Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember "That's So Raven?" :D

That was my very favorite show when I was a little kid. If you watched it, you'd most likely remember the ditzy, eco-friendly, animal lover, redhead character named Chelsea? I LOVED HER. I looked up to her so much, and I wanted to be just like her, haha. I just finished watching 'Vampires Suck', and the girl who played Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pol) was in it, which made me think of all of this. Btw, that movie really sucks. I mean it's funny at some parts, but overall pretty lame. :P

Anywaysss, I looked her up and found this song she used to sing from that Disney movie, "Stuck in the Suburbs." I used to listen to it ALL the time, and I kinda re-fell in love with it. :D

"How could you know, that behind my eyes, a sad girl cried?
& how could you know, that I hurt so much inside?
How could you know that I'm not the average girl?

I'm carryin' the weight the world.
So can you get me outta here?

Take me away, we'll jump in the car
Drive 'till the gas runs out and then walk so far
That we can't, see, this place anymore
Take a day off, give it a rest
So I can forget about this mess
If I lighten up a little bit, then I will be over it

I'm playin the role of the happy girl, but no one knows
Inside I'm alone, but I would never let it show
I get everyday, too much work and not enough play
Over and over, it's always the same"

Yeahh, that's a good song. Over it-Anneliese Van Der Pol.

Anyways, yesterday was amazing. Hanging out with Mary & Megan Weaver, my favorite redhead Katlyn, Savannah, Mariam, (Dani, Emily, Max, and all the other guys for a little) was awesome. They all made my Friday night awesome. I want every Friday to be like that. That would be quite nice. (:

And then coming home to help my girl Morgan, was just a plus. I love her, alotalotalot. And I hope she knows that. ♥

And, I love you too Savannah Bundy. ♥

Alexis shall be coming over soon, yayayayay! Oh, and our Christmas tree is finally UP. :DD

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