Saturday, December 3, 2011

I feel...good. :D

In a different way then I've felt in sucha long time. & It's just so nice. (:

I haven't blogged in about forever, and much has changed.

1) Gotmylicense. ToobadIdon'thaveafreakingcar/Ineverwill.

2) It was Thanksgiving. Yay British Grandma & Uncle Ron!

3) It was my birthday. I absolutely love all of my friends, and my wonderful family. I am so blessed, and happy to be living where I am. It's crazy to think about how crazy life can be. I should, and could very realistically be living on a different continent right now and have a completely different life. I would be a completely different person. It just amazes me, and I think about it alot sometimes. Butyeahanyways, I had a great birthday, & I wanna thank everyone that made it so. <3
#MomDadCarlaOtherFamilyKatlynSavannahJennaHallieMayaMorganBamZachandsomanyothers. Didn't you know using hashtags make you cool?

4) Ummm yeah. Nothing else super important. Got feathers in ma hurrrr. They're cool, and everyone should go & support Hair Dreams Salon in Mount Joy cause the owner the freaking nicest girl, ever. (:

^This was all written yesterday, but I never hit post.

So now I'm gonna go write this stupid Mississippi essay until I loose consciousness and or kill myself 'cause I didn't read it at all & it doesn't have Sparknotes.


^I don't know why I ended this blog like that. :b

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