Saturday, June 26, 2010


Is the best thing, EVER.

Seriously? I think it made my life.

Amazing amazing day. Wanna hear about it? 'Cause I'm gonna talk about it anywaysss. I know probably no one's gonna read this, 'cause it's gonna be SUPER long. But I'll read it, as memories for me. :)

So we picked up my amazingg friend Jenna at like, 11:15ish, and off we were!

IT WAS SO DANG HOT OUT, for anyone that cannot feel temperatures. So. hot. By the end, everyone is drenched with sweat, and tired as heck. We got there like, 11:45, and the line to get in is literally like, a mile long. But whatever, we were way too excited to care really. & It really didn't seem to take that like. Maybe like, 15 minutes.

Here was the line-up:
Not-So-Special-But-Still-Full-Of-Awesomeness-2nd Stage

12:30-12:55 Mercy Mercedes. I like them, but I only know song. :P

1:00-1:25 Michael and Marissa. Okay, I promise not to talk too much about each band, but I just have to with this one. Michael's 12, and Marissa's 13. They're literally like, in the 4 feet range, and are just the cutest smallest little people I have ever met! & They were actually really good! They're voices were all high, and when Michael was like "HOW YOU DOING BAMBOOZLE?!" everybody was like "Awwww!" haha. And when they tried to do a "which side of the crowd can scream louder competition" our prize was like, balls. Like, you know those giant pits full of them at like, Chuck. E. Cheese's? Yeah, those. THEY WERE ADORABLE. :D

1:30-1:55 Drive A
2:00-2:25 Great Big Planes
2:30-2:55 Cady Groves
3:00-3:20 Vita Chambers
3:25-3:55 The Ready Set. Who were amazing! & I love them alot alot alot. :)
4:00-4:30 Stereo Skyline. Whom I also love sooo much! I've already seen them before too.

Main Stage:

4:35-4:05 Forever The Sickest Kids. I reallly really really love these guys. I know almost all their songs, & I kinda wish Jenna hadn't convinced me to go sit up on the lawn far away from the stage. (there were a LOT of people in the crowd, & we would've been wayyy in the back)
5:25-5:55 Simple Plan. I love them! They were Jenna's favorite. Really good old school band, & we both knew every song. :)

6:15-6:45 Good Charlotte. Good classic band. Not my all time favorite, but I still liked them. They were funnnny. Btw, almost every single band said the f-word like, 10000 times. xD

7:05-7:45 LMFAO. Oh geez. This is were thing started to get interesting. So if you were skimming all of this up to this point, you can stop now :). So, for all of you who have NEVER heard of them, LMFAO stands for what you'd think they'd stand for. They are WILDLY inappropriate, but so catchy it's kind of okay xD. Me & Jenna decided to go up into the crowd at this point. I got us up pretty far I'd say, being the quite determined and aggressive fan I am. They swear or say a dirty word like, every two seconds I swear, and it was just...bad. But, they did play "Shots" which brought me joy. And Stereo Skyline came out during this, to party which made me even happier! Look up that song if you're ever home alone & never heard of it. Sooooo. Freakin'. Catchy. Haha, and the lead singer Redfoo, I think, called out this one girl that looked like his ex-girlfriend. He called her a hoe! xP Ew, & this weird creepy by himself guy was there, completely full out rocking every second to these guys, & was grinding on EVERYONE around him. He was a weirdooo. But yeah, LMFAO...they're all about Party Rock, sex, and alcohol basically. Pretty fun to dance and jump too though. :D

8:05-8:45 Third Eye Blind. Ugh. We basically just had to put up with these guys. I'm sorry if you like them, but I frankly just didn't. I knew like, one song maybe and I honestly couldn't tell you the name of it if I tried. We just stayed in the crowd, 'cause everybody thought All Time Low (BEST BAND EVER) was next. Guess who was wrongg.

9:05-9:45 Boys Like Girls. Okay. So don't get me wrong, I love these guys. But EVERYBODY was kinda ticked off when we see them come out, and not All Time Low. Boys Like Girls was supposed to finish it. But anyways, so me & Jenna had some...memories at this point. These 3 guys or so, were shirtless beside/behind us. Not gonna lie, they were hot. But total tools, & really just inappropriate. They wanted to crowd surf, and called me "a little baby that could never lift them." And they were just looking for like, girls to grind on. Guess who was the lucky one! Yeaaaah, me. Sooooo awkward! Like, we're already smushed in this crowd, and I have no where to freaking move. Jenna's just laughing at me while I'm suffering, and I tried stepping on his feet so he'd stop, but no. Nope nope nope. Nothing worked. Then like, he grabs and tries to push himself off my shoulder. He yells "SORRY!" then I just forget about it. When the song's over though, I turn around and just asked him like, "Did you try to jump off of me?!" and he laughed and told me this long story of what his friends were trying to do. I don't really remember it to be honest. Oh, & this gross old man tried to get through the crowd, pushing me even closer to these guys of course, and then spills beer all over Jenna & me. Grrrreat. :P

10:05-10:45 All Time Low. YESSSSSSSS! My favorite band probably, I lovelovelove them. Alex Gaskarth (hot lead singer) was hilarioussss. Here are some quotes :D
Alex: Hershey. The only place named after chocolate. I think every place in the world should be named after chocolate. Damnit. IT WOULD JUST MAKE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE FUN TO TALK ABOUT! Woah there, there's an uneven piece of flooring there. That's dangerous. You see that? I almost tripped. What if..what if I..oh sh*t. What if I knocked my 2 front teeth out?
Matt (guitarist): Everyone would've f*ckin' laughed at you dude! WOULD YOU GUYS ALL LAUGH IF ALEX FELL? *everyone cheers* The answer is yes.
Alex: Suck it dude. *high singy voice* suck my balls!
Something else:
People started leaving apparently (I deffinitely couldn't see that) and Alex was like,
"WOAH WOAH WOAH! We're you guys going?! You can't leave, we just started! Do you hate us?

then everybody laughed and he's like, "Screw you guys. I hope you get a flat tire, you jerks!"
something else:
Matt: So momma's here tonight. Where are you ma?!
(his mom was off to the side with the VIP's)

Matt: So I'm gonna f*cking swear a sh*tload because my d*mn momma's f*cking here! Mosh mom, mosh!
and also;
Alex was mentioning this guy that was joining them for a song.
Matt: And he's the sexiest person alive guys! He's like that guy from Twilight.
Alex: Haha, oh yeah! Taylor Lautner. Except he's so much f*ckin' cooler. All I have to say is this, f*ck vampires! F*ck werewolves! F*ck f*cking zombies. I want none of it. I want nothing to do with any of those things.

Matt: What about wizards?
Alex: No no man! F*ck wizards. I AM A HUMAN, AND I AM PROUD DAMNIT!
told you they swore alot... :P
sorry 'bout that.

Thennnnn I slept over at Jenna's. :)
Oh man....sigh. I reallly miss it.
I always go through a sad depression concert withdrawal phase, & I do believe this one will be bad.
I listen to the video 24/7, look up all the songs I didn't know of youtube, etc..
I just wish I could replay the night basically, and live it again.
But I'm soooo happy it happened. Best night ever. ♥

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