Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon. (:

Yeah, I like that song. Firework- Katy Perry. And the music video's realll good, and I don't even watch music videos, so THERE. :)

Ahhh, okay. So this blog's gonna be in two parts. Serious, and Awesome.


Um, THIS WEEKEND is the deffinition of that. Well...kinda. (Will be explained in the Serious section) Today was amazing, at Sarah and Matt Brallier's Sweet 16, then Janessa's Sweet 16 after that. Hot fudge fountain pot + Garrett + Dancing + "I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock" + Moses + tinsel bracelets + Janessa's crazy little sister Hannah = a realllly fun night. Just..yeah. Funfun. I wanna re-live it already :D. And tomorrow is the Family Force 5 concert! Heckyes. I lovelovelove them, and I'm so excited! I shall wear my "Ugly People Put Your Hands Down" shirt from them, and we will party.

Serious: Friday night went extremely unplanned. I was supposed to stay after school for Tech Night for Performing Arts Club. It was all fine and dandy, Angelica, Morgan, and me were all hanging out. Then my dad comes in halfway through and tells me we gotta go now, because my grandma's doing realll bad. It was awful, and I was so scared. Everybody made it sound like she was going to die in two seconds, and the whole car was like, sobbing. Personal? YEAH. She wasn't supposed to make it through the night, but God made a miracle happen, and she did. And she is doing slightly better, but she's "not out of the woods yet", in the words of my mother. So...if you would pray for her and my family, that'd be awesome. ♥

And now, I'm gonna go shower with the new shampoo and conditioner I'm way too excited to try out. :P

Goodnight, :)

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