Monday, November 1, 2010

This past week. (:

Has been AMAZING.

Spirit week and Homecoming Weekend is always the best. And althought it seemed like certain things could've been better, this year didn't disappoint. (:


-Um, SOPHMORES WON HALLWAY DECORATING. & Since I actually participated this year all three days, I'm really happy. Seniors didn't win everything this year, yeahyeahh. (:

-Homecoming, a course. Dancing with my favorite people was the best. Avoiding the grinders, laughing at Angelica's boyfriend's hips was enjoyable, and going to Mojo after without shoes in likw, -1000000 degrees was amazing.

- Pep rallly. Just...yeah. Awesome.

- Green & White day, and the night before. I love you, Katlyn O'Donnell, Maya Hershey, & Savannah Bundy. That sleepover was great. I love how we all love each other enough to stay quiet for an hour to do homework, and not kill each other when we're all in bad moods.

-Homecoming Game! Okay, so we didn't win. Big shock, :P. But we came dang close, and lost by one point. So go Donegal anyways! Althought it was thoroughly freezing, and I thought I was gonna die, ('Cause I'm just so inteligent that I didn't bring a jacket) it was fun. And my girls held me together when bad news struck. You know who you are, and I love you. ♥

-Ephrata tournament. It was freezing. We worked our butts off for the most part. We played together. We bonded. We snuggled together in about a thousand blankets. We sang to my iPod. We took pictures with my phone. We watched coach cry. We had awesome shirts. We came in last place. And I loved every minute of this season. (Well, not really. But it was fun & I'll miss everyone D:)


And feels like the day after Christmas. All depressing, nothing to look forward to anymore. :P

But I'm sure we'll have fun and get through this week somehow. And my brithday's in 28 days. Just sayin'.

Kay, bye readers.

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