Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love you, Thanksgiving Break. :)


Hah, justkidding. I don't really like when people say that. :P

Question : So... what're you gonna do on your Thanksgiving break Alicia?

Answer : LOTS!

Monday; Katlyn, Savannah, and Maya came over. We needed to have an intervention with Katlyn (she was unaware) and it actually worked out rather well. Duct tape was not needed :). Then we all slept over at Savannah's, watched the 6th Sense, told bedtime stories, and crashed on her couches. It was a joyous time. :D

Today; Woke up at Savannah's, and eventually went to go the Burlington Coat Factory (blah) with mi madre. I didn't really wanna go, at all. That place bores me. But, I found a cute black bomber that I've wanted fora while, so I was goood. And we went to Barnes and Nobles and just chilled and read. I love doing that, ♥. Then Glee was on, and that always makes me superdooper happy. Even my parents watched today, and they loved it. (:

Tomorrow; I don't really know...I WAS gonna go bra shopping with Savannah, but no, now we can't :P. But Carla's coming home, so yay :D.

Thursday; THANKSGIVING, FOOL. Chill with the family, get super fat, and probably watch some dumb football game. Then, I'll sleepover at Jenna's. :D

Friday; BLACK FRIDAY! Me & Jenna go every year, it's a tradition for us. Her dad takes us at like 2 or 3 in the A.M. and we shop until we can't shop no more. That was lame, :P. But, we'll probably haveta cut it short this year, 'cause my grandma's viewing in that day at like 3:00. That's gonna be...I don't know. ):

Saturday; Grandma's funeral. :'( ♥

Sunday; I don't knowww.


Tuesday, we go back to the daily grind and life sucks again. D:

Not to mention, I have homework over break. Classwork in math (like, 3 pages!), chemistry extra credit things/I NEED to understand what we're doing in chemistry, math extra credit essay, and I should really work on my knitting for textile arts. Freakin' hate knitting. /:

Kay, goodnight alll. (:

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