Sunday, July 4, 2010


Guys? This, without too much doubt, has been probably the best week of my life. :D


So, God is amazing. So incredibly beyond my ability to even imagine amazing. I am so unbelievably blessed to live my life, praising God, without the fear of being prosecuted. Without being a child soldier. Without being so impoverished that I have no hope left. I am seriously changing, starting now. I honestly wanna be a better person. Not saying that I was a totally sucky person before, but I just wanna be better. I want be to know me as "that girl that loves Jesus, and loves everyone else too". That's the least I could do for my God who has done so much for me. ♥

All the speakers I listened to this week, (Reggie Dabs, Louie Gigglio, Matt Pitt, Bob Lenz, etc...) really effected me. I remember certain things. Like, one guy was talking about how if we really love our friends, and if they don't know Christ, we're watching them on the road to an endless Hell. I mean, basically we're watching them, and we know there gonna go to Hell. That thought just hit me, and scared me to be honest. I couldn't help but think how many times I've heard somebody either jokingly or seriously say "Go to Hell!".

I deserve to go to Hell. We all do. But our God is so amazing, that we have a chance to get through our life. I don't wanna waste it anymore. I don't wanna worry about how I look, get sad over guys, get caught up in drama, anything like that. I'm beautiful in God's eyes no matter what, which is more than I can say for anyone else. God would never put anything in my life that I could not get through, so I really wanna make myself believe that. (:

Sigh...see what an amazing 6 days can do to you?
I'm gonna miss it.

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