Friday, August 19, 2011


'Cause I feel like it. Maybe you'll learn something. :D

-I was born in Paraguay, adopted to the U.S. when I was a year old.

-I'm left handed, and I don't hold my pencil like a normal person.

-My middle name is Graciela. I didn't learn how to spell it properly 'till I was like, 12.

-My British grandmother almost broke my hand once by slamming it in a car door. And I almost broke both my hands by getting them caught in the folds of a garage door. They're like, double jointed now, and permanently unstraight.

-I like dressing nice. I own 14 dresses, and I don't even know how many skirts.

-I have too many clothes, and material stuff in general. It makes me feel really bad. :/

-My room is lilac, baby blue, & lime green. My dad and I painted it. I think it's cute. (:

-I go to church at Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren, <3

-I really suck at geometry, and I blame Mr. Furhman. My final was so bad, I'm pretty positive he didn't count it. :b

-I have absolutely no idea what I wanna be when I'm older.

-I wear a size 5-7 shoe. TOMs are my favorite, I have 3 pairs, 4th on the way. :D

-I have a birthmark on my left forearm, & alotta people think it's a bruise.

-I play the oboe, I have since 4th grade. I'm not doing band this year though.

-I'm been a pollotarian (peskatarian, whatever) for about 4 years now. I don't eat red meat or seafood. I flip flop from that & vegetarian, but I can't call myself a true one.

-I don't have anything pierced (not even my ears anymore, they grew shut). I don't plan on getting them re-pierced.

-I have a really low pain tolerance, and I still cry when I get shots. :b 

-I wear dog tags (mostly) everywhere I go for a kid soldier in Burma. Project AK-47 <3

-I sleep with a stuffed Christmas bear named Raul every night.

-I get most of my clothes from Delia's, Pacsun, Forever 21, and American Eagle.

-I called 911 when I was younger when I was watching The Princess Diaries. The cops came to my house while my dad was in the shower. He came down in a robe & talked to them, & I lied to their faces 'cause I thought I was gonna go to jail.

-I freaking love knitting.

-I hate my nose, alot. It almost got broken like, 3 times.

-The only thing I've actually broken was my left pinky toe.

-I love Youtube. Alot. Mitchell Davis (livelavalive), Charlieissocoolike, Jenna Marbles, Karmin, Cimorelli, & Nerimon are people I regularly watch.

-I HATE when people crack their knuckles. It disgusts me, and I will ask you to stop.

-Favorite shows : Whose Line is it Anyways? Drake & Josh, Love in the Wild, Awkward, Victorious, Shake it Up, & iCarly. I know that's alot, but I don't really watch tv too much.

-I rode horses for about 7 years, and absolutely loved it.

-I love playing soccer. u19 like...two years ago for Donegal Youth Soccer was the best team I've ever been on. (: 

Sorry if this bored you. Goodnight, <3

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