Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things girls shouldn't do on Facebook.

Stay classy blog : 2.

*Disclaimer : I'm not purposely attacking anyone here. I'm not a drama person, and that's not the purpose of this. Just trying to bring to attention the things that everyone can work on to be better, classier people. SO NOBODY GET MAD. :)

Okay, so I could probably write a whole book on this. Seriously. And I'm gonna come right out and say, that I have done alot of what I'm about to say I hate. Hypocrite? Nah. 'Cause you learn, and don't do it again. Also, there's a lot of exceptions to these...rules? I guess that's what you can call 'em :b, anyways if there's a lot of exceptions, I'll put a *. Symbols, ftw.

(in no particular order)

#1: Don't openly creep. Or privately creep. JUST DON'T CREEP. *

Hi, my name's life. I would like to meet you sometimes, but you're always stuck up in somebody's else's life. You've only got so many days to have me, so maybe we should get together soon, justa thought. Kay, I get it. Everybody creeps. And it's totally normal to be curious about other people's lives, and want to know how people you care about are doing. Trust me, I really do understand. But there is a big freaking line, that way too many people cross.
Examples of when you know you're creeping way too hard:

-You stalk your exboyfriend. Every day. Or even every week. Or, you stalk your "boyfriend" (which, newsflash, you never actually dated. Just because you guys "talk every day!" doesn't mean you dating. I'm sorry, I just hate that :b) Girl, please. He's not doing the same for you, I can guarantee. You're better than that, and you're just wasting your time.

Example of when creeping is okay, in my mind:

common wall post: "Hey girll, I was just creeping on your Facebook, and it made me realize how much I miss you. Let's hangout soon <3"

why it's okay: It's short, it's simple. There's nothing more annoying than seeing somebody write a book on somebody's wall to basically state what those two sentences say. You have a cellphone I'm sure, do us all a favor and text her. Which reminds me, that although this is an okay reason to creep, it does get alittle annoying sometimes. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that if you really do miss someone a lot, you should tell them in person.


Oh gosh. Let me just say now, how it utterly disgusts me how many girls these days don't have an once of respect for themselves these days. I'm sure everybody knows what I mean.

I'm gonna keep it short:

-PUT YOUR BOOBS AWAY, I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEMMMMM. Guys that are actually worth a relationship don't find it cute, and won't like your picture, which is the only reason why you posted it in the first place.
-GET SOME VARIETY. If every single one of your pictures look the same, and you're just with different people, you really needa think why you're posting them. Most likely, you just wanna make it look like you have a life, and lots of friends. You're just wasting your camera battery and making albums that nobody cares about anyways. "______year #40040409504853480583405!" doesn't make me think that you have a lot of friends, it just makes me laugh that you think that all those pictures are gonna actually be meaningful in the years to come.

#3 : A meaningful status.

I know everybody has that person (or people) that just makes the most annoying, pointless statuses in the world. It's annoying, right? SO STOP. There's this new thing called Twitter, and you can take all your updates there. Simple as that, :b. Also, I don't wanna hear your life story of Facebook. I really don't. I'm sorry if it's rude, but your statuses that say how pissed off you are, how your parents don't understand you, and how everything just sucks for you don't make me feel bad. You're doing it for attention. If things really get that bad and you turn to Facebook for comfort, then that needs to change. You have God, your friends, and your family for you there. Facebook isn't gonna hug you, reply to you, and give you advice. It's a website. And people just don't take that kinda stuff seriously on Facebook, it just comes off as annoying.

#4 : Punctuation. Grammar. Their. They're. There. Commas. Apostrophes. You get the point.

Kay, I'm done. Like I said, there's so much more, but I feel like this is already a lot. Goodnight everyone, <3

-Stay classy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stay classy.

The other night, Jenna and myself went out for wings, & we had this awesome idea.

Question for you: What is the biggest problem among teenagers these days?

Answer: They. don't. know. how. to. be. classy.

Classy : of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant. Basically, it means you're not a slut, that you're genuinely nice to everyone, you try your hardest in school, stay away from drugs/alcohol, etc.

So, the conversation went kinda like this...

Jenna : Ohmygosh (insert name of some person I honestly forget) ? I love her! She's so....classy.
Me : I KNOW. Why can't everyone be like her?
Jenna : Forreal!
Me : I just feel like I wanna hold speeches and lecture everyone on how to act. Like, Stay Classy 101 or something.

Me : Ahhh, yes! And we could blog about it every week!
...Which leads me to what I'm doing right now. :b

I realize, this is purely our opinion. I am not perfect. I am not always classy. Nobody is. But let's be honest, some teenages (*cough, most) really need a punch of classy to the face these days. So, this is either gonna a fail or a hit. & That's okay with us.


Now, I know a lottta people do this. & Not gonna lie, I've done it too. But there's a big big difference between being funny about it, and being just straightup annoying.

Funny example :

"Hey, can you do a favor for me?"
"Ugh, fine. It better not be like, hard though."


Annoying example : Anything complaining about your looks getting worse, and that's why you can't get a guy anymore. Anything that mentions that fact that all guys suck, and you just can't find a good one. Anything that involves your photo caption to pictures including the words "forever alone".

Please, just stop. Having a boyfriend does NOT mean happiness. It's actuallly realllly stressful half the time. & You're beautiful, you don't need a guy to tell you that. & You're what, a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior this? Please. You've got 30490329320583583902 more years to worry about that. LIVE.

Kay, that's all. I'm gonna go see the Hunger Games now, ahhhhhh. :DDD

Stay classy.