Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yayforthethirdday! (:

It's 4:00.
It's 96 degrees.
It's my 3rd day of school that I just went through.
It's the fact that I literally don't have pants on, 'causeit'ssofreakinghotout!

But other than that unnecessary yet obviously attractive detail, things are going pretty good! School's getting somewhat better by the day, even though the homework is piling up. And yes, I am that nerd that actually does their homework. (:

My classes, in order of awesome :

1) Honors amazing. Awesome people are in there, Mr. Jan's a beast, & ...he's a beast. I really like him, haha. Not in that way though, sillies. Only downfall? IT'SSODANGHOTINTHATROOMIWANNASHOOTMYSELF. But, only for 3 weeks. (:

2) Spanish II....I LOVE SPEER. I really do. She's hilarious/just plain awesome, & I learn really well from her. And, I like spanish. :D

3) Honors Algebra I reallly don't like Mrs.Rothenberger, she's a big bowl of suck. But, I have a crapload of cool people in there, & I actually get what she's teaching. Yay!

4) Wellness/Powerpoint/Interior Lines & Design all kinda suck. Well, wellness (haha, :P) is okay. But the other two suck. And I haven't had Textile Arts yet, so I don't know.

And lunch, is amazing with almost all my favorite people. ♥

Don't know if you really cared about any of that, but hey, you chose to read this. (:
Gonna go sleep probably...haha. Waking up at 5:30 requires me to nap whenever I don't have soccer (and even sometimes before soccer :P) just so I can stay conscious throughout the day.

LaterAlligators. :D

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