Friday, November 5, 2010

Hmm, I'll think I'll be up awhile. :)

I loved today, it was nice. ♥

Starting from the beginning: Woke up at Kaycee's, (sleepover) bright n' early. My daddy picked me up and took me over to Jenna's. Jenna and me had a lotttt to do today. We had to:

-Fix her Facebook

-Dye AND highlight my hair
-Make brownies for 5th quarter
-Make us a pizza
-Shower & get ready for the football game, etc...
-Look through all these old concert pictures, and send them to each other/reminise (:

anddddd more.

We got everything accomplished, and it was a total win. My hair's realll red now, but not like, bam-in-your-face-red. More like...auburn brown red. I reallly like it. Jenna's amazing, she did it ALL by herself, and even trimmed my hair & bangs alittle. :D

The football game was fun, I absolutely LOVE the seniors. They make me smile, so much. I'm really gonna miss these kinda Friday nights. /:

So now it's 12:22 at night, The Mixed Tape by Jack's Mannequin is playing, and I'm typing this on Carla's laptop. She's home for the weekend, which always makes everything better. I straight up don't feel like I think I'll just stay in her room for a while. She doesn't care, we both don't like sleeping that much. Well, I personally don't like sleeping, unless I'm actually asleep. That doesn't really make sense, :P

Ohh, and new phone tomorrow. Probably. Ugh, Idon'tfreakingknow. Remember how I said I didn't wanna buy a new phone, 'cause it supports the "War Against Women" in Congo? Yeah, well I still don't wanna. But....I don't know. Blah, ):

Nightynightlovers. :DD

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