Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone that reads these, :)

Yeah, this is still about Creation.
Today officially starts my DASATS. It stands for "Depression After Super Awesome Things Syndrome". Yes, I really named it that.

I always get it after; Camp Swatara, National Junior High Youth Confrence, Beach Trips, or anything else insanely awesome. And this time it's reallllly bad. :(

I miss people mainly. Bobbi, Eric, Danah, & those 3 hilarious guys at the Tobymac concert especailly.

Bobbi: I worked with her at gates. She's seriously gotta be the coolest olderish lady I have EVER met. She is CRAZY in a way that nobody is these days. She yells all the time, and is happy all the time. She's got a laugh that was contagious and made everyone smile all the time. She would dance with our team (ABE) especially the moon walk after we got through a big rush everyday. I love her, so much. :D

Eric: Yeaaah, anybodys that's heard me talk about Eric knows I deffinitely liked him alot. Not gonna lie. It's not even a secret really, the kid's adorable. We become pretty good friends at work everyday. He taught me how to properly play hangman, & gave me Google's phone number, haha. Not too mention his own. We talk everyday, but I still miss him alottt. :(

Danah: Danah, I love so much. He became like, my second father this week. He's amazing! So corny, always cracking jokes. One time I was like, "Danah! Danah! WASP! Kill it." And he was like, "Aww honey, he just wants somethin' sweet!" and then proceed to pinch my cheek. I love him, alot. And am gonna miss him too!

3 Awesome Guys: Okay, these guys I could've freaking married. They were HILARIOUS. Or at least one of them realllly was. He reminded me of Damien from "Mean Girls". Not saying he's gay, he just really reminded me of him. They would like, call their friends, yell at them, make funny noises, dance oddly, and were just freakin' hilarious. :D

Things that were fun:
Saying "Sexual Man Chocolate" to people (SMC)

Getting total I was pretty by a ginger
Getting told me & Savannah were hot by random guys
"Whattt...he looks like a basketball?"
Making videos with Savannah

In my pants, I see you all over me.
1,100 more songs!

I'm a cute guy!
Lemonjellow, Orangejello.
and many more. (:

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