Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey insomnia, I hate you.


Insomnia = an inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness

It. Sucks.

I don't have it that bad, like you need medicine to knock you out bad. it just takes me forever to fall asleep most nights. especially in the summer! i dont know why. i get like, 4 hours if I'm lucky. That is, if i don't wake up every like, half hour. then I just sleep during the day like the lazy person I am. It works for me :)

& This past week, i've been sleeping on my parent's floor. My british grandmother took over my room, & being the young child with no rights to where she attempts to sleep, was subjected to the floor. It's okay I guess..just in no way comfortable.

I have gotten absolutely zero sleep this night which is just fabulous, because my full week of awesome starts in about 2 hours. ( I'm going to washington d.c. soup kitchens in case you just chose to not read previous blogs :P)

Grrrr. so i won't get back till late, & I need to be alive and peppy today, alot. I wish I liked energy drinks/they actually did anything to me/we had some right now.

So somebody invent me an energy pill, now. :(

Sucky start to an awesome day.

But yeah, Ima go shower now. 'Cause I know you wanted to know that.

Goodmorning to everyone that got sleep. (:

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