Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 feels like day 20000000.

This year, is gonna SUCK.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see everyone again and have a routine, but I'm already super stressed, & it's only the second day. I want summer. Quiero verano. Writing about how mine went in paragraphs for spanish isn't helping either. AP Language WILL be the death of me, I'm positive. I had to work five hours tonight too, and I'm completely exhausted. I needa get me some magic pills or something, 'cause I don't know how the heck I'm gonna get used to this. :b

Schedule looks like dis.

1) AP Language - Hardest. Class. Ever. And we haven't even learned anything yet :b. But the syllabus made me wanna die right then and there, it has to be worse than college. But by the end of writing an essay every week, I'm really hoping to be like, a writing God or something. Oh, and all the time I spent creating a 22 page freaking awesome book for the books we had to read over summer? Wasted. THAT'S COOL.
Weight Training - literally 12 people in our class, haha. But it'll be fun, and Ima be a strong person. :D
2) Honors Physics - Yay! I love Mr. Somerville. Like, alot :b. We didn't learn a thing at all yet, but I can already tell it's gonna be a awesome.
3) Spanish III - Eh. I love Miss Speer, so it'll be fun. Cool people, but alotta work already. Blahhhh.
4) Yearbook - Definitely thought it was gonna be my absolute favorite class ever. And it's fun, yeah. But seniors definitely run it (which I understand, they know what they're doing) so I feel like I don't really contribute much. Atleast not yet, 'cause I'm sure that'll change. It's a really creative class, we get to have our on blog there too. I got to see the cover too, (in the developing stages) and it's saweeeet.
5) SAT Prep - Miss Lee's actually pretty cool, and I getta sit next to Jenna, so yay. (:
But more learning about english while I have AP kinda makes me wanna throw up. :/
Sculpture - dropping for Yearbook.

Ahhhwell, May 30th will probably come fast. Then SENIOR YEAR <3

Ugh, I'm gonna go to bed. RIP, getting enough sleep. :/

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