Sunday, June 20, 2010

This week...

is gonna be amaazing.

Monday = Washington D.C. Soup Kitchens with some people from my lovely church. We gonna be savin' the hungry, then going shopping, eating out, etc..I've always always wanted to help at a soup kitchen, so I'm quite excitedd. (:

Tuesday = FIRST RLP! Waaay nervous/somewhat excited for it. It stands for; run, lift, play. It's a fieldhockey thang. 8-10 in the morning. Then helping out at vacation bible school with the little ones that night. :D

Wednesday = RLP again. Then backyard tour with amazing people, at the Hershey's. and I hear they have a pond with a zipline, which makes me quite happy. :)

Thursday = RLP, then VBS again.

& FRIDAY BEST OF ALL! = running the 300 test for hockey, ughh. but then, Bamboozle all day with Jenna! We'll be there (HersheyPark, Star Pavillion) 'till probably like, 12:00 at night. Yeahyeah! I'm excited beyond words, 'cause my favorite bands in the world shall be there. *cough cough* All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, Boys Like Girls, Stereo Skyline, The Ready Set, Simple Plan, LMFAO & sooo many more. There's 15 freakin' bands! *cough cough*

Saturday = I'm not so sure. a buncha people wanna hangout, not to make myself all popular or anything. but Katlyn (my super amazing redheaded beast ofa best friend) is coming home Friday night, and I miss the heck outta her. so...I'll probably just hangout with her all I can that weekend. Sorry guys, :/

Sunday = ummm....I dunno. Packing alot I guess. 'Cause Creation's the very next day, with Savannah Bundy. I seriously can't wait. I'll probably post a blog of my excitment for that laterr. I shall be gone 'till next Sunday, July 4th.


Hope your prouda me.

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  1. Well. when you two get back from Creation, you MUST come get me, and we can haaaang. :D