Saturday, January 1, 2011

This New Year is gonna be good. :)

Happy New Year, everyone. <3

Mine started off with a random trip to the mall, where as Katlyn knows, I greatly struggled in buying things. Like, I love to shop, but I hate spending money. It's weird, :P. Anyways, Katlyn showed up with Uncle Buster, Julie, and Marlee. So, we shopped fora couple hours, and then I went home with them with new moccasins, shirts, and jeans. (:

We talked fora while, and eventually Savannah came and joined our evening. We layed around and talked about everything. We had these great plans to write about what we did this year, and what we wanna do next year, butttt that never happened. Lindsey, Jenny, Uncle Butch, Ainsley, and Joe showed up and we talked fora little. Mostly about Joe's color blind/partial real blindness. Then Joe was like, " guys know it's like, 5 minutes 'till midnight." So we joined everybody else, and celebrated the New Year. :)

Thennnn, we put on shorts bathing suit tops/sports bras, and t-shirts on, and walked down to Uncle Butch's house to use their hot tub. It was the best thing ever with the jets, mini waterfalls, flashing lights, changing colors, built-in radio, "mango scented water", etc.. Joe joined us as well, and we hada party. We talked about how he looked like Edward Cullen, I accidently thought he could drive :P, and we poured soap bubbles on our heads. :D

Then, 'cause he's awesome, Uncle Buster drive us home in Katlyn's dad red prius so we didn't have to freeze to death. When we got back to Katlyn's, we ate cold pizza and talked about how we're gonna have a daily exercise plan with her mom. :P

All in all, it was a very joyous night. Best New Years Eve ever? I do believe so. (:

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