Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Man voice, day number 3. xD

Yes, everyone. I am perfectly aware I sound rediculous. :P

This weekend at Assateague Island was AMAZING. I really needed a getaway. A break from all schoolwork, my family, friend drama, etc...

Me & Dan had this incredibly long, but really interesting talk about evolution. He's a philsophy pastoral minister graduate from this college I currently forget, and is the biggest nerd, haha. :P

But it REALLY got me thinking. Like, not saying that I believed in evolution before (because I didn't), but Dan really....just boggled my mind. Basically, he made me realize our school doesn't tell us alot of things. One, there is absolutely ZERO proof that evolution EVER existed. None. Those skeletons, like Lucy? Fake. Even proven fake by other evolutionists. I deffinitely didn't know that, and I was kinda shoked to be honest. And he explained like, why most evolutionists are agnostic, or just don't believe in God. They claim that they have faith in nothing. Yet, when they believe that everything happened by chance, they have faith in that. And most of the time, it's because that person wants to control their own future. They don't like the idea of not being in control of anything. It's kind of understandable, actually. But that's not what God calls us to do. And they refuse to submit, and completely confess that they were wrong to someone they can't see. It's makes me sad, ):

Also, I asked Dan a couple questions I always struggled with as a Christain. One being the obvious, "If God loves us so much..." and Dan automatically filled in, "Why does he send some to Hell?" And he answered that that's because we want it. We don't want to put our faith in Him. We want to sin, and to rebel. We're ASKING to go to there basically. And if that's what we want, God gives it to us. I know I'm probably missing alot of things he said, but that's what really stood out.

It was a really long, maybe hour long talk that I'm sure I won't forget completely anytime soon. So thank you Dan, (:

Anyways, the next day after that talk, I woke up with the crackiest, manliest, teenage-boy-going-through-puberty-voice I have ever heard. It. Was. BAD. And everyone called (and still calls) me Puberty. :P

Anddd, I've still got it! Isn't that wonderful.

Me: Colby, do I sound like a man?
Colby: Woahhhh....hahahahahha. Hey Mr. Jan, we gotta new student. AND IT'S A GUY!

It was funny, but I JUST WANT MY VOICE BACK. D:

So...hopefully that comes back soon. In the meantime, I'm just gonna continue drowning in the 5,000 lbs. of homework I have.

-Spanish worksheet

-Memorize stem changers for spanish
-5 paragraph Chemistry essay
-Chemistry worksheet, front & back
-Finish my Beatles powerpoint, and make it AMAZING
-Studystudystudy my butt off to learn the house types for Lines & Design, for a quiz tmrw
-Studystudystudy for my wellness test tomorrow
-14 problems for Algebra 2
-Actually understand what we're doing in algebra 2

And, soccer is tonight.

Someonefreakingshootme. >:/

Ahhh, atleast Glee's on tonight. ♥

Kay, I should probably get started. Hope you have a good week, :)

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