Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remember Mr. So and So, remember I'm a lady. :D

Haha, oh The Diary of Anne Frank. :)

Today's tuesday, and the past week has been insane. Play practice, way too much homework, zero time to do anything, lifegroups, parties, spending way too much time at school, selling candygrams, STUPID SPANISH PI√ĎATAS, and more words describe it quite well.

I really do miss working on the play. I miss running back and forth from the band room to put on sick make up and sell Hershey Kisses. The Diary of Anne Frank has always been super interesting to me, even though it's sad. I heard a Holocaust survivor speak on Saturday, and it was amazinggg.

Basically his story was that when he was 19, him and his family were deported. They went on the cattle cars to Auschwitz, and it was absolutely the worst feeling in the world. He was insanely lucky, and God must have really blessed him. Apparently the Jews that arrived at camp earliest and had less numbers tattooed on their arms were treated better. And the key to surviving at Auschwitz he said, was getting more food. When the guy was in high school (yes, I don't remember his name, it was hard to remember/say :/) he decided to take English. He didn't really want to, but his father kinda made him. This man in charge of his block was a criminal (Hitler released all over the people in jail and put them as commanding officers) wanted to learn English. So the guy taught him, and he survived because of that. When he was freed, he went to the place where his father, uncle, and mother told him to go if he survived. He was panicked, asking if the people there had seen his family. The man behind the desk came out, put his hands on his shoulders, and said that he was the first one to have his ENTIRE family survive. The family came every day, asking for him. He was reunited, and they moved to America. They became extremely successfull business people, and they lived happily ever after. :)

Everyone did so well on the play, and I'm super happy that wayyy more people came out than expected, every night.

Personal favorite quotes:

The Blog title, by Anne/Mrs. Van Daan. All time favorite, ;D
"As far as I'm concerned, mother can go jump in a lake." - Anne

"I can imagine her dying someday." - Anne
"Quack quack quack, said Mrs. Quack Quack!" - Peter
"I hate cats, THEY GIVE ME ASTHMA!" - Mr. Duesel ( I'm almost 1,000% sure I spelled that wrong)
& Mr. Frank's wholeeee monologue. ♥

Kay....bye. :P

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