Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for a key to a door that I can't get through.

This week's so slowwwwww.

I hate this, so much. I HATE going to school. I don't wanna be around people, unless they're family. I don't mean to sound jerkish, but I just really don't feel like being...social. I wanna be alone, or with people that understand completely. I don't wanna take tests for hard classes on stuff I don't remember or care about whatsoever. Btw, I definitely failed my math test, and most likely I'll fail my spanish test I have tomorrow too. Whatever.

I feel awful for my mom, most of all. It was her mom, and with all the calls, sympathy food, visits, etc...she's so stressed and upset. And I just don't know what to say, :(

Not to mention the fact that it's raining, and I hate rain. And I have play practice all week until Sunday, and I don't really like play practice. It'll get better for sure Friday-Sunday, but until then, it really sucks for the most part. You get to sit there, be quiet, and not really do too much. Funnnn. I just wanna sleep, all day everyday.

Ugh, I sound like SUCH a depressed person. D:

Somebody make me happy, I freakin' need it.


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