Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh love,

You're a tough one, arentcha?

Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday, & no I'm not gonna like, reveal everything on my blog, 'cause thats...yeah. Ima just say it's hard and he's not taking it very well...ha. & Almost everyone is saying like, "Oh, it's about time! He was bad to you, he's a jerk" etc... & I just dont wanna hear that right now. I'm sicka it. Nobody knows everything like I do, :/

So, I think I'm just gonna pamper me today, & take some time to myself. I need it.

Fieldhockey was today, yayyy. I'm sore. VBS tonight too, :)

Just alittle update, for those of you that actually read these. Btw, I love all of you that do. :D

Thanks guuuys, later.

Thank goodness. That's gonna be pretty fricken' awesome, and I'm really happy to have that to look forward to. & Creation a course.

Yay for ending ona happy note. :D

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