Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seriously homework? STOP EXISTING.

I hatehatehate school.

I thought it would get progressively better like it always does, & I would get back into the swing of things. BUT, that hasn't happened yet. Gahhh. So the result is me, 100% stressed out, not wanting to talk to anyone, being in a really bad mood, & having a headache that makes me want to stab everything with multiple knives.

Sounds awesome, right. :/

Blah, whatever. It's not really something I can avoid, so you just try to take it with a smile, like everything else. (:

Our team won again today at our soccer game, 'cause we're amazing. :D

Anddd, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. I've been wanting change so badly lately, so who knows. Tuesday morning, I just might come to school with short hair. :)

Well, necessito dormir. Mal. :P

Goodnight everyone, ♥

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