no doubt. Not "ohmygosh, my heart's broken", but still. You said some things that I'll probably forget eventually, but not yet. No, I still remember the cute conversations that made me geek. I had a really hard time deleting everything. Some of my girls that already figured out who I'm talking about may be thinking like, "ohmygosh, that was whole thing was so stupid". Or you may not, I don't know. It's not stupid to me though. You did mean something to me, you really did. An apology? Nah, I'm good. It'd be nice & comforting, but I don't need it. Something would be nice though. Something that made me know I didn't waste my time. I wanna know I meant something, ya know? And I guess you gave me what I expected. It's just...alittle disappointing. You always were.

Kay, I've probably thoroughly confused anybody actually reading this. Goodnighttttt.

"Tell me, does she look at you the way I do? Try to understand the words you say & the way you move? Does she get the same big rush, when you go in for a hug & your cheeks brush? Tell me am I crazy, or is this more than a crush? Maybe I'm alone in this, but I find peace in solitude. Knowing if I had but just one kiss, this whole room would be glowing. We'd be glowing."
-He is We, <3