Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More than Meets the Eye 3.

Trip home, :(

Honestly? Nobody was looking foward to this. Nobody. Yeah, we all wanted to get home. But nobody wanted to drive for another four days in our bus. Especially me.

It was pretty cool though, we stopped the first day after driving 9 hours. We stopped at Kansas, at stayed at McPherson College. I love it there, so much! I really really really would love to go there, but I hate Kansas, so...that doesn't really work out. They reallly wanted us to go there too. They gave us free dorms to stay that night, free showers, free breakfast, free t-shirts, and free nice gym bags. But it wasn't just the free stuff I loved, they were genuinely nice people. :)

The next night we stayed at another college, Earlam in Illinois I think it was. Bethany Theological college is right there too, so we toured there too. Gosh, ever since I got back, all I can think about is college. Gahhhh.

We played soooo much Mafia everyday, it was so much fun! I learned Ima really good liar too, haha. At least when it comes to that game. (:

Eventually eventually we got home. We learned that the whole trip, we had spent 70 hours on that coach bus, went through 13 different states, and that we had an experience of a life time. It was beyond amazing. :D

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