Sunday, November 6, 2011

The past is only the future with the lights on.

Title = Baby, Come On - +44 :)

This. Weekend. Is. Insane.

Generally, I'm the type of person that loves being busy allthetime. I love always being on the go, and being involved in everything. But this weekend has definitely been an overload for me, x10000.

Friday - HALFDAY. My only fun day this weekend. Krissi, Savannah, Rachel, and me went to Pizza Hut right after school, and it was awesomeee. 28 plates I think? Cannibalism? Eating our food without our hands? Playing Just Dance for hours? Yup, we're cool. It was seriously so much fun though.
-I went to the Columbia game with Verina, Amanda, and Leigha. Soooo much fun also, but it was freezing! We won, and it put us into Districts. The guys did so good, and a news guy came over and recorded our student section :)
-Came home and finished my car for physics, which is freaking BEAST. It literally goes forever. Winner? Hopefully. :D

Saturday - Up at 7:00 to go to the freaking Powderpuff game. It was so. freaking. cold. I legit wanted to die :b. I took lotsa pictures, gave interviews, & got free food.
-Then I drove for a couple hours and practiced parallel parking
-Work for 4 hours
-Worked on my yearbook page as much as I could
-Did my half on my spanish presentation

Today - Up early to go to choir for church, blahhhhsduighdsgoi
-Went to Penndot to parallel park there. There was literally like 10000 people there, and it took forever.
-Work for 5 hours
Now I'm scrambling to get my powderpuff page somewhat close to being halfway done. It was due last Friday, but the freaking snow made it be postponed. So I literally have two days to get it done, where everybody else has had all semester. :/
-I'm trying to memorize my part of my spanish presentation for tomorrow
-I need to read Julius Cesar, or atleast Sparknote it for Tuesday. & I have that college fair tomorrow, so I can't do it then :/
-I needa actually read those sections for Physics and study for a quiz

So...yeah. Just needed to get that out, :b
Night, :/

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