Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justkidding, (:

Well, kinda.

This day's gotten better, dispite that bad news. I've decided that this one thing isn't gonna make me all depressed. I always say that to people, not to let something or someone get in the way of your happiness. I think it's time to follow my own advice, eh?

But nevertheless, the Student Body Christmas party was aaaaawesome. "Elf" themed, lotsa games, my favorite people, Christmas carols/food, white elephant gift exchange, life lessons, pregenancy talks with Tommy, and many more things made me feel better. In particular, I'd like to thank Holly Lynch. She's just the coolest person ever, and Ima talk about her.

She rolls up her clothes into cylinders, and organizes them according to the rainbow. She serandes people, by playing her cute little pink guitar and singing amazing songs. She drowns her food with butter to the point where it makes me wanna vomit. She bruises just to whisper something in my ear :P. She calls me JLo Booty, and it's all good. She'll call me just to scream "BABY ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, IS YOU!" and then hang up. She'll let me talk to her about anything, and it always stays between me and her. She says things like, "HOLY MOOSE" and it just makes my day. She'll fix my knitting, whenever I screw up. And, she'll make me my hat eventually. I'll act out a scene from "Elf" with her, in front of like, 60 teenagers just 'cause she's Holly. I love her, so much. <3

There ya go Holly, as promised. :D

Well, night all. Happy Wednesday. ♥

Also, there's this awesome song that I found through this awesome girl, with the name of Jill. (:

"Dear Pain,
Oh it's been a long time. Remember when you were holding me tight? I would stay awake with you all night.
Dear Shame,
I was safe in your arms. You were there when it all fell apart. I would get so lost in your beautiful lies.
Dear Hate,
I know you're not far. You would wait at the door of my heart. I was amazed at the passion in your cries.
Dear Anger,
You made me so high. You were faithful to show up on time. Such a flame that was burning in your eyes."
-Dear X (You Don't Own Me)-Disciple.
It's a really good song, I swear. <3

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