Thursday, September 16, 2010


I totally forgot to take a shower tonight....

Like, seriously, that's crazy to me. I like, HAVE to shower either right after soccer, or sometime at night. And I just....forgot? It's like one of those things you just don't forget about. And when you do, your mind is blown.

So, that's gross. Now I haveta wake up at like, 5 and shower in the morning, which I HATE. Grrrrr. :(

But anyways, today was...blah.

People...I just don't get. I do not get people. I don't get emotions, and why people do things. I just don't understand anything these days, really :P. And it got to a point where I seriously just didn't want to talk to anybody. So I took a walk in this lovely rain with my iPod, shut off my phone, & took a nice long nap. It's what I do. And since soccer was canceled, thank God, I could. (:

Anddd, I feel better. But I have a big Chemistry (no, not Chem) test tomorrow. First one. The test is on like, 50 things no lie. Well, yes, that's a lie. But it's A LOT of things. And I am worried. :O

Riding home on the bus with Savannah & Morgan tomorrow, & we'll chill at Kunkle fora while. I can't wait, it should be really fun. I love those two. ♥

Oh, & my news are multi-colored zebra. Ohyeah. Alexis Brubaker is a beast. And my toes shall be leopard in the future. Animal print ftw. :D

Goodnight everyone, sweetdreams.

Bytheway, I found out Mr. Jan has an obsession with the movie Mean Girls today. He explained significant figures to us using the plastics, and Cady Heron. I swear, he gets cooler and cooler by the day. (:

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