Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"And in reverie, I felt you holding me." ♥

One of the best not-very-popular-but-still-super-awesome-bands, ever. Beauitful lyrics, beautiful voices. Pollen and Salt-Daphne Loves Derby. Listen to it? :)

Today, has been so much better. Why, you ask?

a) NO ALGEBRA 2 HOMEWORK FOR ONCE IN FOREVER! Which not even kidding, takes me at LEAST an hour and a half every night. And I'm not super slow or anything, she just assigns us so dang much! Thanks Mrs. Rothenberger, >:/

b) For once, I'm not freakin' tired. I don't know why, I didn't get extra sleep or anything, but I'm wide awake and just feelin' goood. (:

c) OFFICIALSTUDENTBODYSTARTSTONIGHT,YAY! Longs Park, & Rita's. Should be amazing :D

d) Mr. Jan asked if Colby was on drugs today, & Miss Speer made us yell "hollllerrrrr!" if we got bingo, and do a gang symbol. I love school, sometimes. ;D

e) I'm slowly starting to understand stupid word problems in Algebra 2, and metric conversions in chemistry. I feel smart, & am nerdily (?) proud of myself for actually putting in effort this year. :P

Kay, that's really it.

Don't wear multi-colored striped underwear with yellow shorts, kids. Spandex is yo' friend. (: