Sunday, September 18, 2011

But you gotta keep your head up, ohhhhh.

Myfavoritesongatthemoment. (:

This weekend has been soooooo great. I love when that happens. :DD

On Friday I went to my first football game of the year, and it was prettty fun. We lost obviously, but it's all goood. We're still the best dang Indians out there. <3

And then Saturday I woke up at seven-freaking-o-clock to pick up everybody's trash from said football game. Y'ALL ARE DISGUSTING. Forreal. Everybody should haveta do that atleast once in their lifetime. It was pretty fun actually though, and we got money for the yearbook! Haha, Matt and me brought the "would you lick this for 1,000 dollars game" into play, and it was great. Conclusion = Matt would eat chocolate on the ground (in a wrapper) covered in dirt and grass for 35 dollars and I would lick the bottom of the trash bag for 3,000 dollars. :D
Then I worked for 4 and a half hours with my favorite Weis people, and Morgan was there!! Morgan only works once every month 'cause of college, and I was so happy to see her. I love that woman.

Then I went to Hersheypark with Hallie for the rest of the day, and we hungout with Nicole and Heather who saved my butt. I lost my ticket, and they had an extra one with A FREE MEAL :D can you say luckyyyyy?

Now I gotta go paint little kid's faces at church, bye. <3

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