Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gmorning Bloggas.

Morning alll. :D

So....what am I gonna do today?

I have a fieldhockey workout, which if you read my other post, I still have no idea what Ima do. It's an alternate day, so I can do pretty much anything, but obviously it must exercise me. Gahhhhhhhhhhh.

So I've had this urge to write a new song lately. I'm not very good at it, & no, I'm not a good singer eitherrr. I just like to be self-expressive, gosh. Butyeah, I might do that.

Andddd my dad says it's gonna be "a scorcher today" which made me giggle. I swear, sometimes my dad's the coolest thing, with his mustache and all. Btw, happpy father's day almost!
But since it's gonna be hot though, I'll probably lay outside and attempt to get a tan. Oh, & a heart tan toooo. * (:

Oh, & my british grandma/my not really british uncle ron have been here since....Monday. Yep. Ever since she's here, I've been determined to take the coolest picture EVER with her, 'cause she's just that awesome. and when that mission is completed, i shall upload it here, & everyone's life will be complete. Yay!

Andddd now I'm just waiting for my dad/g-ma to come back from darrenkamps, so I can make me Spongebob mac n' cheese. Seriously? BEST FOOD EVER.

Wow, I needa life.
So, I'll probably post something else later. (look up one line)

* heart tan = something I read in 17 Magazine ('Cause I'm secretly madly in love with that magazine) that sounds cute. Like, you get cardboard, cut it out in the shape of a heart, & stick it on yo' stomach when you tan. Cool right? I thought so. :)

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