Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet, (:

Although this week is going by incredibly slow, it's not been as bad as I thought it would. This day has gone from singing and worship to our Lord in Prayer Group, to staring at hawks circling the school in Spanish, to Mrs. Rothenberger possibly getting fired in Algebra II, to sex talks with Mr. Jan in chemistry, to deep/freezing talks with Savannah, to getting married to a amazingly weird kid that makes me laugh wayyy too hard at Student Body. I loved it all, very much. :D

And tomorrow, I shall wear the exact same outfit I wore tonight. Sometimes I'm gross ;D. But, I love it 'cause it's Savannah's (with Katlyn's comfy shoes & socks). I don't know what it is about other people's clothing, but I love wearing it. Plus, this shirt takes guts to wear. It's black with white writing that says "ABSTINENCE. Got a problem with that?" and I hope somebody'll be like, "Wow, that girl's awesome. Let's all not have sex 'till we're married!" and God will smile with his thumbs up. (:

Ahh, life. It's really great, sometimes. Kay, nightynight! ♥

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