Friday, June 18, 2010


blog people/fellow blog people/friends/family/anybody that just wants to creep on me. :D

So... Savannah Bundy suggested I make one of these. She's kinda my bestfwenddd. Which is really sad...nah I'm justkiddin' ya. I hearttt her. & Since I know she's gonna be the first one to read this, heyyy Savannah.

Never been mucha of a blogger..except for those schedule posts you put on Myspace. Ya know, those ones that either nobody looks at and you dread school even more, or people comment it just saying that they don't have classes with you. Yep. Thaaat's my blog experience. :P

So...I guess there's no rules with this. I say so.... alot. I should stop that.

Currently it's 10:40, I'm slightly hungry, The Perfect Mistake by Cartel is playing, and my foot's asleeep.

There's like, 4 things bugging me currently.
1) It's 10:48 and it feels like it's freaking 6:00
2) We don't have any swedish fish, and I want some
3) I dropped all my fancy jellybeans my british grandmother gave me last night on the floor, & the thought of eating them right now disgusts me,
and 4) I have an alternate workout for my field hockey training tomorrow, & Idon'tknow what the heck Ima do.

So life sounds kinda boring from this. but i promise, it'll get better. :)
Keep reading/stalking me...maybe?

I hope this amused you if you read this. I'm sure it didn't, but heyyy.
alicia campbell.


  1. guess what Caitlyn read it:)

  2. Hey Alicia, I'm creeping on ya :D
    -Love Kristen