Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love is calling you.


I'm laying here in my bed in my new room. Did I mention that? Probably not. Long story short: When my Aunt Edna passed away, she left my family a CRAPLOAD of money (the money that was made from her auction and when her house was sold). Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because if you guys didn't know, my mommy has MS. It makes it super hard for her to walk, because of spine issues, etc... She can get around, but she uses her walker/wheelchair/scooter. With that money, we're re-modeling our bathroom and a couple other things so it's easier for her to get around. For that to happen, I have to switch rooms with our storage room. So I painted my walls light blue and lavender, and the trim (window, baseboard, etc..) is bright green. I have my grandma's furniture and everything's way different. But, change is good in this case I guess. That wasn't really that short, my badd. :D

Anyways, I'm on Carla's laptop watching Inception and drinking milk. I don't even like milk, but myohmy do I love Inception. Best. Movie. Ever. <3

Last night/this morning at the All Nighter was amazing. It was super different than last year as Savannah said in her blog, but believe it or not, I definitely liked it better this year. Spending the night with my awesome friends vs. with a guy I really liked was way more fun. Glow bowling was cool, and I learned that I epically fail at ice skating. YAY! Oh, and I gots myself two kids. Tillman and Holly. Oh happy day. (:

Tomorrow, I have soooo much spanish homework. Katlyn's coming over I'm pretty sure, so it'll be less of torture. :D

Goodnight everybody, I love you allllll.

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