Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh today.

So, I know I just posted a blog on tiredness. But I don't care, I AM SO FREAKING TIRED.

Today (walking around D.C. for a multiude of hours) + no sleep + today's RLP = xD

But I this week so far is prettty goood. Yesterday was amazing, I had such a better time than I thought I would! There was 6 of us, ( Jenny, Erin, Sarah, P. Greg, Maureen). The soup kitchen was WAY smaller than I thought it'd be. Like, I'd say about 30 people showed up, which is average for them. Dominic, this volunteer from Germany, showed us around. I do believe he didn't like me though, 'cause I asked like 5 million questions, washed half the dishes wrong, & accidently made water go all over the floor. But whatever :)

Oh, everyone was SO NICE! Like, mostly it was black people, other than this one old guy, & this one youngish guy who...well he's something else. Told us this insane story of his life, which absolutely none of us bought, 'cause it was just so unrealistic. Butyeah, it was awesome. :D

Today...RLP. Bleh. Fun, but tiring. We did sprints which I hate more than anything in the world these days, and then lifted for like, an hour and a half. I'ma be soreee tomorrow. But it wasn't horrible.. :)

Vacation Bible School later, yay.

Ugh, I'm gonna go sleep.

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